The dominating minority [ some disturbing images ]

The below video is a shapshot of New Zealand’s future if we follow in the steps of Belgium or any other country that has encouraged Islamic immigration.

A few facts for you about Belgium:

  • Islam is the largest minority religion in Belgium, practiced by an estimated 6% of the total population
  •  An 2011 estimation by Belgian academic Jan Hertogen shows that more than 900,000 people have a foreign background from Islamic countries.
  • Moroccan and Turkish immigrants began coming in large numbers to Belgium starting in the 1960s as guest workers. Though the guest-worker program was abolished in 1974, many immigrants stayed and brought their families using family reunification laws. Today the Muslim community continues to grow through marriage migration. More than 60% of Moroccan and Turkish youth marry partners from their home countries.
  • Since 2009, Mohamed is the most popular given name in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium’s two largest cities.
    In 1974, Islam was recognized as one of the subsidized religions in Belgium and the Muslim Executive of Belgium was founded in 1996. In 2006, the government gave €6.1 million (US$7.7 million) to Islamic groups.
  • There are an estimated 328-380 mosques in the country.
  • According to a 2006 opinion poll, 61% of the Belgian population thought tensions between Muslims and other communities would increase in the future.


So how many times have you heard this? Islamic State cuts off heads or they’re selling sex slaves in Africa and the apologists for Islam say, “Oh, that’s radical, that’s extreme, that’s not real Islam. I know some Muslims at work and they’re fine people; and besides that, it’s just a tiny minority that’s doing all those things.” So, in other words, “We don’t need to worry about it.”

What do they mean by extreme? Certainly cutting off heads falls in that category. But, you know there are other things that are extreme, like beating your wife, child brides, inbreeding (i.e., marrying your first cousin). Those are extreme things too. And what do all these extreme things have in common? They’re all in the Sharia. Because the killing of Kafirs (Jihad) is all in the Sharia, as well as child brides and inbreeding. So what we need to do here is to be able to measure not just radical killing, but all forms of radical ideas. In other words, we need to measure the Sharia. This has all been done for us. Pew Research has done a poll of some 38 nations, and what they did was they studied Muslims and how they feel about the Sharia. This is an in-depth study. Interestingly enough, 28% of all those Muslims who think that the Sharia should rule say that apostates should be killed. This is extreme. Killing somebody because they had a change of conscience and leave their religion—if that’s not extreme, what isn’t? And 28% is not a small minority.

According to the Sharia law: •  Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).

According to the Sharia law:
• Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).


Now, there’s another very interesting statistic in here, and that is: out of the Muslims who want Sharia, 52% of them say that it should only cover Muslims. But, 42% think that the Kafir should be ruled by Islam as well. That’s a disaster! Here’s why: Have you ever wondered what happened to Christianity in the Middle East? Well, I’ll tell you what happened to it. Jihad put the Sharia in place and, once the Christians became Dhimmis ( i.e., second class subjects living in Islamic countries), they were ruled by the Sharia, a system that annihilates Christian civilization. In fact, it annihilates all civilizations. That’s what happened in Afghanistan, and that’s what happened in Pakistan. You see, they used to be Buddhist and Hindu, but the Sharia destroyed them. Sharia destroys and annihilates all Kafir civilizations. Now, it can take a while: for instance, the destruction of Christianity in Turkey took several centuries. But, as soon as the Sharia is in place and rules the Kafir, the Kafir civilization will die. This is more important than killing an individual; we’re talking about entire civilizations.




Now, if you’re a good apologist for Islam, you’ll say, “Well, maybe, but we just need a reform. Christians have had a reform.” Let’s examine the idea of reforming Islam. Let’s start with a simple fact. The Koran is complete, perfect, universal. How do you reform that? And, by the way, you do know there are two different Korans. There is an early Koran written in Mecca, and it’s generally tolerant of others and 64% of the Koran is in Mecca. But then there’s a smaller portion, written in Medina, that’s 36%, and the Medinan Koran calls for the rule of Sharia. Now, how are you going to reform this? Because, you see, the Medinan Koran follows the earlier Meccan Koran and the Koran itself says that it’s stronger. So, the minor part of the Koran is stronger than the major part. You can’t get rid of it; it can’t go away. Actually, those Muslims, the 42% who want the rule of Sharia, are the better Muslims. So, we’re stuck with no reform; it cannot change.

