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 Baroness Cox of Queensbury: I’m passionate about Muslim women and yet I am called Islamophobic’  Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

Baroness Cox of Queensbury: I’m passionate about Muslim women and yet I am called Islamophobic’ Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

At least 84 Sharia law courts are now operating in the UK. Under Sharia law it is acceptable to beat your wife. These courts will hear domestic violence complaints. These courts handle wills. Under Sharia law women can only inherit half as much as men. Non Muslims cannot inherit at all. Today’s face of the day is passionate about Muslim women’s rights yet she is called an Islamophobe.

A nurse, educationalist and human rights campaigner, she caught Margaret Thatcher’s eye in 1982 and was named as a Tory working peer. “The first baroness I ever met,” recalls this feisty 73-year-old, “was when I looked in the mirror that morning”. Ever since, she has used the red benches to raise neglected, inconvenient and unfashionable causes.

“I prefer to think of myself,” she muses over Earl Grey and scones in the House of Lords tea room, as the “voice of the voiceless”. Her latest crusade is to rally to the defence of British Muslim women, spurred on by the recent decision of the Law Society to publish “good practice” notes for solicitors on making wills compliant with sharia. This can deny women equal shares of inheritance, and exclude children born out of wedlock.

“The suffragettes will be turning in their graves,” says Lady Cox. “It undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law”.

In Britain’s 85 sharia courts and councils, she says, sharia “seeps” into enforcing divorce settlements, ignoring domestic violence and deciding access to children, all properly the preserve of British law. And that is why Lady Cox is determined to get her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill on to the statute book.


I admire Baroness Cox, the voice of reason almost alone in the wilderness. Western cultures have a proud history of feminism and giving women the vote and equality. New Zealand in fact was the very first in the entire world to give women the vote yet where is the outrage? Where are the strong women standing up and being counted as women’s rights are under attack in the most blatant and pervasive way? We need women like Baroness Cox every where stating the obvious. This is not acceptable. This is contrary to everything that we value and hold dear. It must stop. Anyone who thinks that what has happened in the UK won’t happen here is deluded. It will happen unless we all stand up like today’s face of the day and scream it from the mountain tops. Our rights are not negotiable. Women’s  worth is not half that of a man. It is not culture to deny women equal rights, it is oppression and we will not tolerate oppression.

Baroness Cox, who campaigns against religious discrimination against women, said the guidance was a worrying development.

She told the Sunday Telegraph:

This violates everything we stand for. It would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves.’

In the past she has spoken out about the growth of ‘Islamic courts’ resolving disputes.

She said: ‘No longer do we have a single legal code in our society.

‘Instead, alongside our own law, there is now effectively a parallel quasi-legal system operating within some Muslim communities.

‘Sharia law, imported from theocracies like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, first began to be used here in a strictly limited form, dealing mainly with narrow issues like Islamic financial contracts.

‘But as the Muslim population has grown and the pervasive creed of multiculturalism has become ever more powerful, so Sharia law has rapidly grown in influence within some communities.

‘There are now estimated to be no fewer than 85 Sharia courts across the country — from London and Manchester to Bradford and Nuneaton. They operate mainly from mosques, settling financial and family disputes according to religious principles.’

Summary of Key points in the article:

Article written 23rd March 2014
Sharia law to be enshrined in British legal system as lawyers get guidelines on drawing up documents according to Islamic rules

  • The guidelines on wills could mean women are denied an equal inheritance
  • Adopted children could also face losing out under Law Society document
  • The move has been criticised as a backwards step by equality campaigners

Top lawyers have written guidelines for British solicitors on drafting ‘sharia-compliant’ wills which can deny women an equal share of their inheritance and entirely exclude non-believers, it was revealed today.

The Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, has written a guide on Sharia succession rules that will be used in British courts. It will mean that children born outside of marriage and adopted children could also be denied their fair share.

The guide states: ‘No distinction is made between children of different marriages, but illegitimate and adopted children are not Sharia heirs.

