Daily Roundup


Spectacular hypocrisy






The end of the Internet is nigh







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  • ex-JAFA

    Cat image search failure is definitely a fake! The Internet is defined as “a series of tubes filled with cats”.

    • Fake images on the Internet? now who would do that?

  • EvoDriver

    Somebody did a search for “RIP tomb” in the chrome screenshot above. I wonder why.

  • dumbshit

    do they have “cattle class” in private jets?

    • hamsap

      yes they do, its called a cessna

  • Heather Baugh

    Anybody think Nash was making his first play to be the next Labour Party leader. National Radio this morning waxing lyrical as to why we should be having an amnesty for tax evaders. Maybe he’s been catching up on WO’s who is Andrew Little.

    • STAG

      Yes and I think he could have done it much better, still telling people they are to poor to pay their taxes. Good idea but remove the politising from it. The country and its people are doing well so stop telling us we’re not.

  • Murray Smith

    All those rich mongrels in their private jets ? How could they be impartial participants in any climate change forum ?
    Bet the reds are scratching their hairs about that one !

    • sheppy

      Do as we say not do as we do….

      • Murray Smith

        Perhaps, or maybe the whole scenario is a load of bovine excrement ?
        We’ll never know in our lifetimes !

    • OneTrack

      Is Kennedy Graham flying Business Class to Davos, or is GreenPeace going to send a corporate Green Jet to pick him up? We need to save the planet, and taxation is the way to do it.