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Spongbob is REAL!





Laugh if you must, but this is Auckland if Len Brown gets his way








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  • Teletubby

    Finally the army procurement guys have purchased something that works!

  • Carl

    You just have to love that religion of peace.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Aussies know about the SAS? I mean things that are secret should not be in the public interest, and now the Aussies are asking where their Army Vehicles are?
    There is another name for hiding something from yourself – forgot what it was

  • sheppy

    Good to see the police honestly stating their priorities… Such a shame as they could do so much better if they quit the revenue raising

  • Don W

    We know what it means when Len gets his way. Bevan Chuang comes to mind.;)

  • HunuaRanger


    Mohammed says Quack and does a tiny poop

  • Nige.

    Islam is violent

    • HunuaRanger

      so is censorship

      • Nige.

        but it wont cut your head off, now will it?!?

      • FredFrog

        What, exactly, is violent about censorship?

  • AF

    Someone should tell the Aussie Army to check the apparent gap where they park the trucks.

  • FredFrog

    Top one reminds me of a story told by the ex-father-in-law. Back in the 60s, he did his national service in the Armoured Corps of the South African Defence Force. His unit were out on manoeuvres in a huge mock battlefield, and they were told to camouflage a Sherman tank. Soon after this task was completed, they were told to move to another area. Unfortunately, no-one could pin-point the exact place where the tank was left, and it was lost for several months.