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I doubt that Giovanni.  I’m sure you’ll find something to boycott.   Don’t give up so early in the year!






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  • ozbob68

    Guess Giovanni didn’t count the pilot.

  • The Accountant

    Love the first picture. Rape/Stoning/Misogyny on earth, or being screwed over in the afterlife. Who would want to be a chaste female?

    • Not sure how you get screwed over by a head and mince though?

      • The Accountant

        Presumably Allah puts all the bits back together?

    • Wallace Westland

      I love the google add I got with it (pic)

  • ex-JAFA

    Socks and sandals by any name is still socks and sandals.

    • InnerCityDweller


  • Carl

    No Tiso 6 were skydivers the other 6 were customers tied to them. Idiot.

    • FredFrog

      And the 13th was the pilot. Tiso can’t even count

      Skydive aircraft pilots often also wear a parachute because usually skydive aircraft are old an usually a complete POS. Ordinarily, a pilot would not jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane, and looks upon anyone who does as being slightly mad.

  • Timboh

    I would guess by Tiso’s sarcasm that he thinks bourgeoisie surviving a bourgeois sport incident is not ‘real’ news and is an example of the VRWC at work.