Daily Roundup




The death threat as received by the Taranaki journalist





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  • pak

    Cowards the lot of them. Making demands and threats whilst hiding in anonymity.

  • Huia

    He may be wanting 200 million dollars but what he needs is something quite different. Something between the eyes is what Id like to see him get.

  • Ginny

    I recognise the paper the message is written on. Stock agents hand out little notebooks with this sort of lined paper to farmer clients. Just sayn.

  • Ginny

    Looking at the hand and eyes, it looks like a woman under that garb.

  • Lord Evans

    I wonder what a handwriting expert would deduce from this note? My impression is a young male, European, 18 – 25, someone, perhaps a bit shy who left school early, not a leader, but tries to impress others, probably a bit of a bully and with a cruel streak. His attempt to disguise his handwriting hasn’t worked – The ’w’ is distinctive and his stylised capital D and B may indicate his name starts with one of these letters. I hope he is tracked down to answer for his crime.

  • Bruno 32

    This does not look good.I trust our police are very actively working on getting this guy.

  • kloyd0306

    While Islamic terrorists are creating fear, what are our leaders doing to make the terrorists fearful?

    Nothing, absolutely NOTHING!

    • munzrat

      what can ya do …libertarians be all over it . Cant even kick an Islander out for violent offending

  • dumbshit

    one minute they must clear the earth of infidels, nek minute they are for sale and their ideals come second, I can think of a similar situation closer to home!

  • Cadwallader

    If the Japanese can muster up a decent dollop of Samurai pluck and do a “Pearl Harbour” on Iraq they’ll get my sincere thanks and approval. I may even buy one of their cars…nah, just kidding re the car! Taking the Mickey out of ISIS nutters will achieve zero worth, I am saddened and disappointed that that is their best response thus far.