Daily Roundup


As New Zealand’s most hated man, I just wish I looked half as good.



And there is poor Katie falling to bits.  And she so wanted a “better” 2015.  Diddums.



Mangakino newsoom.   They know where they’re at.











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  • Dave

    Hmmm Poor lil socialist Katy, maybe she has finally found a way to shift her poles.

  • Chris EM

    Bali belly? Does this mean she’s going to have the baby of an Indian gentleman?

  • Carl

    With Bali Belly it will make a change from the Verbal Diarrhea that usually comes out of the other end.

  • luke

    Why oh why does she feel the need to tell us, she has the squirts?

    • She wants sympathy and attention.

      • luke

        I can’t sympathize when I’m dry heaving at the imagined incident. From now on, every time I see her face, I’ll visualize her on the toilet – whimpering and shaking like a …

      • shykiwibloke

        But no matter how hard we try, we cant seem to change her mind….

    • Garbageman

      Might just be a new years reminder to us all how much she gives us the squirts

    • Carl

      Because it is John Keys fault.

    • ozbob68

      ha ha ha, she still has to survive the flight back.

  • AF

    Someone should tell Katie it wasn’t 2015 that gave her the Bali Belly, it was probably the roadside kebab.

  • johcar

    How can a dyed-in-the-wool Leftie like Katie live with herself, holidaying in such an exotic country without exploiting the locals, who probably don’t even get paid a minimum wage, let alone a living wage??

    • OneTrack

      Hasn’t she heard of global warming and all the carbon her plane will have added to the atmosphere? What will Russel say? He might not send her as many press releases to promote as “news”.

  • caochladh

    I remember remarking previously on Bradford’s trip to Bali and how she would end up with this affliction, much to the mirth of all the non-believers.

  • cows4me

    “I just wished I looked half as good”, apparently you can get hormones these days.

    • I.M Bach

      And how do you make a hormone? Don’t pay her.

  • ozbob68

    Well, since Thatcher died, the poms have needed someone to vilify.

  • Dumrse

    Happens to my dog as well. To much sun, salt and sea water gives her explosive diahorea so we all know what’s happening Katie. When you swim out to fetch the ball, keep your trap shut.

    • Spiker

      The way she bobs up and down on TV I’d hate to think what her swimming style is like.

  • Jafarma

    Gosh does Mangakino really have a newsroom?? It is a bit of a sleepy town now I’d say, underpinned to a certain extent by farms converted to dairy, but in years gone by it has made the news for some interesting reasons: a policeman shot there; infamous prison escapee George Wilder recaptured there in the 60’s; pig hunting competitions and all the leasehold land underlying the towns houses which were originally built for dam construction were purchased by a developer for on-selling to lessees.

  • Cambo

    Oh the irony since she gave me the sh.ts right throughout the election…

  • OneTrack

    She should have given that money to the “poor”, to get some of them out of “poverty”. What about the children?

  • Nige.

    1, people hate the truth
    2. people love to whinge