New guidance for lawyers on drawing up wills based on Sharia principles have been released by British legal experts. Pictured, the Sharia Council of Britain preside over marital cases at their east London headquarters

‘The male heirs in most cases receive double the amount inherited by a female heir of the same class. Non-Muslims may not inherit at all, and only Muslim marriages are recognised.

‘Similarly, a divorced spouse is no longer a Sharia heir, as the entitlement depends on a valid Muslim marriage existing at the date of death.’

-Mail Online

To read the article in full go here.

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  • steve and monique

    The list just keeps getting longer, as to why these people need to be stopped immigrating.

    • Richard McGrath

      Unless there is clear evidence of assimilation into Western society and acceptance of our laws, then deport the ones that are already here too.

      • Aucky

        On what legal grounds Richard? Dawn raids maybe?

        • grumpy

          A good start.

  • Aucky

    “Sharia law to be enshrined in British legal system…………”

    I would like to know the NZ Government’s stance on this issue.

    I would also like our strong women to stand up and state their views on equal rights for NZ Muslim women. Christine Rankin, Celia Lashley, Judith Collins, Annette King, Shaun Elias, Helen Clark……………….where do you stand?

    • dumbshit

      ” no comment”, from the last three, my bet

      • Aucky

        I would hope that you are wrong. This issue is all about womens’ rights and strikes right at the heart of our judicial system. Regardless of their political views none of those women have hesitated to stand up strongly for equality in the past. This goes way beyond partisan politics.

      • thehawkreturns

        Yes the scared ruling classes simply cling to power for as long as they can. Then they will be executed under Sharia.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    “Here, here Im speaking up”

    ” It undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law”.
    Take note NZers, already unhappy about the leniency and lack of righteous justice in NZ law so speak up now against further tolerance of injustices because prevention is better than the cure

  • Martin

    Paul Weston, leader of Liberty GB is another compelling “voice in the wilderness”.
    Feminist silence on the tyranny of Islam to women is more proof – if any were needed that feminism is a bankrupt ideology that is not about equality at all. It’s really just a union for unattractive women.
    As we have become captivated by this hamster wheel of a philosophy and its attendant Marxist identity politics, we have been rendered incapable of responding to the clear and present danger we face from militant Islam.
    I am grateful to the Whaleoil team for telling it like it is on the subject, because there are few kiwis with the guts to do that.
    Paul Weston’s video here is compelling.

  • GoingRight

    Yes Mrs Pankhurst and her supporters would definitely be turning in their graves. We in NZ watching what is going on should be lobbying the politicians to make them be very careful with any future liberal legislation they might be being persuaded to bring into law. Of course anyone can leave their wealth to anyone and if the Moslems wish to do this as per their own religious rules I doubt there is much to stop that. Remember in UK for years and it still happens in the very aristocratic families that the eldest male heir inherits most of the estate and wealth, so the daughters had to rely on a dowry from the parents and the hope of marrying well. In the Moslem world, for women the hand they are dealt is appaling and one hopes that at the very least their individual rights can be protected by NZ law.

  • conwaycaptain

    There are a large number of Hindus and Sikhs in the UK but they do not ask for separate legal systems.
    The whole concept of the Common Law system is that there is one law for all. If you want to live under Sharia Law go back to an Islamic Country

    • Hindus and Sikhs are not trying to take over the world.

    • Yellow Admiral

      A very good point, CC. We (and I include the UK and US in this) have freely accepted the culture of Hindus and Sikhs for decades – I am not aware that there has ever been any perceived threat to us. Nobody complains about the wearing of the Turban, because the wearer is regarded as fundamentally ‘one of us’. They have shown that it is quite easy to fit into a Western society while preserving their own beliefs.

    • thehawkreturns

      THe Uk has incorpaorated Sharia as the authorities continue to destroy the indigenous society and have lost control of the Muslim cesspits of (mainly) the Northern and Midland cities of England. Civil war looms.

