Decent journalists trained and skilled

A.K.A When it comes to smearing, there’s Whaleoil. And then there are the real professionals... continued…

Remember this?

qwewqwe werwe

Oh my…. didn’t the MSM go “all in” on the John Key smear using his son!   And then it turned out to be a prank that the New Zealand MSM all fell for.  

Almost like it was set up as a deliberate object lesson, eh?

So apart from Newstalk ZB’s Gallery Journo, let’s check the New Zealand MSM “decent trained and skilled” shame gallery:

Max Key plays golf with billionaire 'King of Instagram' - One News - TVNZ.clipular


And then there was the NZ Herald


Max Key keeping questionable company - National - NZ Herald News.clipular

The above was dug out of a cache because the NZ Herald updated the article to say it was a “Hoax”.


Man, they don’t even take being pranked like grown-ups do they?

I guess Max should be grateful the Herald didn’t run it as




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  • jude

    Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.
    This clearly illustrates that MSM in this country are in serious trouble.
    Time is precious. I am not going to waste it on reading rubbish that is merely gossip masquerading as news on MSM. That includes the tv version as well as print!

  • Watcher

    Punked..ha ha

  • ozbob68

    Does this mean that opposition politicians families and private lives are now fair game? Bring out the girlfriends lists.

    • Dave

      hmmmmm and the mistress and affairs list. Oops, where are all those MP’s running to now, and not a stenographer to be found!

    • Mick Ie

      Don’t forget some of them have boyfriends…

      • dumbshit

        were they not trying for a 50/50 ratio?

      • Some have both

        • Watcher


        • Hard1

          Some? Not just that one ? Freed must be about to hatch.

        • sheppy

          As nothing seems off limits to the lefty journalists the sunshine should be particularly cleansing to them once the mirror arrives and they get back what they already put in

  • Justsayn

    There was no “hoax”. There was no deceit. Just a joke between friends. There was however half-baked attention seeking journos happily spreading unverified “scandal” about a political family member. That is just gutter scum stuff.

    The egg on the face of the MSM is deserved. But where is the apology from them?

    • Annoyed

      Yeah, I call my best mate Stephen Fleming all the time because he looks like him. How is it a hoax? Is Max Key supposed to qualify all of his comments so the vultures from the MSM know what they can attack him and his Dad over?

      • Justsayn

        Yep, and Labour called Cunliffe a genius, Len calls himself a family man, Dotcom thinks himself important. We laugh, we move on, no harm in a bit of fun.

      • Reaper

        Hubby’s workmates all call him Bin Laden as he bears some resemblance. Can’t wait to see him in his new WO cap. Perhaps I should send a pic to the MSM.

    • Apology? you jest of course.

    • peterwn

      Won’t be. Its all John Key’s fault, just like everything else that gets up leftwingers’ and MSM journos’ noses.

  • Papillon

    Love this retort to one of Laura’s vapid tweets. Good call.

    • pak

      Brilliant – and followed by “Looks like journalist can dish it out but not take it. Just been blocked”!

  • Hard1

    The Herald will never trash the sacred children of the Politicians on the Left. Do we even know if they have any?.

    We know what you’re up to. Undermine the the most sensible middle-left government this country has had in a generation. The editorial thrust is Marxist propaganda. There is no other logical way of framing it. A sadistic, immoral fury without remorse.

    The Herald is the Dark Triad of Media.

    “Researchers then used a measure called the Dark Triad to determine whether participants’ answers fell into the spectrum of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Narcissism stems from insecurity, but manifests itself as entitlement and egocentrism; psychopathy is defined by antisocial behavior, as well impulsive tendencies and a complete lack of empathy; and Machiavellianism is a term used to describe people who are manipulative and cynical. Machs, psychopaths and narcissists are all characterized by aggression, deception and calculated self-promotion”


    • GoingRight

      I would not like any offspring of any politicians to be spoken about in the media in a derogatory way. The MSM should be ashamed of themselves, but then remember the scum with Martyn Martin Bradley Aka Wrongly Wrongson and KDC plus that weasel Minto all hounding the PM outside his own home on the Max’s birthday when they were trying to have a family Doo. It really has to stop these lot are just scum, and if the media want to join them in the gutter then it shows the level they have sunk to and have lost any credibility

  • Day Day

    Clearly these individuals are not on performance based salaries.