The Tiny Minority?

And we also have to remember this, 42% is not a tiny minority, it is a dominating minority. So, think about that the next time somebody tells you: “Oh, that killing, that’s not real, that’s extreme, and it’s just a tiny minority.”

The Islamic ' minority ' ISIS murdering people

The Islamic ‘ minority ‘ ISIS, murdering people


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  • Carl

    “It’s only a matter of time”. People need to get their heads around this it is already happening.

    • Toasty

      While they still have their heads….

  • johcar

    If reform isn’t an answer, that really only leaves one alternative…

    • wooted


      • johcar

        Hmmm. Somewhat less terminal than I was thinking…

  • EvoDriver

    Sometimes I wish there were upvotes on posts themselves, as well as comments. This is one such post I’d give an upvote to.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Over the holiday I watched the BBC’s Andrew Marr series ‘The Making of Modern Britain’ (or at least it was called something like that).

    In the programme on the 1960s he showed clips from Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, and described it as probably the most infamous political speech of the late twentieth century. (I’m paraphrasing here, but the word infamous was definitely used).

    The programmes were made around 2007/8, I believe.

    I reckon in the few years between when the series was made and now the mood has changed in the UK, even amongst many members of the left, to such an extent that Powell’s speech is now seen by the majority as a chilling prediction that is now coming to pass.

    I don’t know if there’s a youtube video of the speech to which someone can post a link, but I’ve listened to it on the radio and in the context of 2015 there’s little to disagree with in what the man says.

    • Grocersgirl

      • johcar

        Wow! Thanks for posting that Grocersgirl! I had never heard that speech before (had heard OF it). Very prophetic words and very topical even now!!

      • Valid Point

        Since you embrace racist diatribe from 50 years ago, you’ll probably enjoy this…

    • Krauss (Waihi NZ)

      Mr. Enoch Powell forecast the future and that “future” has come to an inevitable pass. Of course, the left (mainly) and its hordes of useful fools crucified him.

  • Justsayn

    There ought to be no place for religions, of any sought, to impose their beliefs on others through law or otherwise. We ought to aspire to a secular society, where each may practice their own beliefs if they wish.

    We have some historical entrenchment of Christian beliefs in our law (easter holidays is an example), but for those I can think of the spiritual underpinning of them long since gave way to more secular reasons for their continence.

    • Benoni

      Like it or not Islam has spiritual power…an evil spiritual power in my opinion. No secular state has a chance of standing against Islam. For every person in a secular society standing against Islam there will be one standing for it …think the greens and left wing. The only place that has thrown off the rule of Islam is Spain. Medieval Europe also defeated Islam militarily but was never ruled for a long time by Islam. The spiritual power of Christianity is real and can and should be used against the worldwide Islamic Caliphate and Sharia Law.

    • Albert Lane

      Well, I think you should undertake a bit of extra-mural study. Do you know that Italy, France and Spain were overtaken by muslim hordes many centuries ago, and it took the Crusaders (a Christian army) to defeat them. Does history have to repeat itself?

  • Pretty scary thought really…… These guys are happy to play the waiting game and import and breed their way too the majority while a bunch of liberal hand wringing lefties continue to appease…….. Until one morning the likes of Andrea Vance and Co will wake up and find themselves slaves to a bearded oppressor wearing a burqa

    • Davo42

      Vance in a Burqa sounds more appealing to me.

  • thehawkreturns

    Lets call it the way it is. Islam is a nasty, violent misogynist culture. It isn’t a religion in any way a non-Muslim would like to understand or tolerate it. There are no ways its vile nature can be disguised by liberal do-gooders no matter how hard they try. The West must stop appeasing this cancer and realise that Islam has been at war with every other culture since it was founded. Unless rooted out entirely it will constantly re-grow and kill the Western liberal democracies (and all non-Muslims) that support it.
    John Key lowered the NZ flags for the Saudi King’s death. That man and his family are directly responsible for 9/11 and tens of thousands of murderous atacks through on going funding of the global Islamic war. John’s golfing buddy Obama was passing condolences too, just the other day. Maybe John’s middle name is Hussein as well?