      • conwaycaptain

        When the Brown stuff hits the revolving metal the Hindus and Sikhs will fight on the side of the Govt.
        I think Europe is now as a whole getting very close to the tipping point.
        There is huge unemployment in the Southern states and they are fed up with being pushed around by the unelected “elite” in Brussels. In addition they are being swamped by the Islamic refugees from the ME and N Africa.
        In the North they are fed up with the unelected elites and the immigration from the poorer EU Members swamping them as well
        In addition the established Muslim minorities that are pushing their way of life on to the majority.
        When the plug blows look out. The Frogs are fed up, the German R Wing is on the march. The Greek right and left wings are bubbling away and the Poms are fed up as well and also the continuing bleating from the Jocks N of the Border.

  • Catriona

    God help New Zealand if and when Sharia Law becomes the norm here. It must not be allowed to happen.

    • Tom

      If it does the natives won’t like it. The double standard will turn into a triple standard. After all like everyone else in this country they are not indigenous either.

      • Catriona

        Yes I get the point. But currently, NZ law applies to everyone. And in particular in divorce proceedings, women get equal rights regardless of their ethnicity (unless a pre nup has been signed etc.). I’d hate to see that change. These Muslim women are very oppressed and for God’s sake it’s 2015. Muslim men rule I dare say.

        • Damon Mudgway

          Fanatical Muslim men are pigs.

          • thehawkreturns

            There are no fanatics. Just Islam.

  • Eiselmann

    Want to see NZ in 30 years time….go to the UK.. New Zealand judges are soft and too often weigh in favour of the criminal , however this is our system of justice and despite all its problems the system is inherently fair and just….yet the defenders of all that makes are society work are called Islamophobic, or the old standby, racist.

    While the left, those great defenders of woman’s rights and fighters for the oppressed and down- trodden either ignore or outright support a system of justice that discriminates against woman and anyone who disagrees with Islam……..the left: they are like hogging the gun during a game of Russian roulette and never expecting it to go off.

  • Ghost

    Have always thought that the main pushback against Islam in the modern society would be led by women in the quest for equal rights (in the case of Islam, Human rights) but so far the overwhelming silence is disturbing. The modern “feminist” movement was hijacked many moons ago.

    • spanishbride

      I do not understand the Feminist silence at all. Is it fear? Fighting against the Patriarchal system in a democracy does not involve physical risk but women who ‘ offend ‘ Islam get acid in the face, stoned to death, raped, set on fire etc so maybe it is because the system they would have to stand up to is scary as they don’t just use words they take action!

      Maybe it is because they do not want to be Politically incorrect, they do not want to risk being labelled Racist, Islamophobic etc.

      Maybe they choose to remain ignorant of the reality as it means that they can feel ok about doing nothing as women like me are just scare mongering?

      Maybe they know a nice Muslim woman who wears a Hijab and appears to be otherwise modern and happy with her lot in life so they tell themselves that it is a Muslim woman’s ‘choice ‘ to wear the head-coverings and to follow Islam.Maybe they tell themselves that the Muslims here are just like us really and it is only the Muslims overseas who are the dangerous ones.

      Shar’ia Law is Islam and Shar’ia law goes against every right we hold dear, not just women’s rights. Feminists in NZ need to grasp this reality and spread the truth everywhere so Shar’ia cannot get a foothold in our society.

      • 1951

        ‘They choose to remain ignorant of the reality…..’ is so right SB. There is nothing in it for them, me or myself. I don’t hold out much for those who call themselves Feminists of NZ but that’s another story.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    At least Muslim woman aren’t being raped by organised gangs and then convinced by other woman working in the gang that the only way to escape the shame is to become a suicide bomber….. Oh wait, silly me, of course they are!

  • spanishbride

    Hands up if you support Shar’ia law.

    • Aucky

      Hands up, strong women of NZ if you oppose it.

      • Catriona

        I oppose it vehemently for the sake of the Muslim women.

      • 1951

        I have tried to share my concerns with many of my friends over the last few years, perhaps 10 or more. It is amazing how little interest, if any, expressed. They are mostly professional, busy peoples but if things aren’t up there on the screen at 6pm or written up between the stars & The Stars in pages of The Listener, they don’t believe there is anything happening.

    • Catriona

      Oh my God, what crimes did these men commit to end up like this?

