Even Kangaroos hate cyclists

No one likes cyclists, not even Kangaroos.

Former Australian cricketer Bronwyn Calver knows how to handle the odd bouncer, but the kangaroo she collided with while riding her bike near The Lodge on Monday almost got the better of her.

Ms Calver – a member of the Australian women’s cricket team that won the World Cup in 1997 – is now sporting a gash across her knee. She spent most of the night in hospital after she hit the kangaroo at 6.25pm while cycling back from work on Adelaide Avenue near Capital Circle.

The kangaroo appeared “disoriented” after the crash and was killed by a passing car.

Ms Calver, a public servant, told The Canberra Times on Tuesday she considers herself lucky to have not been more seriously injured and felt sorry for the roo.

“I commute four days a week depending on how lazy I’m being. I was on my way home from work in the on-road cycle lane coming off Capital Circle onto Adelaide Avenue,

“I saw this kangaroo about to hit my front wheel. I tried to brake and swerve but he just collected the wheel and I got thrown off over the side.”   

I feel sorry for the kangaroo too, bloody cyclists.

Ms Calver said she had not seen a kangaroo near Parliament House in her 18 months of commuting from Kambah to her work at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in Civic.

“I do see them on the lower slopes of Mount Taylor, so you ride slower because they’re a bit erratic, but I totally wasn’t expecting to see one so close to the Lodge and Parliament House. I’m very lucky.”

Of course she never saw them…head down bum up, lycra force field in place.

The kangaroo initially survived, but the crash left it in a daze.

“I didn’t see where [the kangaroo] went, but the guy who helped me said he seemed a bit disoriented,  jumped across toward the embassies and went down the gap from the overpass to state circle and a car hit him,” Ms Calver said.

She had a GoPro video camera strapped to the bike which shows the kangaroo jumping out in front of her bike.

Poor kangaroo, killed by a cyclist.


– Canberra Times


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  • Richard

    The fightback has begun on all fronts.

    God speed Lone Wolf Kangaroo.


  • hookerphil

    I biked in Australia in 2004 – going along one country road a kangaroo suddenly burst out of the fence about a metre in front of me. It was only later that I realised that if it had hit me I would have been the one on the ground, it was huge.

  • Dave

    I reckon she was doing 1.5 km/h over the limit on that road, and if she was in NZ, she would have copped a ticket for that – as Cam says, B……. Cyclists, always breaking the rules and blaming everyone else.

  • Rodger T

    Need some roo bars on yer bike ,sport.

  • Catriona

    I have a friend who becomes apoplectic with rage whenever she sees a cyclist on the road. According to her it’s ok for stock to be on the road and you just have to slow down around them in order not to hit them, but as for cyclists pffft! They shouldn’t be allowed to be on the f*#*#*#*# road. Well, I disagree as my other half is a cyclist and he has every right to be out on his bike on the road just like a car, a bus or a truck or a tractor or whatever. People don’t smack into livestock now do they?
    No point being bloodyminded about cyclists – all you have to do is slow down, make sure it is safe to pass them otherwise you will end up with a dead person and you will then face a court case blah blah blah. So I disagree wholeheartedly with people who get their knickers in a twist over a cyclist.

    • Kevin

      Try being stuck behind a pack of the bastards all cycling in parallel.

      • Rocket

        Oooo, diddums.

        • Kevin

          Near where I live they’re putting cycle lanes on the footpath. So looks like you have to put up with being stuck behind pedestrians walking 2 or 3 abreast. Ha!

          • Rocket

            Spending time, space and money on “cycle lanes” is totally a waste. I ride on the road, and will not on the footpath.
            The message is “Share the road”- let’s share.

          • Kevin

            So you’d refuse to use a cycle lane even though it’s there for cycles.

            Yeah, let’s share the road. You first.

    • Will Travers

      Yeah but don’t those stock pay taxes to use the roads? Those cyclists are just a bunch of freeloaders!

  • hbboy

    I’m offended by Cam’s comments – where can I get compo? But seriously Cam – you need to try it out. You can wear shorts over the nancy pants and a W/O tee shirt will suffice.

    • JimmyM

      He did try it once. Got beaten by Trevor Mallard. If I recall
      correctly Trevor was only just back on the bike after recovering from a
      broken leg.

  • George Costanza

    note the evil motorist pulled her ,gas guzzling, climate-change inducing, vehicle of doom, over to help out the downed cyclist…

  • Rocket

    A kangaroo is a non-sentient animal incapable of emotions such as “hate”.
    People/drivers who “hate” cyclists are barely sentient animals.

    • Jared

      Cyclists who hate cars but ride on the road are barely sentient ani-mamils.

      • Rocket

        Touché, Jared for the wordplay.
        Pleased to see that you have broadened your commenting repertoire from just Today’s Trivia.
        Incidentally I do love cars; I do not hate even bad drivers, just sympathetic tolerance. Perhaps they could reciprocate.

  • kayaker

    I’m new to cycling (since mid-2014). I’m also a pedestrian, a motorist, and a kayaker. I’m also a mother and a (young, so I say) grandmother. I’m never more acutely conscious I’m all of those things than when I’m cycling. There’s room for all of us, providing we all respect each other’s space.

  • Caprice

    You know how ‘if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
    I was wondering, if a road maggot is riding along a highway, and there are no cars – Is he still a road maggot?
    Caprice, from Fiordland. (No kangaroos, but possibly moose)