Daily Roundup


Snow drift outside a global warming affected domicile in the USA



I don’t know.  The signs are surely there.   He might have been?



Mr Little aims to please, wants to pipe things into women’s bedrooms.



I looked, but they must be out of the more poplar Muhammad one.







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  • Genevieve

    “Was Hitler a Nazi?”
    Is the Pope a Catholic?

    • Carl

      Do you think if Hitler was around today he would have just been classed as misunderstood by every one and the left would have wanted to give him cuddles to help him.

      • Genevieve

        Absolutely, and anyone who criticised his actions would have been viewed as inflaming the situation.

      • wanarunna

        The SS would just all have been lone wolves…

      • Jimmie

        Don’t worry there were plenty of them in the 1930’s. They were called pacifists. They were half the reason why Hitler wasn’t stomped on earlier when there would have been little loss of life.

        They kept denying that Hitler was a problem until he became an existential threat – then it cost millions of lives and billions of dollars to sort him out.

        The second world war did not need to happen – Hitler could have been stomped on in 1934-36 without nary a shot fired.

        Hmmmm does it feel like dejavue with Islam in the present time?

        • Jas

          But yet he and his party would have won a FPP election in Germany in the 30s

    • HR

      Are Kennedys gun shy?

      Is Pavarotti the big one?

  • HunuaRanger

    “Or perhaps we arrange to have the next one piped into the nations bedrooms” Very 1984ish/ Big Brother is watching, No truer a word said in jest, eh?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am telling you guys, a Labour leadership of Mallard-King combo is the only way to topple Key…..

    • Backdoor

      Are you serious? Surely not?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Anything to dig a hole and bury these losers :-)

  • I.M Bach

    In regard to the cheese thing; my nephew found a Christmas card one year that depicted a typically ‘Jesus-like’ person standing behind a stall with all manner of cheese on offer. The caption?

    “Greetings from Cheeses of Nazareth.”