Death, more death, some whipping, some amputations with a sword and more death, the ISIS way


The organisation that has nothing to do with Islam, despite it coincidentally being in its name, has issued a set of rules and punishments for ‘crimes’.

Because Islam is a religion of peace and because ISIS has nothing to do with Islam there are quite a lot of punishments for ‘crimes’ that include death.

Islamic State has published a list of punishments ranging from 80 lashes for drinking alcohol and losing a hand for theft, to death for committing blasphemy.

The Sharia code of conduct will be enforced in areas under its control which now covers large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Those who commit adultery will be stoned to death if the adulterer was married and lashed 100 times and exiled if he or she was unmarried.

Those engaged in sodomy (homosexuality) will be sentenced to death, along with those who ‘spy for the unbelievers’.

Those who steal ‘as part of banditry’ will have their right hand and left leg cut off, and the punishment for terrorising people is exile.

Islamic State has published a list of punishments ranging from 80 lashes for drinking alcohol and losing a hand for theft, to death for committing blasphemy.

The Sharia code of conduct will be enforced in areas under its control which now covers large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Those who commit adultery will be stoned to death if the adulterer was married and lashed 100 times and exiled if he or she was unmarried.

Those engaged in sodomy (homosexuality) will be sentenced to death, along with those who ‘spy for the unbelievers’.

Those who steal ‘as part of banditry’ will have their right hand and left leg cut off, and the punishment for terrorising people is exile.

Are you getting the picture yet?


In case you aren’t here is a list of the last few weeks atrocities.

  • Two men accused of banditry have been tied to makeshift metal crosses and then shot in the head in front of on-lookers
  • Isis militants killed three of at least 15 pigeon breeders in Iraq after deciding it is against Islamic religion to keep birds this week.
  • Murdered 13 teenage boys for watching the Asian Cup football match between Iraq and Jordan last week. The teenagers were rounded up and publicly murdered by a firing squad using machine guns, according to anti-Isis activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.
  • Images also emerged of a woman, dressed in a black burqa, being stoned to death by a horde of Isis militants.
  • Four doctors were recently killed in central Mosul, allegedly after refusing to treat Isis fighters.
  • Murdered 15 civilians in front of a large crowd in Fallujah on January 1, on suspicion they had cooperated with Iraqi security forces, and 14 more in a public square in Dour, north of Tikrit, for refusing to pledge allegiance to Isis

The newspapers say executed, but these are extra-judicial killings from a terror organisation that despite their name has nothing at all to do with Islam. They are not executions they are murders.

But no worries, it’s happening a long way away, nothing to bother us and Islam is a religion of peace and nothing at all to do with ISIS who are just lone wolf gunmen who happen to share each others company from time to time.


– NZ Herald


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  • ShortBackwardSquare

    I well remember checking in for a flight from Tunis to Tripoli some years ago. The bar in the departure lounge was busy with as many people as possible chugging alcohol, and on the flight the smell of it was quite overpowering. It was the first week of Ramadan and they were getting as much in as they could before they got home. No lashes for any of them, I’d say.

    • thehawkreturns

      Islam..the Religion of Hypocrites

      • Alfred12

        Yes, arriving in the Maldives in 05, customs turned our bags inside out looking for alcohol, porn, (womans weekly), ie ads showing females in lingerie and pork products. The outer islands sold alcohol openly albeit at huge prices. On leaving and going through duty free, the airport had the biggest duty free liquor store I have ever seen. Incredible hypocrisy!!

        • Kevin

          Somewhat related: Not even religion can change basic human psychology. In Islamic countries where women must cover their faces there is a big demand for plastic surgery around the eyes and to the nose – the only parts of the face that women can show…

  • BloodyOrphan

    Interesting article about power versus brain chemistry …

    • Kevin

      Interesting. So there is a correlation between power and sociopathy.

  • Day Day

    If you own a musical instrument, they’ll smash it up & give you 80 lashes.

    • Effluent

      or death, if it’s a jew’s harp…

    • Kevin

      Or a chess set …

  • Miguel

    A graphic images warning might be appropriate for this article. A different image, if possible, for the main page would be appreciated, too – I was hoping to avoid seeing a poor soul falling to his death, so didn’t read the article the other day.
    Love the coverage, though – I read Heert Wilder’s book 18 months ago where he describes his experience with the religion of peace. I’m glad more channels are starting to cover the same issue/story.

  • I.M Bach

    Radical Islam. It has no good points that I know of and it would appear
    that I am not alone in this thinking. Frankly I don’t care what you do on
    Sunday (or any other day) to worship your god; bow to the sun if you please, I
    don’t care; you are welcome to that freedom. Should you decide that your ‘god’
    is greater than any other, and that to not worship yours is an offence, then
    frankly you can depart my company and my homeland.

    I have some values that I hold dear and I abide by the rules
    of the land in which I choose to live.

    For followers of Islam: Do not enter into my world and tell
    me that my beliefs are unworthy; this is my/our world and you shall not enter
    into it with a totalitarian regime. Those who enter into my/our place of
    residence need to assimilate. Do that or depart. I offer you the same respect;
    I would not enter an Islamic nation and not abide by the rules of that nation.

    New Zealanders are at a turning point where unification is
    paramount. Petty issues need to be laid to rest in the battle against the
    madness that is radical Islam. My heart lies with and within New Zealand; the
    problems that currently divide certain sections of the nation are not
    insurmountable and pale by comparison to the scourge that is radical Islam. A
    united New Zealand is a formidable force; the kinship and heartfelt
    togetherness that abounds in the cities through to the small communities within
    New Zealand needs to be gathered into a nationwide wave of patriotism the likes
    of which has not been seen since the birth of the ANZAC brotherhood. Without it
    we may perish.

    Political correctness be damned; radical Islam has no place
    in our society. The actions of the extremists show us that integration is
    unachievable. “Lone wolf” my butt; radical Islamists are organized, nasty,
    devoid of morals and heartless. The ethos that is held by the fundamentalists
    is unacceptable; we cannot, and will not, bow to an ideology that is the polar
    opposite of the basis of our homeland’s hard-won qualities.

    New Zealanders need to act now and do so decisively. Halt
    Muslim immigration, period. Close monitoring of current resident Muslims needs
    to be undertaken; swift and forceful action against those who threaten New
    Zealand’s home security and/or its citizens must be mandatory. No leniency
    should be shown.

    • Luis Cannon

      Close monitoring of resident Muslims is not only a government function. It is a function of all New Zealanders who abominate the practices of these genetic retards.

      • Cadwallader

        Not simply a function it has become a DUTY! A duty within this country to ensure survival of our society and its concomitant beliefs.

    • Kevin

      But then what do you do about home-grown Islamists? I can see Islam as the kind of religion that would appeal to the thug-types who view themselves as disenfranchised and hard-done by.

      We can start by making it so that any kiwi who converts and goes overseas to fight for ISIS, gets tried for treason should they ever decide it’s all too much for them and want to go home.

  • Hard1

    What’s the Sharia code of conduct penalty for Murder?. Death?.

    • Bartman

      Freedom of the [insert crappy city of choice here] if you happen to murder, as is OK PBUH Allah, an infidel. (Sarc.)
      We’re getting the picture loud and clear here in the West, and really we should thank those smirking Imams such as Choudary and co who incite the Islamists against their host cultures.

      • Hard1

        They say an alcoholic needs a crisis to stop drinking. The West has in my view reached it’s crisis. The Lefties, the Liberals have stuffed up.
        Oil and Vinegar don’t mix. Outlaws have taken over the Sunni side of Islam with their sights set on their principle backers, the Saudi rulers and their oil fields. The US is still heavily dependent on Saudi oil, so expect ISIS to keep getting hammered.

  • WCMiner

    I can’t understand why people from that part of the world would ever want to move here. What’s not to like about being at daily risk of whipping, stoning, amputation and execution for going about your daily business? Surely good old NZ isn’t as attractive as a mud hut, 7 goat wives with the promise of 72 virgin goats in heaven if you are unlucky enough to cross your religious police.
    Hell, it seems so attractive that we might be need to offer reverse migration and give true believers a one way ticket back to the promised land where they can live to the letter of Sharia Law everyday and leave us to have a cold beer, in a bikini (if your that way inclined) on a sunny West Coast day out by the lake.

    • Wheninrome

      The French nanas loved to knit while watching the guillotine.

  • Mark

    “the punishment for terrorising people is exile.” — So, ISIS plan to banish themselves from the regions under their control? Awkward…

  • Bart67

    The punishment for terrorising people is exile? Does that mean they are sending all the terrorists away? If so, where are they sending them to? I suspect there is a great deal of accuracy to be found behind those questions!

  • Bluemanning

    ‘Those who steal ‘as part of banditry’ will have their right hand and left leg cut off, and the punishment for terrorising people is exile.’
    Therefore all ISIS terrorist should ‘self exile’ according to their own law?

    • Vaughan

      If only….

    • Cadwallader

      “Banditry” is a broad definition. I wonder whether you could apply it to any of a number of political parties/trades union?

  • hbboy

    How do you exile somebody who is in 450 pieces after detonating themselves?

  • oldmanNZ

    One would wonder, if the punishment for the crime is horrific, why would one commit the crimes?

