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Cartoonist Garrick Tremain flicks through his latest book, comprising his best cartoons from the past 20 years, before its 2008 book launch at Cromwell. Photo by Rosie Manins.

Cartoonist Garrick Tremain flicks through his book, comprising his best cartoons from the past 20 years, just before its book launch in 2008 at Cromwell. Photo by Rosie Manins.

Garrick Tremain is not a fan of Cameron Slater and had a lot to draw about Dirty Politics.When I came across this comment below, about his ad nauseum style I could not resist the opportunity to let you form your own conclusions about whether his treatment of Cameron through Political Cartoons was labouring the same point in a tedious manner? Do you see any theme repeating itself in this selection?


-Otago Daily Times online

-Otago Daily Times online


Where were the cartoons about Nicky Hager? Where were the cartoons about the hacker Rawshark? Weren’t they key players in the made for MSM drama that was Dirty Politics?




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  • Magor

    One word comes to mind – sad..

  • Ilovelife

    They’re not even slightly amusing. Absolutely no wit involved. Poor man has no ideas. That must be terrible for a cartoonist.

    • Positan

      There is wit – but it’s misapplied. Tremain draws capably enough, but his outlook like so many unhappy cartoonists is solely twisted-Left. That, even with his efforts, Labour’s electoral slump was as pronounced as it was, shows just how off-track and at odds with public thinking is Tremain’s perspective.

      But then … the Left and its few remaining apostles have always had trouble with forests and trees.

    • metalnwood

      My first thoughts too. WH has posted the odd one that pokes fun at him and is clever. There is nothing clever about these, there isnt any humour. I could look at cartoons of me all day pointing out my faults if there was something to laugh about it.

      There are some very bare and bland statements in these cartoons.

  • jasma

    Bit like the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? Just like Cameron has his “favourites” he mentions on a more than regular basis, so does this guy I guess. Freedom of speech and all that. I thought any publicity was good publicity. And as Cameron so often lets us know how may times he is mentioned in Hansards, and in the House, and the rest of the press, I would have thought this would be yet another one to put on the mantlepiece or in the WO archives.

    • spanishbride

      It is not that he uses Cam as his subject, the point I was making is that he is recycling ideas, ie the flies buzzing around Cam’s head and the theme that Cameron is John and Judith’s pet.

      • Cadwallader

        You can regard all these cartoons as a continuing advertising campaign. If he wishes to place WO in the public mind he can be said to be doing exactly that.

  • dumbshit

    if that’s a selection of the “best”, I’ll pass on the rest!

  • Michael_l_c

    Cam is obviously the gift that keeps giving. Pity Cam didn’t copyright/trademark his visage like actors etc do, could have clipped the ticket with every paper, magazine etc.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Its rare I enjoy cartoons of this nature, why feed Tremains ego with repeating them?
    The only good is it is a telling sign when another fixates on you that you’re a threat to them but their tactics are all too often derogatory.

  • Skydog

    Are the themes for his cartoons his ideas or what the MSM demand?

    • OneTrack

      Or his friends at the Labour party branch meetings?

  • Obviously never heard the term “flogging a dead horse”

  • armotur

    Never a cartoonist to be bothered with IMO. Little humour, big on socialistic BS. Always appeared to have a sour mind. Doubt that the book will sell well.

  • 1951

    Interesting to see the face behind the pen, although I have seen enough of the narrow view in his work to know I wouldn’t invite him round for dinner.

  • andrewo

    Meh! He’ll be gone eventually, along with all his scribbling lefty mates. Newspapers are doomed.

    • shykiwibloke

      Gone by lunchtime?

  • Lance Ralph

    The obsessiveness of these cartoons could worry me if I cared enough.
    I think the draughtsmanship is great but they are not funny, while just picking at the same old issue to my mind says more about the cartoonist than it does about the subject or the political implications.

  • Doc45

    “History shows: Whenever people try to pull you down, you will reach peaks of success. You just need the ability to ignore.”
    ― Debalina Haldar (Indian author)

  • cows4me

    He must lead a rather frustrating life. I guess it has not dawned on him that those that really like his cartoons are a small minority and like himself live in a delude world. Humor can have a huge effect on people but it has to be based on some sort of reality. The reality is these like many other lefty cartoons are not based on any sort of reality and as much as Tremain might try to draw up a storm it’s simply a gentle breeze that ruffles nothing.

    • Albert Root

      Everything about the ODT is small and in the minority.

  • Nige.

    Fan or not he has an obligation to be truthful. There’s not a lot of truth in those cartoons.

  • Reid

    I wonder what he’s going to be drawing when Cam reveals all the players behind Dirty Politics and the full extent of their crimes?

    Won’t that be interesting to see.

  • OneTrack

    He had a double helping of the Nicky Hager Kool-Aid.

  • Once a political cartoonist develops tunnel vision, he is on the downhill slide to oblivion. RIP, Mr Tremain.

  • Hans

    Just like the MSM, attack the person not the facts

  • ex-JAFA

    I suggest sending such cartoonists money each time they publish cartoons like this. (Obviously only a token amount – I appreciate that you’re hardly rolling in cash.) Then open the WO books and show the cartoonists as having been paid for “publicity”.

    • spanishbride

      Too funny. Yes even better send something really public into their office at work like a bunch of flowers thanking them for their support and saying the brown envelope full of cash will be in its usual place.

      • Albert Root

        red flowers, of course, with green foliage.

  • Edward Bufe

    This guy has the real hots for Cameron. Thinking Cameron may be getting a Valentine’s card come Valentine’s day.Wonder where the ideas are coming from all the same plain drivel.

  • Canucktoo

    Used to enjoy Tremain – no more – closet socialist & he’s biased.