Dodgy ratbag council still failing to hold another dodgy polluting council to account

This is ironic, the Central Hawkes Bay District Council is still in breach of sewage discharge permits more than 10 years after the issue was highlighted and despite stringent testing and more than $6 million on a new waste treatment system.

Worse still it is the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, who want to turn the Tukituki river toxic with their own plans who are failing to hold the CHB District Council to account.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is failing to clean up its wastewater plant which now breaches resource consent and discharges dangerous levels of bacteria into rivers.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council resource-use manager Wayne Wright said the results were in and the facility had shown no improvement after testing was conducted on December 18 last year. “This means CHB District Council is now non-compliant with its resource consent.”

Last month Hawke’s Bay Today revealed a HBRC report which showed “serious concerns” with the redeveloped $6 million wastewater plant.

The study found, despite the recent upgrade, that harmful bacteria and wastewater were being released into the Tukituki River at unacceptable levels. HBRC said “urgent action” was required after raising concerns the nutrient Amm.N and SRP and E.Coli bacterium had now exceeded the limits.

Resource consents regulating the discharge of wastewater from the plants were changed on October 1, 2014, and required a significantly higher standard of wastewater.

Mr Wright said HBRC was now working with CHBDC to rectify the problem and to provide a timeframe for compliance.

The HBRC needs the CHBDC to clean their act up because if they don’t then they will never get their toxic socialist dam off the ground because all allowable nutrient levels in the river will have been taken up, and then some, by the dodgy sewage works at Waipawa.

The hilarious and tragic thing about this who debacle is you have one proposes polluter pretending to hold an actual polluter to account…but only so the proposed polluter can put their toxic plans into action.

Changes and improvements to the wastewater treatment process would include the installation of new equipment as part of the solution being found, he said.

“In any circumstances where any party is in breach of a resource consent, HBRC has a wide range of enforcement options at its disposal.” Penalties ranged from education to prosecution.

“The regional council will treat this breach in the same manner it would any other breach by any other party, there is an established process in place for the council to make such decisions and it has started that process,” Mr Wright said.

I wouldn’t mind betting that it will be private citizens who will hold all these ratbags to account with private prosecutions.


– Hawkes Bay Today


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  • Jafarma

    If the private citizens have any brains they’ll hold them to account at the ballot box too. But to do that they need to be pro-active, not apathetic, and find some suitable candidates to replace the current bunch of muppets and troughers.

  • taurangaruru

    Be nice to see all those urban councils with resource consents to dump sewage into the waterways spend some of the ratepayers money on infrastructure to stop polluting the waterways. Instead of signature projects their Mayor can tie their names to – like Len & his trainset, water park, gold plated state house etc etc.

  • cows4me

    I do hope rural ratepayers are not contributing any funding for the CHBDC’s sewage works , that would be dodgy and socialist.