    I suspect many of them may be innocent victims, and by the way the stoning is done, its more of a mob mentality than justice.

    The possibility that once you show or hint do not follow the Islamic way, they can accuse you of anything and then try to justify your innocence against a mob is impossible.

    Never let a mob grows till its uncontrollable.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Those who steal will have their right hand and left leg cutoff. OK then.

    When IS invaded a given town it marked the houses of Christians with a symbol in black paint. This meant that contents were free to taken and residents abused as muslims saw fit. So ensued the looting of every Christian house under their control – although most Christians had already fled.

    So caveat on that edict: Stealing is only an issue if your victim is muslim of course.Otherwise it’s fine.

    • thehawkreturns

      and NZ pulpits remain silent on the purge of Christians..

      • Adios Africa

        And as a consequence they have lost the trust and respect of the majority of the population.

        • NZ 2014

          What evidence do you base your comment on?

          • Adios Africa

            The following data is sourced from the 2013 census.
            People reporting no religion continues to increase.

            2013 – 1,6M or 41,9&
            2006 – 1,2M or 34,6%
            2001 – 1,0M or 25,6%
            Affiliation with major Christian religions continue to fall:
            Maori-Christian – down 19,2%
            Presbyterian, Congregational, Reformed – down 17,5%
            Anglican down 17,1%
            Methodist – down 15,5%
            Latter-day Saints down – 6,2%
            Catholic – down 3,2% (this religion has overtaken Anglican religion to be largest Christian denomination in NZ)

            The growth religions are Hindu and Muslim.

          • NZ 2014

            Yeah maybe here but not world wide over 1 billion
            people. You are outnumbered!!!!!!

      • intelligentes candida diva

        What particular pulpits do you refer to?
        What do you propose the priests vicars chaplains etc say or do?

        There are many people who only know what they see on the msm news or their newspapers e.g. what took place in Mosul barely made mention other than the victims stuck up the hills.

        I think we all have a responsibility to speak up against these horrific murders that now is being justified as lone wolves or isolated factions. …

  • mike

    I like the irony of ISIS having a terrorism charge

  • Max

    I not worried ,good old Keith Locke ,Wussel ,Meteria and Fox will be there to talk things over with ISIS who are really just miss guided but good people.
    I wonder what they would chat to Jihad John about ,after all he loves rap music and was a victim of the British welfare system.

    • Day Day

      They’ll be mainly concerned about ISIS’s climate change policy.

  • Hans

    They have missed out laws regarding trees and shrubs, the level of stupidity is at a level most don’t understand. Iran with it’s desire to acquire Nuclear weapons for power generation of course – problem is some Imams are saying that if we kill a few million of our own people and destroy the Saudi’s, Us and Israel this is a good thing because these events will herald the coming of the Madi.
    This is not so dissimilar to the thoughts of Hitler, he thought he could kill all the Jews and conquer much of the world and set up a 1000 year reign or whatever was going through his mind. This is a form of psychoses, you cant kill all the Jews until you subdue the whole complete world – every last corner because the Jews were spread throughout the whole world.
    But as we all know this is impossible to a sane man or women, problem is the death toll while such mad men try to accomplish these fantasy’s. That being said i am sure the majority of Iranian people are good citizens of the world, it’s just the few crazies on the top.
    edit: typo spelling

  • taurangaruru

    Imagine a beer drinking, swearing, adulterous, gay thieving bandit. The mad mullahs wouldn’t know which way to turn – which appendage to hack off first.

  • caochladh

    Well, they are certainly going to have a problem with the movers and shakers in Saudi. You know, the ones that hire out the five star hotels exclusively to party. Blonde, blue eyed Russian ladies are flown in by the plane load, Cristal flows like water and the air is filled with the aroma of the finest Cuban cigars.

  • abbaby

    It is hard when neighbouring countries might not accept escapees – there must be many (still) stuck in ISIS territory trying to get out.

  • sandalwood789

    And yet today we saw our flags lowered to half-mast (at John Key’s request) because the Saudi king had died.

    You’ve got to do better than that, John.

    Forget everything you think you know about Islam and start learning what it is *really* like.

    • pak

      Don’t disagree with sentiment but apparently flag lowered “in accordance with law” and the P.M. received advice from Ministry of Foreign Affairs before taking the decision. Maybe the law needs changing.. does seem inappropriate to me.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    It is, Islamic based terroristic murders that are out of control hiding behind a transparent veil named Islam.

  • NZ 2014

    A little known news item these days is that the African country of Angola actually banned Islam from it’s country. I found it by chance on the net, also I never remember it being reported on the following TV news stations that I regularly watch; CNN, Fox news, BBC World, RT today and Al Jazeera and of course TV One & TV 3 here in NZ.