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Matt, as hypocritical as ever.



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  • willtin

    Relating to the last article, I have the privilege of having shaken the hand of the man, whose story was entitled “Mark of the Lion”

  • Dave

    Last article, and ther eis labours problems, lead by an Angry Little Ass, but not a lion anywhere in sight, nor a tiger for that matter.

    • willtin

      Excuse me while I visit my ceiling cavity, in this new house of mine. Never know what you might find, but I draw the line, at eating Batts

      • I.M Bach

        Ozzy didn’t.

        • WeaselKiss

          But I don’t think he inhaled.

  • Nige.

    re; pooping in a public place; there is a local chap here in Blenheim who was once caught by the police leaving a deposit OUTSIDE the library….after dark.

    When confronted he said “this my peoples land. I can do what i want anywhere”.


    He truly believed that he could do whatever he wanted….and….choose to take a dump in a public place. Rather than say…plant some kumera or something else indigenous in the library’s garden. That’s part of his culture?


    Now there are cameras outside the Marlborough district library’s Blenheim branch too.

    • Cowgirl

      Someone started doing it repeatedly on my elderly grandmother’s doorstep a couple of years back. It turned out to be a local transient, and not a targeted thing, but still pretty creepy and nasty for the old duck.

      • JC

        Reminds me of the old trick of pooing in a newspaper, putting it on a doorstep and setting the paper on fire and knocking on the door. Just about any houseowner will attempt to stamp out the fire..

        Oh.. the glorious 60s!


        • DrFix

          Never tried that, but in my misspent childhood we sometimes got a milk bottle out of the letterbox, peed into it, leant it against the front door, knocked & scarpered. Oh.. the glorious 60’s

        • caochladh

          We used dog droppings.

          • JC

            (Admire) Now that is true evil (Admire) .. were you a child of the 70s or a better class of Catholic?


          • caochladh

            Part of my misspent youth in the early sixties living with granny in Belfast. One of my favorites was watching for the bathroom light to go on, wait until they had settled on the seat, then push a “Brocks Blockbuster” down the cistern overflow pipe.

    • willtin

      Obviously someone who needs a lot of help from other people. So where are his ‘people of this land’ to help him?
      I once thought, obviously ignorantly, that with the millions of dollars directed to the victims of the Tiriti, we would see the resurrection of Family Values amongst the dispossessed: albeit, some 150 years ago. All we seem to have is false cries of Child Poverty whilst the newly created, Upper Tier of Maori Heirarchy, suck all the cream off the tit of the Taxpayer.

  • Lance Ralph

    looking at the third picture: There is no shoe repairer but HESUS. The person who took that photo is his prophet!

  • Wallace Westland

    Spam? Hang on…that tape looks useful..what’s it cost? Come ‘ere Matt I have something you need to see……

  • Saggy

    It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog