An EXCLUSIVE interview with the NZ Herald.  Who could have predicted that?   It seems their contract with Dotcom still hasn’t run out, although David “Tainted” Fisher isn’t anywhere near it lest it make him look like a flip floppy idiot.

Embattled internet tycoon Kim Dotcom says he is now considered a pariah and is looking to quit New Zealand.

He said he was renewing his offer to the Department of Justice to voluntarily travel to the US for his trial. But this was on the condition he was given bail and that assets seized in the 2012 Dotcom mansion raid are returned to him.

Dotcom was at a loss to explain why the tide of public opinion had turned so harshly against him.

“It’s turned into something very ugly,” he said. “Now I am a pariah.

“The funny thing is I haven’t changed and I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I’m still the same guy who only a matter of months ago people were cheering for.”

I can help with that Kim.  You are are indeed the same guy as before.  What changed is that the people who were cheering wised up and learned about your attempts to undermine the legal election by funding parts of a criminal conspiracy.   As dumb Kiwi farmers don’t take lightly to someone who doesn’t play with a straight bat. (look it up, you dumb “mogul”)   

The Mega mogul, who last year separated from wife Mona, said the negativity was making life too difficult to stay.

“What’s the problem with me having bail then I’m out of here.

“The Prime Minister will forget about me, New Zealanders will forget about me and I will be gone.”

He said he was sure he and his estranged wife, who currently lives in an adjacent home on his expansive Coatesville compound, could come to an arrangement that meant he was in constant contact with his five children.

“I’m sure Mona would go to the US with the kids.”

Dotcom, who founded the Internet Party, which then forged a controversial and ultimately disastrous alliance with Hone Harawira’s Mana Party, said his political intentions were “pure”.

The reason you want to get out of New Zealand is because you know that unless you go elsewhere, you’ll be donkey deep in a whole new set of legal problems.

But despite the public reaction he said he had no regrets about merging with Mana, saying it allowed him to experience Maori culture and hospitality.

“I will always be grateful to Hone and his people for teaching me humility,” he said.

You met a few radicalised Maori who saw you as a vehicle to “stick it to the man”.   When you failed to deliver, you’ve become as useless as the rest of imported Pakeha.  Worse, Maori radicals and activists lost instant interest when your bank account was empty and the lolly scramble ended.

One thing that does make me scratch my head is your clear intent to leave the country.   You have confirmed you are now a flight risk.  I suspect they’ll take that into account.


– Lynley Bilbey, NZ Herald


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  • Bart67

    I hope he doesn’t let the door hit him in his voluminous posterior as he goes through customs. I wonder if some gentlemen from the FBI might just happen to be in the departure lounge as he wanders through Duty Free? Could be worth a bet, any takers?

    • American Kiwi Fan

      Mona can always return to her pre-Kim career….

      • Wallace Westland

        laffn laffn laffn..she can go too.

        • FredFrog

          Indeed. The Filipino staff that he ripped off though? I don’t mind them staying, they seemed to be a hard working and decent bunch.

    • Watcher

      I just hope that the time of departure is advertised, so that I can get up to AKL to wave goodbye.

  • Sally

    Probably no interview took place, just a media statement to Herald from KDC to backup his tweets. He is on a public relationship drive.

    • Dave

      The only “drive” Kim needs to go on, is George Bolt Memorial drive, turn right onto Tom Pearce Drive, then veer left onto Ray Emery Drive. Once at the huge building on his left, walk inside, ask for 2 x cattle class tickets to the USA, and dissapear. PS Kim, once through immigration, there are food outlets to cater to your needs.

  • Rodger T

    I hear Kansas is quite picturesque this time of year.

  • He just outed himself as a flight risk, to my mind. Bye, bye, bail!

  • zotaccore

    I’ve read that narcissists very rarely understand themselves, nor do they really care about anything except the primary goal of being recognized by others, disregarding those things they do that are either morally wrong or in their own mind work towards meeting their own agenda. Narcissists by definition are often not that intelligent, mostly because they fail often in their attempts to be recognized. He needs to see a psychiatrist – no doubt about it.

  • taurangaruru

    For a long time I wanted Kimmy to go, now I want him to stay, just so I can see him on the telly in handcuffs heading for the big house at Mt Eden.

  • HSV325

    Not sure Mona will be in a hurry to join him. It would be interesting to see if she can keep living the high life without KDC’s cash or has she got a few mill stashed ready for when he goes.

