Daily Roundup


Can someone tell me what is inside that can?

…and there is QUALITY Spooge?


Scientists have discovered an ingredient they think shows that regularly drinking beer could help slow dementia.

That has to be a joke…



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  • Murray Smith

    Actively preventing dementia as I type.

    • willtin

      I believe the ingredient they discovered is known as, ‘a whisky chaser’

  • Cadwallader

    Ms Turei’s brain?

    • Dave

      cans are far too big for that.

  • Cowgirl

    Apparently Spooge is tomato paste – you learn something every day (from Google).

  • arnold zeiffel

    spooge in tomato sauce its written on the can

  • KQ

    Urban Dictionary say differently

  • caochladh

    Maybe you can wash your can of Spooge down with this………….

  • Rodger T

    I don`t want to know what canned spooge is….thank you very much.

    • peterwn

      I suppose you do not want to know what canned mountain oysters are either.

      • Rodger T

        Too late : (
        So now I`m going to try and offset the onset of dementia to around the year 2137.

        • caochladh

          This might help, it should have all the right nutrients?

  • Greg M

    Spooge is what the poms call what we know as Dolmio.

    • KGB

      ummm what’s Dolmio?

    • MaryLou

      But it’s Spooge IN sauce?

      Maybe it’s just spaghetti?

  • Effluent

    another suitable beverage…

  • Andrea

    our local fruit & veg store sells a juice called Boobee Juice…. :-) nearly peed myself laughing when i saw it

    • MaryLou

      Did you ask what it was juiced from??

  • conwaycaptain

    In Japan they have a drink called Pocari Sweat

    • Chris Chitens

      In China too. Hangover 101

  • friardo

    In Japan they also have a drink called Calpis, only they pronounce the al as ow.

    • El Diablo

      And it’s delicious too :)

  • Sailor Sam

    In Singapore in the 1990s there was a soft drink called “Kickapoo Joy Juice”