  • petedude

    While (the Christian Broadcasting Network) is clearly a biased organisation with its own religious agenda, the facts presented here about Islam are clear and verifiable.

    With current Muslim population growth rates (twice that of non-Muslims by conservative estimates), high conversion rates (nearly a million a year), and very high levels of support for Sharia by Muslims, it’s likely that within a few generations much of the world will be subject to Sharia law.

    However, while the secular population remains ignorant about the Koran and the impact of Sharia, warnings like this about the growth of Islam will be written off by most people as hysterical rants by religious fanatics and neo-Nazis.

  • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

    I used to look back at WW2 with amazement and wonder how Chamberlin and the general populace could stand back and watch the Nazi’s kill Jews and invade other countries then think that negotiating with, and indulging mass murderers was an acceptable strategy. I wonder if we’ll look back at the events unfolding now in 20yrs and feel the same way? I hope not but its starting to look like the price of preserving equality and freedom is too high for a large number of the worlds population and the price in blood will increase daily until we find our collective spines again…

    • thehawkreturns


  • conwaycaptain

    The European Civil War

    • Albert Lane

      It’s getting closer every day. The only problem is that if democracy wins, the losers are never going to admit defeat, so what do you do with them?

  • George Carter

    Forgive me if someone has already said this but if Belgium is such a decadent and sinful society as this idiot states than why doesn’t he sod off back to the harmony of the middle east? He is talking about the overthrowing of the current government in Belgium and the installation of a new system, Sharia Law. If that’s not enough to get the little s*** deported back to whatever hold he came from them I don’t know what is. The West seriously needs to take off the gloves and start removing people who not only refuse to accept the society they have moved to but actively look to inflict their own ideologies on the current society. If muslims were tolerant of others there wouldn’t be a problem but they’re not and so they themselves are admitting that they cannot live peacefully with other religions; ergo get rid of them!

  • Des

    Who would’ve guessed that elevating a thieving, murdering, rapist paedophile to the status of Prophet would cause so much grief?

    • Albert Lane

      I would take a bet that the most common first name in British prisons is ……

  • Kimi

    WO staff – not sure how relevant it is for this discussion. But this video is interesting

    Ignore the fact about Hinduism etc, but the facts about how Islam has propagated over the decades is an interesting read. Also, these days they are into Islamic banking (at least in India) – another way to enforce their beliefs and to be powerful.

    The guy lecturing is a Hindu nationalistic – so obviously some of his comments are biased. But, he is also a great orator, ex-Harvard professor, economist, lawyer inspite of a PhD in Mathematics.

  • Martin

    As Mark Twain pointed out, “it’s curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare”.
    Thank you for your moral courage, Spanish Bride, you are a true patriot.

  • bristol

    What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
    I don’t know, and I don’t care.
    Herein lies the reason why dominating minorities can prevail so easily. Clue, think elections, both national and local.
    As Boris Yeltsin, of all people, famously said, “We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. Freedom is like that.
    It’s like air. When you have it, you don’t notice it.”

  • WeaselKiss

    I would just LOVE to see the look on the face of some 2-bit thief who had been found guilty of stealing some bodies stereo or laptop (or the stereo out of my ute in Taupo in 1981!!) when they are told the punishment for the crime will be amputation of the right hand.

    ‘What, you didn’t realize the new system?”
    ‘Oh yeah, it was bought in a month ago, maybe you would have known if you pulled your head out and taken a bit of notice of what happens around the place’.

    (car door slams) ‘Yep, Doctors here right now, hope he’s bought some Savlon’. lol

  • Don O’Brien

    I agree that awful things have been done by ISIS and awful things done under Sharia law.

    I don’t accept that these actions can be used to create fear about the Muslims who live in New Zealand.

    If you are going to raise fears about New Zealand Muslims, that means that you are trying to steer people’s attention way from other issues.

    I am going to make a number of posts to Whale Oil over the next two weeks about issues that should be of more concern to people.

    Let’s start with the history of terrorism in New Zealand.

    As far as I am aware, there has only been one real case of terrorism in the past 30 years. In 1985, a civilian ship was blown up by two bombs. One crew member
    was killed by the explosions. The bombs were not Improvised Explosive Devices.

    The bombs were planted by members of the DGSE. DGSE is not a Muslim organisation. DGSE is Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure, France’s external intelligence agency.

