Daily Roundup



Via tipline:  ” I had a close call as Fiordland College changed direction right in front of me.”









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  • ex-JAFA

    Is Tim Wilson unfamiliar with words or something?

    • No, he has a really off-beat sense of humour. Not to everyone’s taste I suspect.

      • johcar

        Must be an acquired taste – to me, he just looks ignorant… :)

      • Grocersgirl

        Too off-beat for me. Have looked at this for ages – just don’t get what he’s getting at. Obviously not off-beat enough!

  • sarahmw

    I wonder how long it took the person putting the sign up to decide that’s how it went. Shakes head aaaarrrgh.

  • Lord Evans

    Yep, the Railway Crossing – You Had One Job!