      • spanishbride

        The penalty for theft

        The Qur’an and several hadith set out two different punishments for theft (stealing). They say that the punishment should depend on how many times the person stole, and what he stole. One punishment is imprisonment. Another is amputating
        (cutting off) the hands or feet. However, before a person is punished,
        two eyewitnesses must swear, under oath, that they saw the person
        stealing. If this does not happen, then the punishment cannot be carried
        out. Also, some other requirements have to be met. These requirements
        have to do with the theft, what was stolen, and how the theft happened.
        All of these requirements must be met, as decided by a judge.[Qur’an 5:38][1]

        • Catriona

          This is so repugnant in our modern world. It is nauseating. So here’s a thought – what if a person didn’t steal, but another person had a grudge (or fatwah) against them for whatever reason and just made up a whole lot of bull….. and this is the end result? Not out of the realms of possibility?
          Please, please, do not ever let Sharia Law become part of our legal system in NZ.

          • Orange

            For some cultures it was repugnant 3500 years ago…

          • Catriona

            Agreed Orange. And it’s even more repugnant that 3500 years later it’s still going on. I can’t reconcile any positive views on Islam. In fact, I fear Islam. I see it as a ‘religion’ of violence.
            I’m sure as heck thankful that I’m not that woman being stoned to death or that young woman being murdered by my own father, brothers and uncles because I’ve been raped and brought shame on the family. I am always intrigued when I read about these episodes – what is the punishment for the rapist in these cases? Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.

          • thehawkreturns

            Every time a Muslim is given a job, a vote, a say, then Sharia is another step closer. It is a deadly disease.

        • Cadwallader

          Does this savagery apply to a man if he thieves from a woman? Or is this acceptable?

  • Raibert

    Good for her, great someone is standing up to the attempt by Muslims to undermine the UK Common Law. No country can function well without a common approach to justice. It is the right of the majority in a democracy to determine what is Justice.
    We in NZ should take very seriously any attempt to introduce variations or alternatives to our Common Law. Any alternative is just a dilution of the law and will erode the effectiveness of it consequently undermining the publics confidence in it and their ability to get justice.

    Immigrants should be accepting of the law of their host nation, if not, why immigrate?

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Giving a voice to those unable or unwilling to lend their own- Thatcher knew what she was doing when she picked this women out. The test cases of Common Law vs Sharia will be extremely interesting

    • Michael_l_c

      What would be more interesting is when a sharia decision is challanged in the High Court. Which law applies?

      • Dave_1924

        There can be only one winner surely Michael. British statute and British Case Law based on common law principles should win. And if it doesn’t then all hell should break lose in the British Public…

        • Michael_l_c

          Common law and its principles are subservient to statute law. Effectively common law has been decreasing as written statute law has developed. 30 years ago in the UK murder was not a crime on the statute books. It was contrary to common law, everybody agreed murder was wrong. I say was, as I believe that murder is now contrary to a statute, written law.
          For decades muslims had lived in & integrated into british society. Then along came the modern lefties & the worst PM of modern times blair. Effectively he encouraged muslim refugees, immigrants, & most importantly, not to integrate but set up and develop their own communities. They managed to take over schools and effectively turn them into muslim ruled schools. This came out earlier this year.
          Will politicians have the moral fibre to do what needs to be done?
          I could go on but consider Sweden, Germany, France with no go areas.
          Honestly the English, Swedes, Germans, French need to take their countries & culture back & insist, integrate or leave.
          Interesting thinking back to Enoch Powell & his fear of Africans, West Indians, Indians etc. Most of these people wanted to integrate. Yes there were problems but nothing like the numbers & problems involving muslims.

  • RightofSingapore

    Great Britain is not so great anymore.

    • spanishbride

      One of the things I always wanted to do was to visit the UK and see all the historic buildings. My favourite books have been set in olden times in Great Britain ( Historical romances ) My favourite Author is Georgette Heyer and I have all her books. I will never visit the UK now. I can only hope that a great leader like Winston Churchill will save the UK when the civil war begins. I am gutted that what used to be such a proud and powerful Nation has become the compliant plaything of Islam who will win most of the war without even firing a shot (apart from the occasional beheading of a soldier or police officer to keep the public cowering in fear and scared to speak up )

      • 1951

        It is up to the people now. Having watched the families take to the streets of Germany in silent strength says so much. Other cities be it Amsterdam, Paris London will follow, just wait.