    • Sally

      She has 16.58% shares of Mega. KDC needs her to join him so he can keep an eye on that.

  • Nige.

    Anyone else hear that? …Its a teeny tiny little violin.

    • Richard

      Only just Nige, it must have become wedged somewhere beneath his fourth chin.

      • Nige.

        yeah ITS MUFFLED!

  • Huia

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
    Love the words you can make from the words Kim Dot Com + dick, mood, coot, mock, doom, took, dock etc .
    He said he wants mona to go with him which is unusual in a marriage break up, very skeptical about that as I believe its another ploy, ie woe is me, I cant leave my children etc etc.
    What a waste of oxygen these idiots are. Go, go, please just go.

  • Dave

    What puzzles me, is their a strategic plan behind all of his PR and mad Tweeting? His lawyer is no dummy, surely he would have told KDC to “Zip it Fattie” in good PB fashion! Or is the KDC native advertising and mad tweeting all part of a plan so cunning, it could get KDC off?

    • Michael_l_c

      Kimmie has an ego the size of KDC, he knows he is right and will do whatever. That is why he is in his current position.
      Time to buy shares in the company that makes orange onesies.

  • caochladh

    “I will always be grateful to Hone and his people for teaching me humility,” Yes, well that went in one ear and out the other pretty quick, didn’t it.

    • spanishbride

      I thought it was we voters who taught him humility. Nothing like losing to adjust your arrogance.

      • caochladh

        Absolutely! Humility would be the last thing anyone would learn from Hone and his entitlement tribe.

    • wooted

      Hone, humility? Ha.

  • Cadwallader

    He’s right NZers will forget about him, but will the Herald’s band of make-believe journalists? So much of the msm seems to be in love with him.

  • john Doe

    Looked more like a PR press release to me. Where are all his mates now. Where is Laila, Pammy, Hone, Russell and the rest of the losers who were hailing him as the new messiah? Come on you lot put your hands together and give him a clap now.

  • 1951

    Oh dear, dear Kimie, look if it wasn’t for you, me & others would never found WO. Now what did I write in that first comment….something about island nation – fish bowl – do the right thing – and – you, your wife and your family, will have a wonderful life………You missed that most vital part of advice…….do the right thing. English can be bloody confusing eh?

  • Sally

    Well looks like the media release backfired. Now he is claiming on twitter that media claiming he wants to leave NZ is all false

    • 1951

      Really? Wished I twittered now.

    • xennex

      Kim Schmitz, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
      The most sickening thing about this is the way the media lapped up everything he said and did, as recently as the whole ‘kim tries to save christmas’ article (what a load of rubbish).

    • Goldfish

      That “nice message” left out one very important word before the word “claims”: unsubstantiated. None of the claims made by Snowden et al at that meeting were substantiated in any believable way.

    • sheppy

      How serious things are? Sadly they are worse but it’s got a lot to do with terrorism and not that much to do with looking at where most people have been online, unless they are seeking to overthrow a democratically elected government

  • Wheninrome

    The House could be on the market? Rumour mills abound.

    • caochladh

      Its not his house, but I guess the owners will need to find some other pigeon to rent it to.

      • Wheninrome

        I know, it could still be on the market, – how many days notice to the tenant?

        • MaryLou

          I have an account, and the only 2 people I follow are KDC and Tau Henare. All I need for entertainment outside WO!

        • FredFrog

          90 days

  • A nonny mouse

    Was Kim and Mona’s separation actual, or is it to assist in some dodgy legal/financial transfer of assets so he can come out of whatever sticky mess he is going into with something left at the end of it?

    • sheppy

      I thought that right from the beginning

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Funnily enough, when I first read this article in The Herald, my reaction was “Diddums”. What appeared to verge on sympathy from the “journalist” made me want to vomit. Can we PLEASE dispatch this creature, forthwith.

  • Michael_l_c

    So KDC thinks he gets to the states, gets given bail & $millions. USA is a big place and easier to abscond from than NZ. So he must be really stupid to think the deal is still on the table, apart from in his fantasy world.

    • zotaccore

      But of course he has already declared that he intends to start up a US Internet Party, so perhaps his grand plan is to go the US anyway, set up the party, plead some amendment to the US Constitution to get out of being prosecuted, end up not going to jail, then taking down the US Govt and becoming the next President. That’s maybe the fantasy world he is living in in his own mind.

