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Rabid eh?   Not owning your own shit, what a surprise.  Sure it was “just a tweet”.  But your account is clearly a work account.  Now man up and take your medicine.

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  • Garbageman

    No McQuillan you are not the enemy of the rabid right you are the enemy of decent respectful free to have their own opinion Kiwis
    Edit Trophy wife ha ha ha only place her head should be hanging is in shame

    • Cadwallader

      Don’t forget that like most fools she is her own worst enemy! I wonder what actually does go on at Journalism School?

      • Dave

        Ask Dr Bryce Edwards, oh, guess that explains everything!

  • LesleyNZ

    No wonder I haven’t listened much to NewstalkZB today apart from an hour early this morning. Wonder what Leighton thinks of this drop in journalistic standard on his radio station (wish it was his).

    • Nige.

      ha! i havent listened for days. it seems like a totally different station. come back leighton and larry!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Watcher

        I was ZB free going home tonight, and just listened to an hour of my favourite music…got home quite relaxed, but with a sore throat from singing at the top of my voice…much better than Rachael or dearest sweetie darling Laura.

        • nellie

          Yes I reckon The Sounds’ listening stats have gone up recently.

          • Watcher

            How did you know that was what I was singing to? Freaky

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  • dgrogan

    I wonder if McQuillan was wearing her gold sparkly pants when she penned that piece of journalism?

    • Hard1

      Hey, it was only a murder trial where she wore the Gold Spandex and got booted out. At 27 she’s still a cub reporter.

  • Dave

    So, “Aspiring trophy wife” “Literacy tutor” Hmmm if both of those go together, you are for sale to the highest bidder. As a “wife” or a writer, that would make you a capitalist professional……..

    Seriously Laura, if you can’t take it, or accept own your own stuff ups, then say nothing.

    • Nige.

      methinks she doth explain too much…..

      • Tom

        She’d be out of her depth at a pub quiz, let’s be honest

    • Guess some people will always “aspire” to be a trophy wife but methinks there are certain qualifications. First be very attractive, second have brain removal (if not already gone), third be subservient.. She is pushing it for the first, has already made the second and is probably thinking that now she’s read ’50 shades of grey’ she aspires to be subservient!!!

  • caochladh

    “Fire Warden”? Perhaps she should practice putting out some of her own fires first before getting involved in the real thing. As for being an aspiring “trophy wife”, I think the Material Girl has more chance there.

  • Carl

    Rabid right, well if it wasn’t clear already we have another journo nailing her colours to the mast, thanks Laura.

  • steve and monique

    So by 2050 the Muslims will rule England, and end democracy. Time for a halt to these people gaining any foothold, and putting their stone age beliefs in place.

  • pak

    “Just tweeted a link to Max Key’s Instagram photo” – missed out the bit about “and added some comments intended to create a negative impression of the P.M.’s son. Easy as and didn’t even have to do any tedious fact-checking or anything!”

  • Wallace Westland

    45,700 tweets. Mind like Marshmallow rat trap.

  • Chris EM

    I think McQuillan would make an excellent trophy wife, she has a brain the size of a mustard seed.

    • Geoff

      Too ugly.

  • 1951

    Actually Laura I take offence to that ‘rabid right’ comment. What right do you have to insult so many people who have done all they can to make this country work. How about you just disappear under a rock until you grow-up!

  • Technomage

    The two and a half years McQuillan spent as the beauty editor for a magazine recently would indicate she’s not the most sought-after of journalists! ZB probably felt sorry for her – unfortunately, for us!

  • I have no sympathy for the hole she dug herself, but you people need to allow for some of that description to be tongue in cheek. Problem is, which ones? ;)

    • Carl

      Political Journalist is the tongue in cheek one.

      • Jafarma

        On a par with trophy wife I reckon

    • Watcher

      Yes that’s true Pete, I am picking the amateur Yogi, as she doesn’t look like a bear to me, unless she is looking for a trophy husband named BooBoo.

  • sarahmw

    What a silly immature person she is. If this is the quality of journalism in NZ heaven help us. I’ve stopped listening to ZB, I want mature discussion not silly little people telling g me what I should believe. Wake up NZ we do not have journalists in this country.

  • Hard1

    Well, she’s gotten her trophy…Wellington couple Laura McQuillan and Jay Lee met the ‘‘old-fashioned way’’, but quickly became Facebook friends.

    • Wallace Westland

      HAHAHA she’s gonna be a trophy on a trailer wall? Can you hang a trophy in a caravan and not make it leak?

    • pak

      Oh dear. That’s a trophy? Never mind, never did want one anyway.

  • Watcher

    Well one thing is for sure, she is a legend…………in her own mind.

    Oh Laura dear, the last thing I am is a member of the rabid right, whatever that may be in your mind. I am a free thinker who can see through your facade like looking through net curtains.

    Oh and sweetie, I see by your twottering that you really are a lightweight, never mind you have a few years ahead of you to mature a bit.

  • conwaycaptain

    Mr Choudry will find that by 2050 the UK Muslim community will be so inbred they wont be able to put a spoon in their mouth.
    30% of all genetic problems in the UK are in the Muslim community and it is getting worse as cousin marries cousin etc etc

    • Media Steriliser


  • Markus Aurelius

    I’d like to hope that by 2050 the only place we’ll read about Anjem Choudary or anyone like him will be in a history book

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Max Key for PM :-) For setting a trap and catching a reporter with no brain!!!

  • Jas

    Doesn’t he mean England as by 2050 Britian won’t exist.

  • Annoyed

    So, if you don’t agree it’s appropriate to attack the family of politicians you’re part of the rabid right? I guess I’m proud to be part of the rabid right then. Attacking the families of politicians (over nothing) is truly dirty politics.