David Cameron promises to reduce benefits to get people off their arses

David Cameron is seeking to show a clear difference between his party and the opposition parties and is moving to reduce the levels of benefits.

He has done it once before and it was remarkably successful….now he is set to reduce the benefits cap even further.

David Cameron will reduce the annual benefits cap to £23,000 as the first act of a new Conservative Government, the Prime Minister has pledged in an interview with The Telegraph.

The move follows the “stampede to the job centre” caused by the original introduction of the £26,000 benefits cap which was heavily opposed by Labour and will form one of the key battlegrounds of the general election campaign.

In an interview to mark 100 days until the general election, Mr Cameron said that his reform of the welfare system is a “deeply progressive programme” that is “changing people’s lives”.

The policy will pay for thee million apprenticeships and everyone in Britain is given “the chance to make the most of their God-given talents”, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Cameron said that the promise of an immediate law after May’s election “tells you everything you need to know about our values”.  

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Cameron also:

• Warned that an Ed Miliband government could be “held hostage” by the SNP, a prospect which he said voters find “genuinely frightening”.

• Hinted at further tax cuts for families after the election.

• Described Mr Miliband as “opportunistic” and “sanctimonious” after he said that he wanted to “weaponise” the NHS.

• Said he is “sure” there is a role for Boris Johnson at the “highest level in government”.

• Warned that the economic unrest in Greece shows why people should not “risk” electing a Labour government intent on “scrapping the plan” which has led to the economic recovery.

In a pre-election salvo designed to open up further dividing lines with Labour over welfare, Mr Cameron said that the benefits cuts have changed the “something for nothing” culture which existed under the last government.

“The benefit cap has been a success. It’s got a lot of people back to work,” Mr Cameron said. “People said it would have all sorts of bad consequences – it hasn’t. It’s actually caused a stampede to the job centre.”

He added: “In the remaining 100 days before the election, we’ve got to get across to people how these long-term reforms are beginning to show positive effects. Whether it’s reforming pensions, welfare, education, dealing with the deficit, funding universities, building infrastructure – these are all things that are going to make our country stronger.

“We’ve got to go all out now to explain, stress, that this is based on a vision about a stronger, more secure country.”

I wonder if our government has the stones to start doing the same thing.

Somehow I doubt it. David Cameron is implementing recall elections, John Key says its too hard.


– The Telegraph


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  • McGrath

    JK should take a good hard look at what is happening in the UK. If it worked there, it will work here.

    • thehawkreturns

      Trouble is not much is working there. More and more I see NZ leading and the UK and Europe simply unable to catch up due to the burden of benefits. That is not to say we aren’t heading to the toilet bowl as well…

  • sandalwood789

    Even though I despise David Cameron (mostly for his open-the-floodgates immigration policy and his naivety on Islam), this is a good policy.

  • James

    The biggest issue facing David Cameron is the Westminster Scandal – he just appointed the sister of a known sex offender to head the “inquiry” – which didn’t help much.

  • KQ

    There must be an election coming up. All of a sudden Cameron is talking like a conservative PM.

    • thehawkreturns

      Weasel words. He is as far up Islam’s bum as Key – lowering the NZ flag for the dictator/murderer of Saudi Arabia, the biggest funder of Islamic terror in the world? Disgraceful and you just lost my vote John.

      • KQ

        He’s never had my vote :-)

  • Wallace Westland

    Key has had 6 years to wind back the excesses of Helen’s bribes for power.
    He’s done nothing but continue to borrow to fund them.