        • Aucky

          Germany wasn’t so united after all. The Dresden march was a one-off & counter protests happened in fourteen other cities. The lights were turned off in Cologne Cathedral and Angela Merkel had a good rant about unity.

          • 1951

            Depending where the reports are from. I based that comment on Jenny Hill’s BBC report. Demonstrations have been ‘ongoing’ and are ‘growing in numbers’. If you read other reports, like here, the jargin used is to paint the most sinister/darkest of pictures. If you turn down the volume and just look at the picture, you see what the people are saying.

      • Eiselmann

        My family is from England…all the family I have in the world is in England and it would be right to say that despite being born in New Zealand and living most of my life here I was brought up thinking and feeling English (I support the English national teams even before the Kiwi ones–yeah I know)…here’s the thing I love England , its a truly magnificent country , its given so much to the world and as an adult I go back there every five years or so…or at least I did , up until ten years ago. The England I saw in 1988 (my first trip back as an adult) was alive , full of hope it seemed so positive, a true world leader, the months I spent in England are some of the best memories of my life. Sadly the last trip back in 2003 was a total mare….it got so bad I actually left England after only a few days , the straw that broke the camels back…..I wanted to go back to see the house my father was born in just as I had done several times before, a cousin told me I couldn’t , you see the street was a ‘no go’ area for non muslims…another cousin who had recently moved out of Blackburn told me ‘that’s how it started ..’.first a street then a neighbourhood, then a city’
        That was ten years ago, the family I have, tell me not to bother coming back….as you say SB when the tipping point comes I hope another Churchill comes to power, else the land that gave us Shakespeare , Dickens, Austin, Cook, Drake, Wellington, Nelson and Newton (to name just a few) will forever be Islamic.

        • thehawkreturns

          Mount Roskill?

      • johnnymanukau.

        All of NZ must learn from what we see is happening. World wide the Muslims are infiltrating countries with their insidious practices and their rampant breeding programme. The only way we could have been safe was to learn from what we WERE observing world wide and banned any immigrants that would not renounce their Sharia faith [radical beliefs] and those that would renounce, be allowed to immigrate and if just one of the family started `to radicalise anyone else then the whole family should be deported and to hell with the Human Rights brigade and the UN .We all know that there are radical Muslims in NZ now and they should be rooted out and deported forthwith, or we can be assured we WILL be fighting them in this country to the death, why ? because they, the Muslim extremist have said so, because we are infidels. I just hope I don’t ever have to say ,’I told you so’— ‘ Remember war does not determine who is right— only who is left.

        • thehawkreturns

          Fire the ovens now, for in a generation someone will be firing them for us.

          • spanishbride

            I do not like your analogy as it is insinuating that we are wanting to do to the people who are followers of Islam what Hitler did to the Jews. That is not the case. This is not about genocide, this is not even about a race of people. It is about fighting back against a very powerful ideology that has been destroying other religions and cultures for 1400 years.

  • cows4me

    Why worry about the suffragettes, these laws violate all that a western Christian culture stands for. What a sad little cesspit that country has become. This is the gift of liberalism and years of lefty government, it’s weak kneed politicians that told the people for years that all cultures are of equal value. If there was ever a lesson in stupidity and treachery by politicians one could not find a better example.

  • Michael_l_c

    So the rules of law are being changed to accommodate immigrant minorities. When will they want to legalise, female genital mutilation, slavery etc.
    The stupiditiy & ingnorance of the british is unbelievable. The law must be applicable to all. This is the beginning and will spread throughout europe.
    When in Rome …

    • Bartman

      Not so fast … there is a growing backlash in UK and rest of Europe as we have read here on WOBH, and the numbers are still in favour of the incumbent majority who can vote this nonsense into the history books under the heading dud legislation.

