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  • ex-JAFA

    Where is this “Auckland Harbour” on which the MSM is so keen?

    • dgrogan

      Well, last time I was there, they had two. Waitemata or Manukau, take your pick.

      • ex-JAFA

        They got rid of the Kaipara?!?

        • ex-JAFA

          [Clever reply from someone who’s not me] They sold it to the Chinese, and the racist political parties aren’t impressed!

          • Rockfield

            Winnie was beside himself tho …

        • dgrogan

          :) I thought Kaipara was North Auckland? My bad.

  • Pete

    We ignore Boko Haram at our peril, it’s pretty easy to think they are just a bunch of nut cases running around in the bush in Africa. How may people had heard os ISIS 2 years ago????

    • Eiselmann

      Boko Haram : another group of random nutjobs killing in the name of allah but nothing to do with islam. The world is ignoring them , as one of my very socialist mates says its because its not an attack on the west (that’s normally the point where he goes off on a tangent) …still he’s right the march of Islam is not just in Europe but in Africa…every country lost weakens us all…..and 2000 people in one hit (so many kids) 2/3’s the numbers of 9-11…we should be outraged.

      • jaundiced

        ‘nothing to do with Islam’?

        Can someone explain to me, once and for all, does the Koran say ‘kill all disbelievers’ or does it not? If it does, then ‘moderate’ muslims saying the terrorists are not ‘true’ muslims have no credibility.

        • Eiselmann

          My understanding is that Muslims are not permitted to kill, with two exceptions…one of them is removing corruption from the land. Corruption being non believers and the land , being all that Allah has given , as in the planet. So effectively Muslims are permitted and infact encouraged to purge all non believers from the planet……..convert or die…or you can fight.

          • Eiselmann

            oh and muslims are permitted to lie to non believers

        • Eiselmann

          this will give you quite a lot of info , but it does get a little repetitive….once you get past the first few quotes from the Koran it becomes the same message time and time again…scary stuff and they believe this stuff(and those that actually don’t won’t admit it because there’s only one penalty for losing faith in the word of their prophet).

          • jaundiced

            Thanks for this. It is as I had thought, but we are now hearing that what the terrorists do is ‘against Islam’ and that muslims are not permitted to kill ‘innocents’. But, as you say below, they are permitted to lie.

    • colin herbertson

      you got that right,boko haram make isis look like a bunch of softys,made all the more dangerous when Nigerian military don’t have anywhere near the resources to deal with them. this is another front in the same confict and they should be getting more support.

  • crosstherubicon

    I’ve believed for a very log time that Obama is radical Islam’s greatest gift. I’ve been ridiculed for my views for years. Only now is the world seeing what he’s not doing.
    The man won’t even say radical Islam. He truly is the fifth column inside the USA and the west.

    • Eiselmann

      In all honesty I’ve resisted that notion for a long time…its getting really difficult to resist ….he is ,at best, actively minimising the threat. Recent history shows that when our leaders do that the price we pay is great.

    • Hard1

      Obama, Bush, what’s the difference. They both are good at destabilizing Muslim dictatorships.
      I reckon we were better off with Saddam, Qaddafi and Assad.

      • Clutch Cargo

        Places like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Libya don’t have leaders like Saddam, Qaddafi and Assad by accident. They may not be our cup of tea but were absolutely needed to go hard on all of the rag tag factions that inhabit those crap holes. When you are living with weasels, you have to be the strongest weasel. The Wests biggest mistake is trying to apply civilised morality to countries who are not civilised and operate under a different belief system to ours. Cultures have their own pace of change and develop over thousands of years. Globalisation has artificially accelerated the pace of change in many countries with civil and social unrest resulting. You cannot drag a stone age culture into the modern age without consequence. We may find the violence abhorrent but we will pay with our lives at the hands of people who have no value of human life.

        • FredFrog

          Same happened in Yugoslavia after Tito died. Takes a complete ratbag to keep a lid on things in that kind of place.

          • MaryLou

            Yes. His solution to everything was to send in the army… but it worked.

  • Wallace Westland

    Duncan Garner hallucinating again. The man clearly has whales on the brain!
    Put it behind you Duncan like the rest of us…everyone else is over Dirty Politics and we won you lost nah na nah na nah!

  • Eiselmann

    Playing Crusader Kings2 at the moment …its great therapy

  • crosstherubicon

    In reference to the Great Geert Wilders, who is still under 24 hour police guard from threats from Islamists in Holland. The political parties in Holland and western Europe also want him silenced, usually via calling him racist, bigoted and far right. He is now due in court for making references to Morrocans Muslims in the Netherlands. The political establishment want him completely shut down. The Islamist, if they had their way would do the traitors of Holland and Europe a big favour, each wanting the same thing.
    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
    Please look this man up on youtube and read what he has to say.

    • Blackcap

      I was in Holland during 2008-10 and had the pleasure to vote for the man and his party in the general elections. This man is a hero, although vilified by many in his own country. Europe needs more people like Geert. Definately check him out on you tube. He has some very good points.

  • Gaynor

    No hashtag? Oh crikey those hash tags work so well ..Remember how they “brought our girls home”