    The French Prime Minister at the time, Laurent Fabius, later admitted that the DGSE
    agents were acting under orders.

    If the Aramoana massacre had been committed by a religious zealot, then this could have been classified as another Terrorist Act.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Ahh yes, the old “benign strategic environment” argument. Guess what? The times, they are a-changin’.

      • Albert Lane

        Wow. Two isolated terrorist acts in 30 years in NZ. There is a website that lists all muslim terrorist acts around the world. There have been thousands since the WTC atrocity perpetrated in New York by muslims, that killed thousands of innocents (unless you think the CIA and the Mossad did it, in which case you need some serious help). Don, you can make all the excuses in the world, but the biggest threat to the world today are not the isolated acts by mentally-deranged people, but by a so-called religion that has its stated aim of world domination. Don. You may be one of their converts, but if you’re not, do a bit of research, and you’ll be shocked. And if you are one of their converts, we’d be interested in why you think sharia law is exactly what we all need.

        • Don O’Brien

          Hi Albert.

          No, I do not believe that the WTC atrocity was committed by the FBI or Mossad.

          No, I am not a convert to Islam.

          Re world domination, this was the aim of Communism, and there used to be a lot of people in the world who were deeply
          afraid of the Reds. But in the end, Communism got replaced in most countries by Democracy and Freedom of Speech. There are a few exceptions like Cuba and North Korea. The collapse of Communism must have been deeply disappointing to the Kiwis who were members of the New Zealand Communist Party between 1920 and 1990. Those people were allowed Freedom of Speech and the right to register a party for a democratic election.

          No I am not a communist.

          I am doing research on the issues.

          • Albert Lane

            This website may assist you in your research


            It keeps a running total of all islamic atrocities since the World Trade Center attack (24,980 attacks so far), and also carries very informative and erudite comments about what’s happening with islamic terrorism. I have just read the comprehensive article about Hamas and their intentions and it even shows the numbers of schools, hospitals, mosques etc used during the recent war for the purpose of firing their rockets, information that I haven’t seen in the on-line newspapers around the world.

            When you have absorbed the information on this website alone, you will start to appreciate the depth of the real problem with these people, and their need to dominate the world.

            Good luck on your research. As an observer, I fear for the lives of future generations of New Zealanders if these people achieve their aims.

          • PharmaBloke

            Cannot recall the post 9/11 book title, but…. summarised to
            George Bush 1 supported the mujhadeen ( sp ?) in Afghanistan vs the Russians to effectively provide Russia with the Vietnam Way they’d never had
            and so accelerated a process that ended the Cold War
            But , via Law of Unintended Consequences, produced Islamic radicalism within wealthy Saudis ( Bin Laden) that eventually led to 9/11
            It’s been a while since I read this but thought it was persuasive and I’m sure someone here will recall the title and author

          • Intrigued

            I haven’t read that book – whatever it is but that argument that Bush “produced Islamic radicalism” is what the Islamists the world over really want the west to believe. It is propaganda that is false and it’s designed to engender anti-American and anti-Western world sentiment and guilt. In fact radical modern day Islamism began decades ago before Israel was even created as a state by the UN in 1948 and Hezbollah – the most vile, radical, violent, well organised and well resourced terrorist and criminal organisation sank its teeth into Lebabon (a formerly democratic country that was dominated by Christians until the Muslim population outnumbered the Christians) in the 70s, killing and driving out Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims and they’re still doing it today. They’ve been resourced by Iran and Syria for decades. Bush didn’t create the radicalism in Afghanistan with Bin Laden and his supporters. He was used and played by them. This argument that the West has created this Islamic terror is naive and frankly wrong. The Saudis have long been perpetrating their own vile sect of Islam and strict sharia law. But it’s the war in Afghanistan v the Russians that far too many commentators etc, want people to believe is the origin of the ‘war on terror’ and it’s way more complex, spanning a much longer history than that!

    • bart jackson

      You are overlooking the fact that we have a significant population of Muslims in NZ that do not hold the same values as NZers.
      There was the incident in 2008 where a Somali Muslim attempted to Hijack an Air Nelson flight. There was the Somali Muslim who was shot by Christchurch Police after an attempted kidnapping. If you know any cops in Hamilton ask them about the negative environment the Somali (again Muslim immigrants) have created in Hamilton East. These peasants arnt just unfortunate, they are crazy with little regard for our values and married with a religion of zealotry are a threat to our way of life. They add no value to our society and shouldn’t be let into the country.