  • steve and monique

    “The funny thing is I haven’t changed, I still don’t think I have done anything wrong, i’m still the same guy”. Those words are exactly why you need to go Krim. If you can’t see you’ve done anything wrong to the New Zealand people then you have learnt nothing. As for humility it doesn’t suit you or the radical coat tailers that hung on for what they could get. Any individual that is in contact with someone up on rape and espionage charges and boasts about it is not someone who has any right to play the victim.
    Reap what you sow. Karma is pronounced HA!

  • Effluent

    He’s a little bit too conspicuous for absconding, and the Hogan’s Heroes german accent isn’t going to help. Maybe he could go to ground in the walrus enclosure of a zoo somehwhere.

  • Hard1

    “I’m sure Mona would go to the US with the kids.”

    Does Mona have a choice ?.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    When will the NZ Herald realise that 95% of New Zealanders don’t give a tinker’s cuss about Dotcom, or anything he has to say. All we want to know is when he has gone.

    • Cowgirl

      One of my Facebook friends posted this story on his page and Kimmy received not a single comment in support. Everyone just wants to see the back of him now.

  • Pluto

    Learnt humility from Hone eh ?
    I guess then you learnt your manners from Pammy and your charm from Minto.

    • And his stupidity from Martyn Martin Bradbury

      • sheppy

        Not convinced he had to learn that….

  • Markus Aurelius

    The only time I think we saw the real KDC in public was during the ‘moment of truth’ when he was giggling like a schoolgirl every time one of his hired hacks tried to land a hit on the government. He thought he was on the cusp of buying a corrupt leftie government and was ecstatic about it. Sorry mate but us cheap arse farmers didn’t fall for it, same way we’re falling for your woe is me rubbish right now.

  • andrewo

    Orange jumpsuit & ankle chains: They’re ‘in’ this year.

    • Rodger T

      He is most certainly going to get first hand experience that Orange is the new Black.

      • Grant Padlie

        Hope they have some thing available in his size

  • Curly1952

    With visitors coming to NZ for the summer holiday period there must be large numbers of empty and cheap seats on aeroplanes heading to the northern winter available. If he hurries up and books he may get two seats for the price of one which will give him a modicum of comfort with his wrists and ankles chained together.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Poverty in New Zealand, right, and this person wanted to change the Government by investing millions to get the poor to vote for him.
    Backfired something terrible, and now he wants to leave?
    Go man, go, but pay your bloody bills before you leave

  • JRyan

    This man, only just setting up home in NZ, a media craving junky had the gall to spend millions to buy the gullible left to help play his selfish vile political game with NZ politics. Who do you think you are KDC? And the trough suckers fell for it and got smacked right in the face, Ha, serves you right you pathetic losers. KDC was under the illusion that he had the support of middle NZ. But alas kiwi’s were not fooled. Chanting at Uni. meetings and slanging JK only informed us of what the real KDC was, a overweight media graving dangerous dork. Piss off and good riddance. You won’t be missed.

  • la la land

    Wow! Took off where? Was this the blonde young thing he kept tweeting pictures of?

    • spanishbride

      Mona is the former mistress who betrayed her friend Lovely, Kim’s first wife. The Blonde thing is his pretend new girlfriend.

  • 2rotorbro

    An advertorial?
    No kiwis I know were cheering for you Krimmy. They can’t stand you and neither can I.

  • luke

    Just spent a few minutes (I’ll never get back) in kim.com’s website. Delusional? Check this: https://internet.org.nz/candidates

    • Pluto

      Gotta love number 2 on the list Luke.
      Policy area “internet and privacy”.
      Um… maybe should have talked to the boss first

    • SP

      Is it just me or does the blurred out guy behind KDC and Obama look just a bit too much like JK?

  • Wendy

    Do you think he’ll learn that is the inevitable conclusion of buying friends? When you stop throwing money at them they suddenly stop being friendly.

  • Geordie

    I don’t believe that the Herald wants to associate with him, but here they are again releasing his latest missive. What does Kim have over the Herald? There has to be something to keep them coming back.

  • Grant Padlie

    Kim, Hone didn’t teach you humility, the majority of NZ did that, please realise you don’t belong here. p.s don’t try to start a massacre then when failed expect sympathy.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    I hope the flight he is eventually booked on is not a private plane paid for by KDC. I have a sneaking suspicion that if he could redirect the flight to a “friendly” country he would. Commercial all the way for our chubby friend, with a couple of friendly US marshals/FBI/CIA or who ever cares for company. Hell Sony and the others will probably pay for a private flight for his rotundness.

  • Mike K

    Hmmm, bail and full use of his assets, seems legit.