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Saint? -3 News

Today’s face of the day was expected to know that her husband was a sinner not a saint. Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.00.12 PMHowever which one is she? Maybe Angel was her car and the rest belonged to Kim. Like many kept women the world over I am sure she didn’t worry her pretty head about such trivialities as where the money was coming from and whether it was legitimate or not. She just enjoyed it and spent it. If she was more involved in the financial side of things as her lawyer is claiming then it is harder to deny that she did not know what was going on.


Sinner? -FHM Magazine

Who is Mona Dotcom? According to press reports, she is a Filipina ex-model who now lives apart from Kim.

In a sworn statement, she said, “I am entitled to at least 50% of the relationship property as I began a de-facto relationship with Kim Dotcom in November 2007 and I married Kim Dotcom on 10 July 2009. My ‘marital interest’ in the relationship property began in November 2007.”

The U.S. has some doubts, pointing to Kim Dotcom’s divorce from his first wife.

According to a motion to strike, “Divorce records from Guam pertaining to Kim Dotcom’s first marriage to Lovely Roann Ronda Vargas show that the then-Kim Vestor and Lovely Vargas married on 25 August 2007, just a few months earlier; had a child with Lovely Vestor in 2007, shortly before Mona Dotcom claims that she first met Kim Dotcom; and did not separate from his first wife until September 2, 2008.”

The U.S. also points to interviews that Mona has given about resisting her future husband’s initial entreaties. In one statement to the press, Mona said about her early days with the Megaupload founder, “I didn’t want it. I walked away. He had a girlfriend and she was my friend.”

Eventually, the two got together anyway. They formally married each other in the middle of 2009, as Mona admits, but if the clock begins then, Dotcom may have already made his fortune…

… the U.S. government says that under New Zealand law, Mona would have to establish her “complete ignorance of Kim Dotcom’s illegal activities” to establish an interest in untainted assets. But the government sees her name in the Megaupload paper trail and more. “Her claim that she did ‘not have a Mega account’ may be technically correct, since she actually had six separate accounts associated with two of her personal email addresses,” write justice department lawyers. “But these facts, which suggest that she was in fact an avid user of the Mega sites, makes any claim that she did not know the illegal nature of her husband’s business difficult to sustain.”



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  • Ed209nz

    moaner’s image change makes me laugh, haw haw haw.

  • sarahmw

    That’s the problem when all you can see are $$$$$, the little girl just wants to be looked after. And are her boobs different sizes? Weird. In the prim n proper pic she doesn’t seem to have any.
    Edit:added word ‘you’

    • dgrogan

      I think that’s called, “Dressing for effect”. By the way, those boobs look just fine to me.

      • Agree, she IS nice to look at.

        • Catriona

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. No accounting for taste.

        • Betty Swallocks

          Well, in a sort of “Child Sex Tour To Bangkok” way, she probably is.

      • mommadog

        Agree about dressing for effect. The first photo was taken during one of the court appearances. If my memory serves me correctly it came out about the time of John Banks trial. The one where the judge decided that the .coms were more believable than the Banks. Thank goodness that was overturned.

        • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

          Speaking of banksy. I wonder how that will go…

      • Catriona

        Ha! Ha! Yep my other half is a boob man and is wishing mine were as big as Mona’s. He’s not offering for me to get them pumped up though.

        • Wahbonnah

          You left yourself open with that last sentence of yours!!!

      • Wahbonnah

        I need more evidence to analyse before I comment!!!

    • Jas

      They would be real. Due to the diet of the Philippines they tend to have bigger there than most other Asian countries. They tend to eat a lot more meat than other asian countries especially pork.

      • Catriona

        What? I eat meat and my boobs aren’t big.

        • Jas

          You probably eat the high quality farmed meat lol!

      • Wahbonnah

        I thought it was the chicken?!

    • Catriona

      Wouldn’t mind betting she had a ‘Stylist’ to advise her on what to wear to Court – ‘go with the demure look sweetie – you’ll confuse the Judge and then he’s sure to believe your side of the story”. Life’s all about perception so if she turned up in Court looking like a slapper – her credibility would have been torn to shreds. Simple really.

