Daily Roundup


This is a two parter… 






That’ll hold it.



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  • dgrogan

    I was thinking that load of dirt looked a bit like it was gift wrapped. Maybe a belated Christmas present to a politician?

  • Murray Smith

    A case of strop off ?
    That is the dirt, not the selfie !

  • Fat Sally
    • Dave

      I hope the conductors leg, ankle and foot are okay, he should sue the inconsiderate idiot for obstructing the train, forcing the conductor to push him away and save his miserable life.

  • Steely Man

    I understand that the train set up was… a set up

  • Timboh

    Dat indeedy ass.

  • AF

    I suppose wanting your first daughter to be a girl is better than wanting your first daughter to be a boy.

  • Dave

    Dat’s not an ass, dats a whale fin, a very very wide whale fin.

  • AF

    It appears a lot more thought went into tying the knot than into securing the load…

  • Lux

    That’ll hold it… Lens loopy thoughts about holding his wild worm in place ..