Daily Roundup


Global warming is real I tell ya, and the highest concentration of CO2 is clearly in Dunedin.



Oh the Herald are such a bunch of fun people.



Got a point.  Of course, real men eat meat.









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  • Dave

    “The highest concentration of CO2 is in Dunedin” That’s correct, Dunedin is where Bryce Edwards is, just follow the trail of hot air……

  • Don W

    Global warming is real, except in New York and most other places in the world.

  • Sally

    Lot of hot air being released by one individual in Dunedin at present.

  • FredFrog

    Cards Against Humanity – a brilliant game for those who think political correctness is a giant turd.

    • geoff2112

      Have bought it and have been told its a bit rough!

  • benniedawg

    Dunedin takes it for Monday it is all the bullstuff that the troughers at Otago University produce. Might have past most of us by that Monday was Auckland’s anniversary day. Auckland troughers on holiday so little CO2 being produced on the day.