      Our politicians will do well to carefully monitor the progress in Europe and to consider the necessary steps to secure our borders from the global Islamic blight. Our job as voters is to ensure the right politicians hold power to make the tough decisions, and that implies the left don’t get to seriously challenge unless they dramatically modify their stance.

      On this basis it’s going to be a long time between drinks for the left in NZ. Sorry Russel, you’ll be in an old people’s home before the Greens get a sniff of power.

      Edit: sp

      • taurangaruru

        The underlying issue is getting politicians to commit to the promises they make on the election hustings. Politicians are well versed at saying the right things to the voters to ensure their votes & then once in power ignoring those commitments. Holding them to account is nigh on impossible especially in NZ where half of them are unelected & unanswerable to the voters. I think you will find this unaccountability to the voters is the biggest reason why the eligible voters are disengaged from politics – “it doesn’t matter how we vote because the pollies will do whatever they want anyway.”

    • spanishbride

      Oh I am sure they will modernise the genital mutilation. We are civilised after all. The little girl will actually be unconscious when a skilled surgeon removes her clitoris and outer lips. You know what they say in the Quar’an, remove the girls’s fun bits and you remove all temptation to stray. Funny how they are not so keen on helping Men stay faithful in a similar way.

      • Damon Mudgway

        Didn’t you know SB, men are FAR superior to women. ;-)

      • Catriona

        Not in deep dark Africa they don’t. It’s carried out by the lady witchdoctor with a crudely made razor if you like – sometimes from the sharpened lid off a can or something along those lines. Infection is a big side effect from this not to mention bleeding which sometimes cannot be controlled. The thing here is – and it’s just like circumcising baby boys – these babies, anyway, have not given their permission to tamper with their bodies, and the girls don’t have a choice as they are held down by the women in the family. How tragic.

        • Michael_l_c

          Women inflicting it on girls!
          If I remember rightly there is a tale about the women of a Turkish village that were really upset at their men going off to fight neighbouring villages. The told the men no more sex till you stay at home. The men came to heel.
          Unfortunately in so many cultures women can’t even do that.

    • The stupiditiy & ingnorance of the british is unbelievable; what?

      We are smarter here how exactly?

    • thehawkreturns

      The last time I saw the figure there were estimated over 2000 clitorectomies performed in the UK by culturally enriched practitioners. The NHS picks up the heaviest bleeding desexualised little girls and cleans them up a bit so they can return to their “loving” Muslim families to enjoy that peaceful culture.

      • spanishbride

        I knew they were turning a blind eye to the girls being sent out of the country to be mutilated against their will but I had no idea that they were allowing it to happen in the UK. That confirms in my mind that the UK has crossed the point of no return. That they allow this to be done to Muslim girls makes me incredibly angry. That is sexual assault of the most permanent kind. Those so called doctors should be sent to jail and so should the politicians that allowed it to happen. I feel sick.

        • Michael_l_c

          And the police officers who are too terrified of the pc brigade to actually do their duty. I am so glad I left there 37 years ago.

  • xennex

    I’m surprised that this article flew past WO without being mentioned. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/faith-and-free-schools-breed-social-and-racial-segregation-warns-leading-campaigner-9952374.html?origin=internalSearch
    “Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society because of their lack of diversity”

    • Catriona

      There’s a school around the airport area in Auckland which has a Muslim school. Wonder how well these kids will be able to socialise when it comes to going to University and getting a job even?

  • conwaycaptain

    Here is a moot point.

    If the Native people of Europe rise up against the Muslims and there is what would be called a Civil War, is it actually a Civil War as you are fighting an intruder. A Civil War is between two opposing factions in a country, ie the English Civil War, Royalist v Parliament, US Civil War between the N and S States.

    Surely this would be along the lines of the Reconquista when Ferdinand and Catherine threw out the Moors in Spain in 1492???

    • Michael_l_c

      I think you would find many of them have citizenship. In the old days if u were a foreigner you stayed a foreigner, behaved, made yourself useful & watched your back.

  • dgrogan

    So effectively, Muslim immigrants in the UK have been given their own sovereignty. The common laws which protect native britons (I guess there’s such a thing) do NOT apply to Muslim immigrants.
    It can only end badly, IMO.