Face of the day

Face of the day is our short eared rabbit Bugs.

Ok he is not really a rabbit he is a apple eating tree bear.

Ok he is not really a bear he is a Venezuelan rat monkey.

Anyway he got into the pastries and when he finished he was unable to move.


This post is a work of fiction but the incident is real and the perpetrator was an Australian Possum who broke into a Zoo cafe and was found in the morning too stuffed to go anywhere. They should use him in their advertising.

Our pastries are so good once you have had one you will not be able to stop.

Actually Bugs looks like most of us feel at the end of Christmas day, particularly if you had Christmas lunch at your parents place then Christmas dinner at your inlaws place.

An image of a greedy possum slumped in a box of pastries after breaking into a bakery has gone viral.

The snap, apparently taken in Australia, roared through Twitter and Facebook with many a good-natured chuckle at the chubby critter.

But the coos turned to questions as accusations of Photoshoppery began to fly.

And as the ridiculously cute picture traversed the oceans, it’s accompanying story changed tack, with subsequent claims it had been taken in New York.

The only problem with that being, that American possums are considerably different looking. Others commentators have weighed in with the suggestion the animal is actually dead.

Blogger Petra Starke at justb. has donned her Sherlock Holmes hat and is investigating the mysterious case.

What do you think?

-Huffington Post

In the stories defence I have video evidence to prove that Australian Possums like buns so it is likely that they also like pastries especially if they are topped with fruit.


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  • johcar

    Doesn’t look shopped to me, but does seem like a good justification for capital punishment….

    It’s not cute and cuddly – it’s a damn possum!!!

    • conwaycaptain

      In Oz possums are a protected species!!!

      • johcar

        Yes, I know. Crazy situation. The difference being that the rest of Australia’s flora and fauna have co-evolved with that particular pest, whereas in New Zealand it’s a recent immigrant.

  • Michelle

    Yep seen them licking the top of a BBQ each night after it had been used, not ours, yuk

    Another time the family came home from night out to find possums in there pantry

    They make a hell of a mess especially if they get down a chimney when people are on holiday and have a field day

    They are such a pest and even with all the trapping there are still so many of them our fruit trees are getting a hammering they are even eating green plums and we have shot and trapped heaps

    • kiwihornplayer

      They make a hell of a mess when the come down a chimney into the lounge where the family is sitting around a cosy fire on a quiet Sunday evening too!

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Know that experience as a child,fire wasnt going though

  • Murray Smith

    Looks like the leader of the ” Interpet Party”, wondering if it has a German accent.

  • bevanjs

    this fat chap from our pear tree is “full” too.

    • johcar

      The right kind of full for a possum!!

  • intelligentes candida diva

    We called them “opossums” but if NZs breed are “immigrants” from Australia then it is “possum”

    Brothers used to trap them, got one with a joey, kept it as a pet was very cute.

    As for photo, I say its true, they will eat most things.
    Why doesnt someone go interview whomever posted the picture.

  • cows4me

    Typical, an Aussie pest throwing it back for all it’s worth, it must be a trait of the species.

    • steve and monique

      Seems so if you look at Russell Norman.

  • steve and monique

    Pastrys have the same effect on me too. Better “full of lead” for that possum though.