“Drive them into the sea”

Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco, The Guadian


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  • symgardiner

    That is real satire.

  • HunuaRanger

    And unfortunately the above cartoon is exactly the response the Jihadists want from the West, violence begets violence and then radicalize a few more “moderates” then more violence.

    It seems the only answer though is to defend yourself against these nutbars or wait patiently for sharia law and/or your execution as an infidel.

    I know I’d rather fight on my feet than die on my knees.

    Edit: spelling

    • Simo

      You know, how many middle class/middle aged muslims are going drop their middle class jobs, put their families in danger, and run off to join a clearly unhinged bunch of murderers? Really I just cant see this happening. However, never say never, but why would you give up a life that is clearly superior in the West to what is on offer from broken societies that are paraded daily by MSM. They are very comfortable with what the West can provide.
      Where the problem lies is the younger generation of Muslims dont want to strive and work for what their parents have, they want money and life style now, they are impatient and ultimately fall under the spell of the nutcase brigade who promise them great things by picking up a gun.
      They will be ground into the dust by the sheer critcal mass of the Asian and Western countres economic powers, and the ability of the multinational corporations to deliver the lifestyle their parents so despartely want.
      Islam will cave in its current implementation. They cannot wage war in every neighbourhood, they cannot stop every cartoon being published.

  • Murray Smith

    Ethnic cleansing, I always struggled with the concept. However the cartoon above may just give my brain sufficient insight .

  • Patterson

    Saco highlights that satire and offence often go hand i hand… what are the sacred cows?.. literally where do we draw the lines? what’s funny? whats bad taste? whats insulting and whats hate speech? Humour is one of the most culturally relative forms of expression. Often the last thing you “get” when you learn a new language is the jokes… sometimes you just never do get them because they are so culturally specific!… If globalisation and harmonious co habitation of different cultures is going to work (and in Western multi cultural countries it has to work because the alternatives are grim) we all need to find a new common language that starts with an open heart. The first people to learn this must be the jihadis. Post WW2 Germany etc went through a de nazification process…. Political Islam needs to go through this process and get rid of it’s death cult anti-semitic b*** sh** join the modern world and lighten the f*** up. Saco also is referencing the famous line from the Israeli war of independence when Muslim leaders called for the Jews to be “Driven into the sea” We mustn’t become like them, we must hold our moral high ground…