Which is easier, Andrew Little or Countdown PR job?

We’ve seen the fiasco that surrounded the recruitment process for a PR person to help people discover who Andrew Little is.

Now we see our favourite supermarket owner Progressive Enterprises (owners of Countdown) trying to boost their PR efforts after a dismal 2014.

You’ll remember how Countdown was under the pump while the Commerce Commission investigated more than 90 complaints from suppliers for their strong-arming of local suppliers.

The Commerce Commission surprisingly didn’t find anything… while in Australia, the ACCC investigated a remarkable similar story and slammed a supermarket chain (COLES) with millions in fines.

Countdown has some work to do repairing its reputation with suppliers in New Zealand. So let’s have a look at the job requirements and see how important supplier relationships are to Countdown.  


Wait a minute,  where is the reference to building the companys reputation with its suppliers? Who are they?

Maybe its a case of those 90 odd suppliers no longer supply Countdown, so that’s just splitting hairs?

Looks like business as usual. Oh what a fun job it will be.


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  • caochladh

    Basically, they just want someone who can lie convincingly with a straight face.

    • mommadog

      So the same as the Andrew Little/Labour job then.

  • Ginny

    They are wanting a story teller, good job for someone at the Herald?

    • Dave

      They are more suited to socialist spin, Countdown need someone who can turn this around with an eye on profit, something the Horrid Herald does not seem to be achieving!

  • Aucky

    I shop with both Countdown and Pak n Save on a weekly basis and I have to tell you that Countdown’s communications leave Foodstuffs for dead. They are very good marketers particularly with e-commerce. The supplier ‘debacle’ at my Countdown hasnt emptied the carpark or shortened the checkout queues. To be frank the supplier ‘problem’ has never concerned me – my needs are fresh produce at the best price and if the Countdown buyers have to be aggressive to achieve that then so be it.

  • Sally

    Selling Little to the public is 10 times worse. At least the tills at Countdown are ticking over. With Little you have nothing positive to start with.

  • Nige.

    What a horrible sounding job!
    It basically says “work like a dog all day and night, fast while being interupted, get nothing wrong, no excesses, answer to very VERY powerful bussines people.. Whilst remaining calm.”

    Um…ahhh…although. .. It does sound more attractive than the alternative.

    • Wallace Westland

      We employ a person in exactly this role in my place of work. In my time there we are onto our third person, all have been female and all have been awesome at their job and well liked.
      I wouldn’t do it for quids and I know that they are not on quids. A year and a half tops burns them out. The stress is unbelievable.
      Imagine a job where you come to work and almost the only contact you have day in day out is with people that all they want to do is complain about the company you work for, it’s employees and the service they give.
      Sometimes deservedly but usually not and you have to get your company back into a good light with these people. Ugh.

  • Eiselmann

    How could you possibly PR spin Angry Andrew….he’s only angry on two occasions….(when its raining and when its not)..beyond that I’ve got nothing .

  • Tom

    Does it pay?