Obama, nor a representative from the US turned up for the leaders photo op in Paris.

To make amends John Kerry rolled out one of my favourite singers, James Taylor.

What resulted was cringeworthy in the extreme.

What a shambles.

Truth Revolt reports too:

Secretary of State John Kerry is in France today to “share a big hug” with Paris after the United States skipped the unity march attended by over a million people and the leaders of over 40 nations. As part of his serious, diplomatic snuggle fest, Kerry brought in James Taylor to woo Parisians with a live performance of “You’ve Got A Friend.”

This led to immediate mockery on Twitter, of course. As diplomatic overtures go, arranging an impromptu concert during a cuddle mission isn’t America’s proudest moment…


– Truth Revolt


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  • Curious

    Can the 60’s radicals please leave the international stage, you are the generation common sense seems to have bypassed.

  • LesleyNZ

    What on earth was James Taylor thinking? Was it the free trip to Paris that enticed him? James Taylor is one of my favourite singers too. Just so disappointed in him. John Kerry is just stupid – so is the Obama Govt. What an insult to the French people.

  • Cowgirl

    I’m going to leave this to my imagination, because I won’t watch James Taylor if I can help it, but it sounds terribly cringeworthy. What a terrible, insipid song to use in an especially pathetic ‘show’ of solidarity, which was only brought on by criticism. How disingenuous. Someone had a serious brain fart.

  • dgrogan

    Who the hell gives the Whitehouse advice on diplomacy? Hollywood?

  • Day Day

    Everybody likes James Taylor, right? They’d like him even more if he stayed out of politics.

  • BR

    Whatever his talents or otherwise as a singer, Taylor is a card carrying pinko. That is the main qualification needed to appear at any event that involves the likes of John Kerry.


  • sandalwood789

    I’m surprised that they didn’t all join hands and sing “Kumbaya”.

    All of this stuff is just a substitute for real meaningful action. They can now go home all smug and thinking “hey, we’ve done something!”

    No, you haven’t.