Europe: “We will not allow fear to change us”

How inconvenient for the left’s narrative for all of this to have occurred.  It ‘plays right into our hands’ to have a ‘convenient’ bloodbath by some lone-wolf madmen so we can push through our statist, totalitarian, freedom eroding legislation.

Meanwhile, in the real world

More European leaders have joined David Cameron in accepting President Francois Hollande’s invitation to attend a Unity Rally in Paris’s Place de la Republique on Sunday to “celebrate the values behind Charlie Hebdo”.

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, EU president Donald Tusk, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish president Mariano Rajoy Brey will be among the dignitaries.

“I will be in Paris this Sunday supporting the French people. Spain with France are against terrorism and for liberty.”

“On Sunday I will be with Francois Hollande in Paris … We will not allow fear to change us.”

Meanwhile, the French woman suspected accomplice described as “armed and dangerous” is still at liberty. This isn’t over yet.

Damn lone wolf madmen and woman.

In the aftermath, things are still not entirely clear.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has just spoken in Paris.

He doesn’t want to give too much info without vetting it first with judicial authority.

“The investigation is ongoing. We’re gradually getting more clarity on what happened.”

He began by thanking all GIGN security forces and police who made the liberation of hostages possible. The safety of hostages “was kept under difficult and oppressive circumstances” while the risks were high, he said. They were “professional and courageous.”

Despite Friday’s developments, Cazeneuve insists that France remains on high alert. We remain extraordinarily mobilized to ensure the safety of all French people in France. “Over the past several months, we have taken precautions through anti-terror laws to be more effective in combatting terrorism. On Sunday, I am meeting my EU colleagues who have been invited to Paris. We are obligated to remain vigilant.”



– The Guardian, Twitter


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  • spanishbride

    If I was a cartoonist I would draw an enormous wolf farm fenced with barbed wire. The Muslim farmer would be chatting to another Muslim dressed like a courier delivery driver while ticking off a list on a clip board. At his feet would be a large wolf sized package addressed to Paris. The courier van would have signage indicating that they deliver worldwide.

    • So forwarded to SonovaMin

  • williamabong

    That should work, lets all hold hands and sing folk songs, outlaw the Muslim faith and re-export the towel heads and their converts back to the middle east and seal the borders would be a good start.

  • Andy

    Merkel and Cameron should just take a hike and bugger off.
    They are the biggest terrorist enablers in Europe!
    Merkel should listen and attend these demonstrations in her own country instead of labelling her people Nazis when they speak the truth.
    But what you expect from a communist and ex Stasi informer.
    Before anyone says anything, I am German and I grew up behind the Iron Curtain and know about Merkel’s past according of what she was and where she went.

  • Gaynor

    Amazing cover for the next edition of Charlie Hebdo ….All black with the words : “Urgent: hiring 6 new cartoonists”.

  • I was wondering at what stage do Western “leaders” start calling all these lone wolves a pack.

  • yoyoyo

    President Hollande states in his speech ” , “Those who committed these acts have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

    haha yea right – should be a tui billboard

    this type of crazy PC talk is what has got France to the place it is currently.

    it has everything to do with the Muslim religon

  • Eiselmann

    Want to see our country in 30 years time……this is coming to a city near you

    • Nechtan

      “You either believe or you disbelieve”
      There it is in a nut shell.

      • Eiselmann

        Agreed Europe may not allow fear to change them but too many in Europe and around the world are effectively embracing that change without thinking about what that will mean to their communities down the line….believe or disbelieve…or basically convert or die ,wonderful choices.

    • Wallace Westland

      When that cleric said (paraphrasing) “that they would obey the laws of the land if the laws of the land were Islam but if they were not then the law could go to hell”
      Her response should have been to tell him and his followers to go back to where they came from where the law of the land is Islam.
      This is what awaits us.

  • timemagazine

    Good morning Mr. Norman. Any comment?

  • wooted

    Note that the socialist French Prime Minister prattles on about “Unity” but did not invite the only major party (Front National) that is calling for actual changes in the laws to combat Islamic terrorism.