The dominating minority [ some disturbing images ]

The below video is a shapshot of New Zealand’s future if we follow in the steps of Belgium or any other country that has encouraged Islamic immigration.

A few facts for you about Belgium:

  • Islam is the largest minority religion in Belgium, practiced by an estimated 6% of the total population
  • ?An 2011 estimation by Belgian academic Jan Hertogen shows that more than 900,000 people have a foreign background from Islamic countries.
  • Moroccan and Turkish immigrants began coming in large numbers to Belgium starting in the 1960s as guest workers. Though the guest-worker program was abolished in 1974, many immigrants stayed and brought their families using family reunification laws. Today the Muslim community continues to grow through marriage migration. More than 60% of Moroccan and Turkish youth marry partners from their home countries.
  • Since 2009, Mohamed is the most popular given name in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium’s two largest cities.
    In 1974, Islam was recognized as one of the subsidized religions in Belgium and the Muslim Executive of Belgium was founded in 1996. In 2006, the government gave ?6.1 million (US$7.7 million) to Islamic groups.
  • There are an estimated 328-380 mosques in the country.
  • According to a 2006 opinion poll, 61% of the Belgian population thought tensions between Muslims and other communities would increase in the future.


So how many times have you heard this? Islamic State cuts off heads or they?re selling sex slaves in Africa and the apologists for Islam say, ?Oh, that?s radical, that?s extreme, that?s not real Islam. I know some Muslims at work and they?re fine people; and besides that, it?s just a tiny minority that?s doing all those things.? So, in other words, ?We don?t need to worry about it.?

What do they mean by extreme? Certainly cutting off heads falls in that category. But, you know there are other things that are extreme, like beating your wife, child brides, inbreeding (i.e., marrying your first cousin). Those are extreme things too. And what do all these extreme things have in common? They?re all in the Sharia. Because the killing of Kafirs (Jihad) is all in the Sharia, as well as child brides and inbreeding. So what we need to do here is to be able to measure not just radical killing, but all forms of radical ideas. In other words, we need to measure the Sharia. This has all been done for us. Pew Research has done a poll of some 38 nations, and what they did was they studied Muslims and how they feel about the Sharia. This is an in-depth study. Interestingly enough, 28% of all those Muslims who think that the Sharia should rule say that apostates should be killed. This is extreme. Killing somebody because they had a change of conscience and leave their religion?if that?s not extreme, what isn?t? And 28% is not a small minority.

According to the Sharia law: ?  Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).

According to the Sharia law:
? Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).


Now, there?s another very interesting statistic in here, and that is: out of the Muslims who want Sharia, 52% of them say that it should only cover Muslims. But, 42% think that the Kafir should be ruled by Islam as well. That?s a disaster! Here?s why: Have you ever wondered what happened to Christianity in the Middle East? Well, I?ll tell you what happened to it. Jihad put the Sharia in place and, once the Christians became Dhimmis ( i.e., second class subjects living in Islamic countries), they were ruled by the Sharia, a system that annihilates Christian civilization. In fact, it annihilates all civilizations. That?s what happened in Afghanistan, and that?s what happened in Pakistan. You see, they used to be Buddhist and Hindu, but the Sharia destroyed them. Sharia destroys and annihilates all Kafir civilizations. Now, it can take a while: for instance, the destruction of Christianity in Turkey took several centuries. But, as soon as the Sharia is in place and rules the Kafir, the Kafir civilization will die. This is more important than killing an individual; we?re talking about entire civilizations.




Now, if you?re a good apologist for Islam, you?ll say, ?Well, maybe, but we just need a reform. Christians have had a reform.? Let?s examine the idea of reforming Islam. Let?s start with a simple fact. The Koran is complete, perfect, universal. How do you reform that? And, by the way, you do know there are two different Korans. There is an early Koran written in Mecca, and it?s generally tolerant of others and 64% of the Koran is in Mecca. But then there?s a smaller portion, written in Medina, that?s 36%, and the Medinan Koran calls for the rule of Sharia. Now, how are you going to reform this? Because, you see, the Medinan Koran follows the earlier Meccan Koran and the Koran itself says that it?s stronger. So, the minor part of the Koran is stronger than the major part. You can?t get rid of it; it can?t go away. Actually, those Muslims, the 42% who want the rule of Sharia, are the better Muslims. So, we?re stuck with no reform; it cannot change.

The Tiny Minority?

And we also have to remember this, 42% is not a tiny minority, it is a dominating minority. So, think about that the next time somebody tells you: ?Oh, that killing, that?s not real, that?s extreme, and it?s just a tiny minority.?

The Islamic ' minority ' ISIS murdering people

The Islamic ‘ minority ‘ ISIS, murdering people