    • dumbshit

      they may well be, that is why they have to hand out complimentary copies!

  • CheesyEarWax

    Poor Laura, she needs to be FREED from the shackles of the MSM and get properly Trained and Skilled.

  • john Doe

    No doubt the Nz Press Council will be investigating this set of promugated lies. Yeah right. Disgaceful

    • Bigkransky

      The Press Council can act on this crap only if someone first complains to the editor and has found the response wanting. The PC is duty bound to investigate any complaint, providing that the correct procedure has been followed. It’s not rocket surgery . . . and there are enough crappy conspiracy theories around without trying to add to them.

  • Watcher

    Well I have been off all forms of the herald for 2 days now.

    I will also now be off 1ZB for the rest of the week and await the return of Leighton and Larry.

    Rachael and her political reporter Laura are tarred with the same brush, very lightweight and transparent.

    I actually don’t mind Jack Tame too much as he is easy to see through and has a boyish charm somehow, also pretty lightweight but personable.

    Good chance to reconnect with my music on the drive to and from work.

    • dgrogan

      Keep it up, W. You’re doing great.

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    When we are freed is it possible there will be a radio component in the mix. Maybe a podcast or internet based radio stn so the lefties can keep their garbage.

    Hurry back Larry!! We miss the balance you offer on 1zb.

    • Cadwallader

      That would be a great innovation. I would advertise my business on it for starters.
      At present, to escape the monotonous drudge of what ZB is becoming I listen to our local student station. This is enjoyable until the announcers come on mouthing off their youthful Marxist anti-PM dogma. The music isn’t mainstream so it is refereshing.
      I have trouble with the Concert Programme as I cannot listen to it without imagining an old leftie, bearded and wearing a fair-isle jumper tapping his sandaled foot to it!

    • Aucky

      Why the heck did Larry allow the management to foist Rachel Smalley into the locum’s job? She would have given her right arm for a full on daytime slot with the grownups. Let’s hope that it’s just a one-off and not a full dress rehearsal.

      Can someone tell me when Larry is back?

  • MrBarrington

    STILL waiting to be Freed….. how long is this gonna take???

    • Garbageman

      Freed will be wonderful when it happens, but we will still have and need W/O here to keep these dirty ratbags held to account and to be made to look the fools they are

  • Isherman

    And yet I bet if ‘a promonent New Zealander’ was photoshopped into a pic of Angry Andy’s son hangin out, they would make sure they took the time to verify before runing off at the mouth woudn’t they.

  • LesleyNZ

    Must have really annoyed One News as it would have been their lead 6:00pm news story!

  • Bluemanning

    I see that the one news ‘Banner’ is a bright labour red; really are they stating that one is part of the Labour party PR campaign? Or has it always been that colour?

  • NotGandalf

    Are the MSM really that gullible? Sure seems that way. Laura McQuillan took the sniff of a story and threw it into the public domain, not realising or perhaps not even caring that her own credibility is linked to every ‘story’ she breaks. Surely the mark of a good journalist is to verify the facts, something she seems to resent being called out on. The poor thing doesn’t like being laughed at for her salacious presumption.

    • Cowgirl

      Once again the MSM show they are incapable of the most basic research ie actually contacting the person involved for comment. You’d think that would be vital to a legitimate story or to check veracity, but no. I know it’s been said before as well, but I simply can’t get over the fact that ‘journalists’ are trawling the social media pages of a teenage boy looking for a story. The John Key Derangement Syndrome is already at peak levels, and they’ve got 3 more glorious years to wait.

  • Dave_1924

    Not believing in coincidences too much, and given the gloating by Mr Farrar I think this was a shot across the bows to say back off the Key kids they are not part of the game. And fair enough too. Unless they jump in and make blatant political points beyondI support my parent politicians kids should be left the heck alone by the media.

    Otherwise as Media are players in the political process then their families will come into the spot light

    How would John Campbell or Mike Hoskings feel if one of their kids had their facebook or twitter or instagram acocunts monitored and the content used to attack their them?