      • Don O’Brien

        I stand corrected. I had forgotten about the Hijack incident

        • PharmaBloke

          Think that might’ve been more a mental health issue than an Islamic issue. Recall reading that , for example, rates of depressive illness are double ” normal ” in immigrant populations….

    • pak

      I believe there is every reason to be very afraid of Islam and its followers. Islam and Sharia Law are the same thing. It is the opposite of democracy – as some of their leaders themselves have stated. It is a barbaric “religion” and not welcome amongst civilised society. If the attention of people is steered away “from other issues” I am completely for that. In my opinion our very future survival of life as we know it is at stake and there is no issue more important than that for me.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      If you watch the video the man said that the west better be aware of an influx of sharia ….please take off the blinkers. The issue is not about the muslim next door or at work so much its about the need to address and how to curb the sharia system growing within NZ democracy because as was implied within the video sharia and democracy dont go together and they are on a mission.
      Are you willing to forego your current level of freedom of choice?
      I am not.

    • wooted

      You forget all the Kiwis who died in the Bali bombing

  • kaykaybee

    I think that overall the proliferation of family reunification and arranged marriages in NZ needs to be looked at

  • Albert Lane

    It’s time for all immigration from muslim countries into NZ to be put on hold. Not one muslim country in this world takes refugees for permanent settlement. Only western countries do this. Surely our leaders must know this, so why aren’t they doing anything about it? Is it because they fear being criticised by the United Nations? What a laugh.

  • conwaycaptain

    First I would love to be in your history class especially if you were teaching a wide ranging period of history not the narrow bands they are taught these days and the students do not know how one period connects to another.
    Secondly you remind me of the Late GREAT Paul Kingsford who was my History teacher at Conway. He made History come alive. We did the Age of Exploration Columbus to Cook and British History 1900 1945 in other words World History.
    Islam came out of the Dark Ages in European history and were really no different from the “Bikie Gangs” of the Crusaders. However the average Muslim “Nobleman” could read and write, write poetry and the Muslim world at that time gave us knowledge in Architecture, Mathematic, Navigation, Medicine, Art. Look at the Alhambra in Al Andalus now Andalusia is Spain.
    The Koran incites people to gain knowledge in one of the first verses.
    However in the 1400 years of Islam these precepts of knowledge have been lost. We have massive interbreeding and a religion where any tin pot Imam can set himself up and pronounce a Fatwa. Where as the Christian religions have a power structure with ie the Pope at the top, Cardinals, Archbishops etc etc beneath, in this day most are well educated people and even though the RC Church has had [problems in recent decades the Present Head, the Pope is trying to sort it out.
    In the Anglican Church the Archbishop of Canterbury who is primus inter pares, is keeping things on and even keel. A man with experience outside the Church as well.
    Now no tin pot priest can issue a Fatwa equivalent, otherwise they are jumped on from a great height.
    Now in the Muslim Faith there is no “Pope equivalent” so any tin pot Imam can set himself up and issue Fatwas and get a following. Therefore there is no way of controlling the Faith at the street levels. I read somewhere that there are something like 70+ Islamic sects all with their own hierarchy.
    So how can anyone control this lot.
    Boris Johnson has an article in the DT UK today saying a=that all these Jihadists are [email protected]#$%S. They are there because they cannot get on with girls. This is not surprising when you see that from an early age:
    Boys and Girls are segregated.
    Boys are taught that girls are inferior.
    No one is allowed to interact with people of other faiths and are taught that they are inferior.
    No wonder they have problems.
    If Islam did take over the world we would be back in the Dark Ages.
    All that the human race has done in the last 1400 years in the way of Science, Medicine, Art etc would be thrown out.
    Yet this insidious CULT is worming its way into the body politic of the western world like a cancer. It must be expunged and here in NZ with NO land border we can do it. So can Aus.

    • rangitoto

      “Archite’cture, Mathematic, Navigation, Medicine, Art. Look at the Alhambra in Al Andalu”

      Virtually all of that came from the Greco-Roman and Persian empires that were conquered by the Moslims after the incessant wars between Rome and Persia (Sassanids) seriously weakened both empires.

