Daily Roundup





There in Christchurch!!!






The rise and rise of Nationalism in Europe



Seen near Wellington









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  • dgrogan

    I gotta get myself one of those WOBH T Shirts!!!!!!

  • Wallace Westland

    Who the @#%^& is Arthur Schenck and why would we care?

    • Chris EM

      A gay american import socialist whinger who has a blog, which is not as successful as Whale Oil.

      • Wallace Westland

        See? That’s why I’m starting to really enjoy this site. You ask a moderately silly question and you still get a well reasoned and informative answer.
        No point telling me the name of his whiney blog, why would I go there…sounds like I’d rather eat my foot.
        I’m so getting one of those T shirts. Franchising opportunities arising?

        • Wallace Westland

          You’re not getting a shirt until you lose some weight fatty.
          Just as well ya joined blubbergeddon…they don’t make ’em that big :)

          • fairymai

            Would love a car sticker, never wear shirts or T’s, it’s to do with the body shape thing. Hmm a bit of walking! park the car up! NO, that’ll take months and months.

        • Chris EM

          Yeah, I’m hanging out for a shirt now, too.

      • Dave

        Oh, competition for Tiso, sounds like him too…..

        PS: No way would an ISIS supporter be driving an Alfa, beautiful automobile.

  • Wallace Westland

    Lianne Dalziel getting two bites of the cherry?

    • Moonroof

      It’s offensive. Someone put a boot spoiler on an Alfa. Wrong.

      • Guest

        My Saab would ‘knock the bejeesus’ into that thing.