Dirty Dairying ratbag cops another fine

The problem with these ratbags is that they see paying a fine as an acceptable cost of doing business.

A recidivist polluter has been handed the biggest fine for dirty dairying in Taranaki history.

Rahotu dairy farmer Francis John Mullan, 64, was fined $66,000 in the Environment Court today for two charges of discharging effluent into groundwater and a stream on one of his eight farms.

Taranaki Regional Council director of resource management Fred McLay said the fine was the largest of its kind ever imposed in the region for discharge of dairy effluent and the council had applied for an enforcement order to get Mullan to comply with resource consents.

“The fine and the enforcement order application deliver a strong message about the need for all consent-holders to take their resource management responsibilities very seriously to protect our environment,” McLay said.

Mullan pleaded not guilty to the two charges but a jury returned a guilty verdict after a two and a half day trial in December.  

Judge Craig Thompson said Mullan viewed himself “too important to be part of the rules and responsibilities that apply to the rest of the farming world”.

Thompson said the culmulative effect of the pollution on the land and waterways was significant.

As we can see though the farmer gets pinged but over in the Hawkes Bay when a local council dumps shit into the river no prosecution happens.

This guy though has a record of breaking the law.

According to a summary of facts, Mullan has a history of non compliance for all eight of his dairy farms.

His offending dates back to 1999, including effluent flowing into a stream and ponding on pasture, and effluent ponds not managed properly.

We all want clean rivers, lakes and oceans…that isn’t helped by ratbag farmers or lackadaisical local bodies more intent on protecting their mates than prosecuting and protecting all of their ratepayers from pollution.


– Taranaki Daily News


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  • ShortBackwardSquare

    As a former Dairy Boarder I well know how keen Europe in particular are to eliminate imports of NZ agricultural products, or at least tariff them out of existence. A couple of years ago Marks & Spencer (UK) tried to ban all imports of NZ lamb from any farm that had a dog on it (ridiculous approach). If the EU ever get their act together they can just find a few dairy farms like this clown and ‘hey presto’…… there go a huge chunk of exports. We must clean dairy up as it’s totally unsustainable in it’s current form. Anyone seen the recent NASA photos showing huge algal blooms off NZ coastline?

    • terrynaki

      Dont panic ,sounds like common sense has been in short supply for along time.
      If you want to find fault,you will,just as we can in any process or countries environmental record.

  • 1951

    ‘…on one of his eight farms…’ ‘…64yrs old…’ It is hard enough for a younger bloke to do a good job with just one property, why eight FGS. Sounds like another Crafar.

    • cows4me

      “Sounds like another Crafar”, he is.

      • terrynaki

        neighbour of yours?

        Sounds like more of the same and this is only what the paper know,or think they know.

        • cows4me

          Lives about 10 K away. I know the man and have known a few of his workers over the years. He’s one of these guys that needs a new farm every year and pleads poverty in between.

          • terrynaki

            Yes I know him ,he is well established and has a huge number of farms.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    I get sick of being tarred together with these types. We have forked out huge sums to comply on every level with Environment Waikato, our District Council, Dairy NZ and Fonterra requirements. Waikato farms are subject to an annual farm compliance check.
    Fonterra are able to refuse to collect milk from non-compliant farms. There are other Dairy Companies though who may not be as stringent.

    • cows4me

      It doesn’t matter what company he supplies it’s the regional council that is kicking arse. Fonterra should have nothing to do with policing this issue, we are paying twice for the same service ( sarcasm )

      • PeterPumkinEater

        Of course Fonterra have a steller record of sanctioning shareholder farmers by refusing to pick up their milk who transgress RMA law (sarcasm).