Daily Roundup


The world’s only bacon rock.


MILF is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front







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  • steve and monique

    Everything goes better with bacon. Even tramping.

    • Betty Swallocks

      I can guarantee the frying pan would be in your pack

      • steve and monique

        Need bigger eggs.

        • Betty Swallocks

          I think we’re gonna need a bigger spatula …

    • Oh man, the distances and elevations I have taken carefully packed eggs and a few rashers of bacon… nothing like it to start the day.

  • dgrogan

    A streaky bacon rock at that.

  • MAWG

    Did you know that if you say “Beer Can” in an upper class English accent, you are also saying “Bacon” in a Jamaican accent.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Ears, say it. Top pommy accent.
      “wasn’t that so” “ears”

    • Timboh

      I was walkin’ down the street, Concentratin’ on truckin’ right …

  • BR

    No pigs were harmed during this photo shot.


  • Murray Smith

    MILF invites are always welcome.