Remember this face. It is the face of a disgusting human being who used to be a New Zealander. I say used to be, because our Government quite rightly will not let him back into the country after he burnt his New Zealand passport. He and others like him should never be let back in our country whether or not they still retain New Zealand passports. The minute they choose of their own free will to join ISIS and butcher Christians, homosexuals, women and children, rape and take as sex slaves women who they buy and sell, the minute they join that religion of cutting to pieces, Islam, they renounce all right to live in a civilised, democratic beautiful country like ours.

He wants to come back now that he has had his fill of blood and terror. Diddums! Best of all he has unwittingly helped the good guys ( details 7.30am )

I hope his ISIS comrades don’t find out, I don’t expect that they are very forgiving. Maybe next time that big knife of Marks will be used on his neck, not the neck of some innocent infidel.