Dirty Politics advertising opportunities


Here at Whaleoil we are very big on turning lemons into lemonade. Dirty politics is now a well known brand so I have turned my devious mind towards how best to turn it to advertisers advantage.

First up any products that get dirty would benefit from the Dirty Politics brand or any products that clean up dirt. Not that I can imagine Cameron promoting a vacuum cleaner but maybe if it was a Dyson.

I personally want a hot tub for outside so think that Cameron would be the perfect spokesperson for a hot tub company. He not only lands in hot water regularly, he revels in it. Cut to Cam relaxing in a steaming hot tub looking very pleased with himself while texting the Prime Minister or being interviewed by a harried looking MSM reporter.

I could also do with a cleaning company regularly doing all the housework for me so here is another idea. Cut to a group of cleaners looking like they have worked very hard and who are smiling clearly proud of their work. Cut to the sparkling clean and tidy Whaleoil office and Cam. A voice announces that XXXX cleaning company tackle the dirtiest of jobs with ease.

I also would like a weekend at a Spa type resort where you get massages etc. They could have a shot of Cam enjoying the deluxe mud treatment while he reads Dirty Politics and makes a funny remark.

My son loves airsoft so there has to be an ad campaign in there somewhere. How about Cam hunting down a Nicky Hager look-a-like while dressed in full camo gear with mud streaked across his face. If Nicky could squeal like a girl when shot that would finish the ad beautifully.

Pain relief companies could also use Cam to promote their products. Cut to a compilation of all the MSM and social media attacks against Cam and then cut to him looking as if he has a bad headache. Next show him smiling and hitting back successfully. Voice over, XXXXX stops Dirty headaches in their tracks!

Please put your suggestions in the comments below for other ad campaigns. I think we should milk Dirty Politics and turn the smear into a commercial success for both the products and Whaleoil.

Now about that Hot tub…….




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  • Wheninrome

    How about Cam trout fishing in our dirty streams. No that wouldn’t work the Greens would claim success there.

    • spanishbride

      Actually Cam in ads promoting clean waterways and anti those who pollute them would rip Russel Norman’s undies as the Greens want to be seen as the only ones who care about the environment.

      • Michael_l_c

        And it would really confuse them if he criticised, for example, silver fern for all the awful offal they want to dump in the river.
        Corporate responsibility, political responsibility, ooh my head hurts.

      • Iva b ginn

        News Flash, Greens protest against “rightwing Blogger” for cleaning up the environment. Lol !!!

      • Wheninrome

        MSM would do their very best to “spin it” for the left’s advantage, tunnel vision springs to mind
        Unfortunately they make the mistake of thinking all the voting public think the same way as they do. Obviously basic primary school arithmetic is beyond them or they would know that actually the majority of NZ think a different way.

    • That is planned for this year.

      • Wheninrome

        Hopefully as rest and recreation after such a busy productive year. A Happy etc., New Year to you and your family. This site has absolutely changed the way I read the “news”. I find the interaction with others on the site most edifying, informative and above all else wonderful that people can agree to disagree.

  • Sally

    Ha ha. google ads are already taking advantage of dirty politics. Just seen above pic

    • Knowing Cam, he’d need INDUSTRIAL cleaning. Commercial grade wouldn’t cut it.

  • Monito

    Anything involving STAND TALL would be cool.

  • Cadae

    Cam mudding in a new 4 wheel drive ute ( a Volkswagen Amarok ) with a license plate Politx.

    • Actually an Isuzu D-Max, from Southern Autos…they aren’t afraid of the lefties.

  • Hard1

    Whaleoil brand killer whale gumboots for all visits to Parliament.

  • Caprice

    I am sure Cows4me would buy a new tractor, as advertised by Cam. Can just see it churning through a muddy paddock without missing a beat.
    Or maybe a new storage pond with no leak lining..
    Or a new cell phone deal with unlimited texts. I could go for that.

    • spanishbride

      Brilliant idea. Yes a cellphone company could make a huge impact with a promotion for texts using Cam in the ad. Imagine the possibilities for humour. Or a mobile phone that is hack proof or a computer system that has an awesome encryption thingy to protect against privacy hacks.
      They could show a shark banging his head repeatedly against the glass trying to attack Cam who sits behind the glass typing away on this cool hack proof product.

  • Des

    Something involving toilet paper…Maybe someone using Dirty Politics because they’d run out?