Deluded fatty complains about being called fatty

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This deluded fatty has complained about being called fatty by Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar has been accused of bullying after calling a young woman “fatty” on Twitter.

The Apprentice star was bombarded with complaints and branded “arrogant” and “sexist” after sending the message to size 16 beauty queen Elena Raouna.

The row began after Miss Raouna, 23, sent Lord Sugar a message that said: “Evening sugar ;-) can I call you that? Lol.”

The multi-milionnaire tycoon replied: “yes no problem as long as I can call you fatty.”

He later responded to another follower who waded into the row by asking whether there was “any need to reply in that manner” by saying: “get stuffed and mind your own business.”

The response sparked a backlash in which Lord Sugar was roundly criticised and called “a miserable old goat”.

Miss Raouna, who won Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013, has demanded an apology from the businessman, saying she was “absolutely fuming” about the “cruel” tweet.

She told the Mirror: “‘It was just a friendly tweet to say ‘hi’ but my face froze in shock with his reply and I had to check it was his official Twitter page because I couldn’t believe he would be so abusive.

“It’s cyber bullying.”

Lets face facts. It isn’t bullying, it is truth telling.

This is one fat sheila. Not only that she is proud of it. She won a fatty beauty contest after all…and is a “plus size” model.

So why shouldn’t people tell the truth about her?

After all we are living in an age where fatties are costing the health system unaffordable billions, and the troughers are calling for a fat tax, not a fat bastard tax.

Still could have been worse I guess, she could also have been called a lardo and a heifer by a “serious” journalist with the body of a half sucked throatie.


– The Telegraph


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  • Carl

    Elena should count her lucky stars she didn’t send a tweet to Kate Hopkins, if she got offended by Sugars reply imagine what Kate would have said.

    • countproperly

      Imagine what Smalley would have said.

      • I.M Bach

        Nothing worth listening to I’d guess.

  • Murray Smith

    There she blows ! Me hearties !!!!!!!!!!!

    • I didn’t know you knew her so well.

      • Murray Smith

        Na, Moby couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

    • Outstanding. She’d have a lovely flume. Haha

  • Hmm…so she got offended…and woke up the next morning with leprosy? I mean, really, grow up!

    • Rick H

      She probably felt oppressed and took it out on some cakes and choccies.

  • Cadwallader

    Miss Beauty Curve 2013! Is that a contest to see who can drive to get takeaways the fastest?

  • Nirvana10

    It’s obviously ok for her to be rude to him, calling him ‘sugar’ when his title is ‘Lord Sugar’ but she complains when he responds in kind. If you can’t take it then don’t give it!

  • Greg M

    I reckon it’s a pretty good sledge to be honest. Good on him.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I thought it was okay these days to be called fat, fatty, whatever. You know, being happy in your skin and all. Are we back to taking offense now? I can never keep up with the trends reported in the Woman’s Weekly.

  • Mad Captain

    There is a certain element of society that would find Miss Rotunda quite appealing, she certainly is BUF…

    • mommadog

      I believe there are magazines that specialise in that – I’ve seen the TV documentary.

      • Mad Captain

        Yes a friend showed me a copy of BUF magazine once, definitely for the twisted among us.

    • Captain Darling

      Chubby chasers.

      • DrFix

        Tubby tuppers.

      • I.M Bach

        My wife is generous of girth, I like it/her. She always complains about her weight, I complain about her complaints. She has a heart to match, in fact I’d say her heart wins by a ‘wide’ margin and it is for that I love her and married her. Lovely women come in all shapes and sizes.

  • HSV325

    Why is she tweeting Alan Sugar anyway? She should stick to the white trash on her local council estate instead of creating a nuisance on Twitter

    • mommadog

      I’m not surprised her claim to fame is a reality TV show (the Apprentice). It could have easily been Big Brother or another of those shows (but obviously not Biggest Looser). Once those who crave to be on reality TV get some public exposure they are under the delusion that they are important and everyone wants to know them – hence her bothering Lord Sugar. They cant cope with the fact that they are still ordinary nobodies. As for delusions I’m not convinced about the size 16 – looks more like 18 to me. But I guess I don’t know British clothing sizes. In the USA woman don’t like to admit their size so manufacturers got smart and made bigger clothes with the same size label. So a woman’s 8 and 10 there is equivalent to a size 10 and 12 here in NZ.

      • Mrs_R

        Her claim to fame was winning Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013. Lord Sugar is the one who participated in The Apprentice.

        • mommadog

          thanks for the correction. I read it wrong. Even less reason to think she is somebody if it was only a beauty contest of which there are many. Still a nobody.

  • I am sure that Jones would give it a shot and share his experiences with all his gf’s

  • Korau

    Newsflash – Fatty gene found (but for older folks)

    This turned up from the company that did my gene sequencing.

    Obesity gene may explain why some gain weight as they age

    “A defective gene linked to obesity appears to affect impulse control
    and food choices. And this could explain why people with the gene have
    so much trouble maintaining a healthy weight as they age, a new U.S.
    study says.

    Middle-aged and older people
    with obesity-associated variants of the FTO gene tend to gain weight,
    according to researchers from the National Institutes of Health.
    Moreover, scans detected reduced function in brain regions that govern
    impulsivity and perception of food texture and taste, the researchers

    Source :

  • Garbageman

    Oh the precious people that instant world wide communication has brought us, how would we have even know to be so offended all the time without it, either sledge sugar lips back or make it harder for people to taunt you by getting off that bed and doing something about it

  • Cambo

    Take a gun to him love.. Derek Fox will support you. Dear Lord.Where’s the 11th Commandment. “Thou shalt not whine”

  • Wheninrome

    Big girls don’t cry , seems like they do.

  • Sweet Lips.

    I must be getting old, we never had that size when I was a lad.

  • Neil

    shes a lovely fatty

    • Dumrse

      Should have gone to Spec Savers…..

  • Tom

    Being that size at that age screams no self respect. I wouldn’t be interested after a dozen cans.

    • I.M Bach

      Oh come on, yes you would, anything is fair game after a dozen cans. Well, eighteen then…twenty four? And a few bourbons? And a spliff?

      • Sailor Sam

        After a dozen cans, you would not be able to find it anyway.

        • I.M Bach

          Or hers.

          • I.M Bach

            Not that that ever mattered.

  • dgrogan

    So now we should all display faux outrage when people like Lord Sugar refuse supplication to the lefties’ PC liturgy?

  • intelligentes candida diva

    *smiling” enjoyed that read

  • I.M Bach

    I’m skinny, Who’s fault is that?