  • I love how they describe her as a model.

    In that case, I’m a fireman, a doctor as well as a top class chef.

    • Asian_driver

      Im not a gynaecologist but Ill have a look

      • Catriona

        I enjoy your humour.

    • Catriona

      No model she ain’t. That makes me Elle McPherson.

    • Cowgirl

      Almost as good as ‘hostess’.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I am not commenting on your skills. Playing it very safe.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Playing the innocent but the claws always sharpened waiting for the right time for to pounce

  • sarahmw

    Well that makes me: a diplomat, psychiatrist, chef in training lol. The word Model encompasses many meanings.

  • LesleyNZ

    Of course Mona knew exactly what was going on. As for KDC saying he owns “God”. Justice will be served. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7 (NIV)

    • Tom

      There is but one God, and Mohammed is his prophet?

      • LesleyNZ

        God with a lower case “g” in this instance.

  • KGB

    She looks like a child, or at least a prepubescent teen. (pic no.1) Photo no.2 is a child with a boob job. How do men find that attractive?

    edit – spelling

    • Murray Smith

      With our eyes.

    • Catriona

      She’s simply selling sex – and lots of it.

  • kiwibattler

    I’d offer her this deal: Kim Dotcom found innocent – she can have half his money, Kim Dotcom found guilty – she does half his time inside the clink.

  • Catriona

    Mona was obviously ‘dazzled’ by the thought of $$$ and lots of it. Nothing to with actually liking the bloke she hitched her wagon to. My husband always makes the comments about really ugly blokes with flash cars somehow manage to score a good looking bird. in this case it’s always the size of the wallet and nothing else.
    And looking at this photograph of a semi-naked Mona with her squashed up boobs – and it’s just the way she is posing by the way – I did have a laugh when Cactus Kate made the comment along the lines of ‘what’s up with Mona dressed like a Nun’ when she appeared in Court to give her version of events re the Banks saga.
    Mona knew exactly what she was doing when she pinched her best friends ‘husband’ off her. You little hussy you Mona.

    • Wahbonnah

      I wonder if she lives up to her name Catriona???

  • mommadog

    Half of me thinks she is almost as devious as KDC and doesn’t deserve a cent of anything but the other half of me thinks she has worked hard for the money and deserves it. You couldn’t pay me enough to live with that man and bear his children.
    My big concern and rationale for her not getting anything, aside from the fact that she was probably a part of obtaining illegal funds as noted above, is that asking for it is all a part of the big plan and a set up to help KDC maintain his fortune – what’s hers is his. I still don’t believe the separation story entirely. Scared of him, leaving in the night but living on the same property still. Doesn’t add up even taking the kids into account. But it did get her a story in a woman’s mag.

    • Catriona

      They weren’t conceived naturally were they? Not sure if they weren’t IVF – using his manure, of course.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Gosh, you really have to marvel at how prim and proper the model looks in court. Blouse buttoned to the neck and chained shut.

  • pirate vs ninja

    Is it just me, or has Ms Vargas dropped off the face of the earth? Surely an interview with her would make very interesting reading?? How much did she make out of KDC? And how much of that was illegally gotten gains? Are you listening MSM – there’s a real story there……..

  • taurangaruru

    Got any more photos of Mona? Crucial evidence to verify her side of the story…..

    • Wahbonnah

      lol especially from behind!!!

  • Sunshine

    Of course she knew KDC was and is a crook. Heck, I know he is a crook and I have never met the man.

  • independant

    Now I aint saying shes a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broke brothers . ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vwNcNOTVzY

  • Hard1

    Objectification aside, Mona Dotcom deserves a medal for putting up with the constant lecturing diatribe that is Schmitz’s default speech setting. She probably switched off moments after the nuptials.
    She will be playing the long game here. Can she outsmart the game king?.

    I think she already has.