  • G-Man

    I am becoming extremely concerned for the future of my children and my children’s children, there will be a tipping point and I honestly don’t think it will be too far away from now.

  • Luis Cannon

    Islam .. The ideological refuge of genetic retards.

  • Catriona

    Yep, they’ve been inbred for centuries. That’s the problem imo,

  • steve and monique

    Stop immigration from anyone who wont eat a bacon sandwich.

    • Bartman

      Set up a Hellers stand at passport control!

  • intelligentes candida diva

    One of the flaws of non sharia societies whether they be Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Hindu or a melting pot is the trend to mock and rebuke rather than forming an alliance to stand proud and advocate what it is “we” The West believe in.
    I think there is an urgency to stand tall for a belief rather than mocking and rebuking, these tactics are not working!!!!

    My observations of the many videos I have watched and articles read is the confidence, forthrightness (excluding the violence), and positive belief espoused by the followers of sharia.
    Where is the same from the rest of the world?

    I believe good overcomes evil, (not saying it will always come easy at times may require some bloodshed)
    I believe God loves all
    I believe I have a responsibility to act with integrity and love, not hate but also to righteously defend that which I hold sacred within the context of the law of the land.
    I believe I am accountable for my wrongdoings(sins) of which I dont feel overwhelmed because
    I believe in the father heart of my God and the gift of merciful forgiveness

    The sharia process seeks righteousness of lifestyle but is overlooking its own hypocrisy and iniquities to achieve it.
    “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” Matthew 7:3-5
    While there are women scantily clad or provocative calendars etc perhaps those enforcers of sharia ought to consider their own morality

  • sandalwood789

    Islam is in a *perfect* position to steadily subvert and take over Western countries.

    The naive leaders of the West still believe that “Islam means peace” (it doesn’t – it means “submission”) and also that Islam is a religion (it isn’t – it is a totalitarian political ideology with many *cult* characteristics).

    Citizens of Western countries are hamstrung in that they are restricted to following the law when trying to fight Islam. This is “fighting with one hand behind one’s back”.
    Muslims have no such restriction – their only allegiance is to Allah and in any case our laws are invalid to them (being created by man rather than the “divine law” (they believe) of the Quran. Oh sure – they will *go along with* our laws for as long as it suits them, but do not be fooled. There is also the “demographic jihad” – having huge families and out-breeding the locals.
    Perfectly legal, so what can be done?

    I can think of only *two* ways to fight Islam and yet remain within the law.

    1 – Have Islam legally defined as an “ideology of hate” and then use that law to ban Islamic immigration. The politicians will never do this so that leaves us with –

    2 – Hand out leaflets to students as they leave Islamic schools. The leaflets would contain information that “busts” and exposes Islam as a lie. The idea would be to encourage students to widely distribute the info (texting would be ideal) – so widely that a school is effectively “immunised” against Islam.
    If students kept on passing the info to the new students each year then this “immunisation” could be permanent.

    Leafletting would take some courage, given the possible danger, but it’s about the only legal way of fighting back that could be effective.

  • sandalwood789

    Migration (spreading Islam to non-Islamic countries) is of crucial importance in Islam.
    How important?

    So much so that the Islamic calendar itself is based on it. The Islamic “year zero” is 622 AD – the year that Mohammad migrated from Mecca to Medina.
    If you look at an “Islamic year” you’ll see something like “645 A.H.” or “1287 A.H.” The “A.H. means “anno hegirae” – “in the year of the migration”.

  • Bartman

    New Zealand has a series of options to consider:
    A) Ban Islam as it is a fraudulent religion and thus not covered by freedom of religion / human rights conventions.
    B) Define a constitution that provides protections for our ‘Western’ ways of life in perpetuity
    C) Provide repatriation clauses in the immigration Act(s) to ensure that any agitators / dissenters regardless of tenure here can automatically be sent packing back to their original home, along with their families who may have emigrated here.
    D) Make illegal any hate speech towards western democracy or that seeks to undermine our national enshrined freedoms / rights
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for these to occur, unfortunately even the raw European evidence will not budge politicians into action for fear of being the fall-guy/gal.