Daily Roundup


Nanaia Mahuta, the woman who wanted to be Prime Minister gives her best “come hither” look.


NZ Herald are run by children.  The examples are many.  Here’s a spectacular one



CNN aren’t much better (in fact they’re not better)




Hidden camera footage of the Dirty Politics crew setting their plan in motion…




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  • Michael_l_c

    First three are pretty sad looking individuals.

  • Don W

    Nanaia also had a moko on her chest and I am grateful we didn’t get to see that. Didn’t really want to see the one one her back either.

    • cows4me

      Come on Don you would be in like a rat up a drain pipe :-)

      • Don W

        I do have standards you know. Although you can never catch up with the ones you turn down.;)

        • Dave

          Just like throwing undersized fish back, some are best turned down, think of the one rotten apple you ate but should have discarded.

          • Don W

            I think i am tadd to old for that sort of activities now.:)

    • Murray Smith

      But where did she hide her waka ?

  • Chris EM

    Shouldn’t that first photo be in the sealed section?

    • cows4me

      It will have to be a triple page spread.

      • Chris EM

        Yer not helping, cows, I’m trying to un-see it!

        • cows4me

          I’m sure we could get you an autographed picture Chris, no doubt a small donation to the Labour Party and you’ll have your pin up girl.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      At least it was cropped off so left something for the imagination

  • geoff2112

    OMG Mahuta………my eyes are bleeding………..

  • Steve (North Shore)


  • Mickey M

    Thank God Nania had her teeth in.

    • I.M Bach

      I bet you wouldn’t say that in the dark.

  • Eiselmann

    The photo of the Waikato Princess is so wrong on so many levels….beer goggles moment

  • RightofSingapore

    That first pic appears to be of some sort of seal?

  • Pharmachick

    Despite her politics… that I rarely (if ever) agree with – that is a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman owning her own body. Kia kaha Nanaia. Piwari.

  • Murray Smith

    The final video demonstrates the Labour party having all their ducks in a row, ready for the next election.

  • metalnwood

    Therapistfinder is the only one I had to scan a few times to see what the alternate version was.

    As far as the photo, thank god it’s not a tramp stamp, between that in the ingrown hair yesterday I don’t think I would have come back.

  • HSV325

    Mahuta has a face only a mother could love. Just about choked on my bacon and eggs when I saw that on the Horrid app this morning

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Well it worked just as well for Colin didnt it…?

  • Clutch Cargo

    That’s not a tat……it’s a bloody mural.

  • munzrat

    I thought the Taniwha was near Mercer

  • Diddle_De_Dee

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She shouldn’t be ridiculed on the way she looks but on the way she performs in parliament. All those years and all those taxpayer dollars and what has she achieved? Absolutely nothing, nada, zilch etc. I rest my case.