Daily Roundup






via tipline… “no matter how much you hate cats Cam, even your own blog is against you”








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  • MaryLou

    Has Cam upset someone today? Between this and Backchat, almost seems like a vendetta.

    • 1951

      (pssst! ……shsh…… whisper….deep down Cam is a cat person, he just doesn’t accept it is a virtue).

      • MaryLou

        You mean, for more than just target practice?

        • Moonroof

          Yeah right. Sure Cam likes cats, just in denial, thats all ;)

  • Bazar

    I don’t understand the victoria’s secret…
    Anyone care to spell out what i’m missing?

    • Cowgirl

      I think it’s the number in the top left corner – spells out an appropriate word.

    • caochladh

      No! It’s a secret! ;-)

    • sarahmw

      Ssh but it’s boob.

      • dgrogan

        Should have gone to SpecSavers!

    • willtin

      You need double vision.

    • spanishbride


      • friardo

        I took that to be meaning a very large bra size.

        • Spiker

          A very hard secret to keep!

          • Dave

            Sshhhhh Its Victorias Secret, she is hiding out the back.

  • sheppy

    UFC – Unlucky Fried Kitten?

  • Murray Smith

    KFC= kitten fried chinese