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Actual blasphemy.










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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Any one noticed the mad rantings of the toxic Green’s fat woman at Ratana Pa, whose stomach is burning with envy at John Key?

    • fairymai

      Yes, co.Leader of Greens( where is wussel) whinging again, while PM Key is having a glorious time at Davos..

      • And not only having a good time but being the best possible ambassador for NZ. Can’t really imagine Wussell and Material Girl or Little Andy being able to do the job a fraction as well. They simply haven’t got what it takes to tread the international stage, or national stage come to that.

        • Dave

          Any stage really, not one of them can smile and wave nicely, and be happy for others.

        • friardo

          Key not only does it well, he enjoys it. And because he enjoys it he does it even better. Langey, Douglas and a very few other left wingers knew how to enjoy anything other than bitter irony.

      • Rex

        Maybe he is planning his escape to back home in Aus! With a bit of luck anyway!

      • pak

        Know where I would rather be!

    • sarahmw

      Little Andy had a bit of a meltdown. Not fair we look after maori I don’t want to walk with National. Boohoo boohoo . Where do these children come from?

    • Rex

      I saw it but I don’t listen to,that raving hate filled nutter. One thing that amazes me about her and the Greens is they go on about healthy living and eating and she has to be obese!

      • OneTrack

        She could always donate her salary to the needy and reduce”inequality”. Oh. Wait. What’s that? Other people? Oh, right.

    • OneTrack

      She did sound upset that she had to turn up and Key didn’t.

      • sarahmw

        He was doing prime minister stuff, and doing it very well. Been invited to speak at some important conference. He is respected world wide and that is why he is the statesman and she and little Andy will never be.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Now Fatty will burn with envy when she reads this:

      Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National surging to 52% (up 6% since November 24-December 7, 2014); the highest support for National since June 2014. However, support for Prime Minister John Key’s Coalition partners has fallen with the Maori Party 1.5% (down 0.5%), Act NZ 1% (down 0.5%) although United Future is still on 0% (unchanged).

      Support for the main opposition Labour Party is at 26% (down 1%) and also down for the Greens 11% (down 1%) while NZ First is down 1% to 6%. For the parties outside Parliament the Conservative Party of NZ is 2% (down 0.5%) while the Internet-Mana Party alliance is at 0% (down 1%) and support for Independent/ Others is 0.5% (down 0.5%).

      If a National Election were held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows that National would win in a landslide and be able to govern in its own right.

      Coinciding with the increase in support for the Government the latest NZ Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has risen significantly to 144pts (up 6pts). This is the highest the NZ Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has been since July 2010. There are 67% (up 4.5%) of NZ electors saying NZ is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 23% (down 1.5%) that say NZ is ‘heading in the wrong direction’. New Zealand Government Confidence Rating is now substantially higher than in Australia

      • pak

        Excellent reporting and excellent news though would have been even happier if Greens were down much more!

  • Sooty

    When do you get the aurora? Can you have a fairly good chance of sighting it? Where is the best viewing spot?

  • Bill Hanna

    Those Sharia signs would look better wrapped in bacon. bacon makes everything better.

    • Glenn

      Can you get halal bacon?

      • Aucky

        Yes. It’s made out of chicken. Looks like bacon, smells like bacon and tastes like salty chicken.

    • Don W

      If the Muslims ate bacon they would be much happier.

    • JAFA Gazza

      True. Even Bacon wrapped in bacon tastes so much better…

  • wooted

    Begs the question, what was Ian Griffin doing at Lovers Leap at 11:30 pm?

    • Grocersgirl

      Leaping? Loving? Leaving? Loping?

  • Saggy

    Speaking of aurora-like things, anyone else seen the green flash? I thought it was rubbish until I witnessed it one evening. It’s a tiny green spark on the horizon just when the sun kisses goodbye on an ocean horizon.

    • conwaycaptain

      Saw it many times in the tropics. It is the last rays of the sun being bent through the atmosphere and they look green/ You have to be quick to cath ir

      • Saggy

        Thx CC. Yes it’s quick. Like a spark plug arcing. Very cool.

      • Greg M

        I saw St Elmo’s fire on the signal yards one evening many years ago. I thought I was seeing things until someone else said “what the hell is that?”

  • shykiwibloke

    Bacon by any other name is still bacon – but it might offend someone. (Sorry Shakespeare – too tempting)

  • Rodger T

    Sharia TV

  • Cowgirl

    That first picture is scary – I still can’t get my head around Westerners who want to chuck away all their rights and go back to the Stone Age. I can only guess it’s because they all think they will be the ones in charge and telling everyone else what to do – bullying I think they call it. I wonder how far they will take it though and how well they think they can enforce it. It’s only going to take one kid with a ghetto blaster to upset the apple cart. And do they plan to start infringing on the rights of others to enforce it? Because I think the fuzz might have something to say on that. I wonder if they plan on lopping off heads for things like adultery? If not, it will be a pale imitation of sharia.

    • Don W

      It is scary as our individual freedoms are in jeopardy , our right to life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being slowly eroded . And the powers that be will infringe on our rights to implement their shady agenda’s. The euro central bank is going to print ship loads of money to prop up their failing economy and that will mean the people there will become tax slaves and sooner or later it will affect us.

    • Watcher

      It is easy for me to say I know, but the only way to deal to bullies is to confront the mongrels.
      It needs 100s if not thousands of right thinking people to march into the bulldust sharia areas with getto blasters and holding cans of booze, and do it all day everyday, until their is only one winner. It would be ugly at first, but something needs to be done for the poms to regain their territory.

    • Jafarma

      Bit hard to read that dude, but he leaves me with an impression that he has smoked a few joints and then wonders why he’s actually holding up his sharia law ‘statement’

    • The Accountant

      Sharia law appeals to misogynists. They’ve all got mummy issues.

    • NoEyeDeer

      Because the stone age was based on fear and superstition. Because the ‘Clerics’ of Islam are telling males that they are superior, that females have a place in the home only, that females may not better them selves at a school and if they don’t like it then you can divorce them and that is okay in Allahs eye. What ignorant ugly male would not LEAP at that opportunity.

      Also if you kill yourself in some holy way that a beared guy with missing limbs tells you is correct, you get to go to heaven and be waited on by 23 virgins.
      Which is also dumb because what you really want is two D cup blondes who know what they are doing …

  • The Accountant

    Is it just me, or do all radicals look like someone has taken to them with the ugly stick?

    • MrBarrington

      And stupid stick!!!

  • Hedgehog

    I think it the only way they will ever get layed – by using force or reducing woman to chattels. Look at him not only ugly, but with a nasty attitude.

  • I.M Bach

    I am so glad my parents took me to NZ from the UK when I was five. That top picture would (and does) make my blood boil, to the point where I’m not quite sure how I’d control myself if I was back there. Poor old Blighty.

  • Nic C

    That retarded mess on the cover must be freaking out.

    I wonder what the penalty/punishment will be, when the hardcore members of his BS gang of thugs notice he can’t even spell ‘Sharia’ properly…. and then goes get’s himself on the front page of a UK newspaper! Now the entire country knows without a doubt just how stupid and ignorant all these morons really are.

    He’s probably just succeeded in ‘fast-tracking’ himself to the rank of ‘suicide bomber’ in record time too…. “Allah Gin-Jah!!!!!”