Face of the day

Nada al-Ahdal is my face of the day. This brave little girl has more courage in one little finger than the French President has in his entire body.




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  • Iera

    Update clip –

    • Cadwallader

      Good luck to her and a few millions more like her.

    • spanishbride

      Yes I knew of this clip and also another where it claims she was killed after the clip. I checked her wiki page and she is real. I believe her over her parents. Don’t you?

      • LesleyNZ

        After reading this excerpt from Wikipedia I know who I would believe. The Yemen Post’s response says all as to why some are saying Nada’s story is fabricated – they don’t want the custom of child marriage abolished in Yemen. (And why did that horrible cleric appear in the second video if it was not a true story?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nada_al-Ahdal
        “Controversy[edit] Many Middle East media outlets have decried al-Ahdal’s claims as fabricated or a deception of Yemeni and Islamic custom. The Yemen Post has accused her of trying to ruin Yemeni and Islamic customs.[7] The Arab magazine Majalla claims that because of her uncle’s media connections, he tried to exploit al-Ahdal by “turn[ing] the young school girl into Yemen’s new Nujood [Ali]” so that they will be able to abolish child marriage in Yemen.[6] Al-Ahdal’s parents stated that her claims were fabrications and that the video was scripted by her uncle. However, contrary to what her parents stated, Nada Al-Ahdal said they threatened to honor kill her if she refused the 1st marriage pact.[8] Ahmad Algorashi, president of Seyaj, and Ramizia Al-Eryani, the president of the Yemen Women’s Union, have said that they did not believe Nada’s parents tried to force her into marriage.[9]”

  • Ilovelife

    I watched both videos and thought she was way too polished and articulate to have not been coached, however, I don’t care whether it was a set up or not, her message is very important and I agree she is very brave. There’s no telling what those narrow minded maniacs will do to someone who speaks out.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Oh my goodness that was such topical information so many aspects to debate.

    1 I do believe Nada is a bright child and isnt it both sad and grand that children are leading the way to be outspoken on issues seriously impacting their lives?
    Knowing what she witnessed with her 14 year old relative why would she be anything other than fearful and not want to marry in that type of environment. Keeping in mind we saw an image on POTD yesterday, on WOBH of a 29 yr old wife and one of her children damaged by a dominating vicious abuser , husband and father because she finally had the courage not to subjugate any longer. The second part of this point is what a good uncle, it is selfishly comforting for me to know there are adults opposing these situations and supporting young girls.

    2 The Islamic cleric stated the obvious contractual v consummated marriage and rather than answer the question by the interviewer he reeled off unsubstantiated statistics ….hmm me thinks pseudo intellect .

    3 I liked the interviewer he did not allow the cleric to deviate from the questions.

    4 Sex as act of love is a beautiful thing but as a compulsion causes distress even in loving relationship. World when pre teenage girls are saying they want to be children its time to listen and act. One way of acting might be for modification in The Quran, and other cultural beliefs and legislation. Change is necessitated because before these children, there have been generations of women and good men who not SUBMITTED = “accept or yield” but forced to SUBJUGATE = “bring under domination or control, especially by conquest” . Yesterdays POTD is evidence of the ramifications of not subjugating. Todays FOTD is one very gorgeous, strong and fortunate child. Based on her fortitude of mind I doubt she would subjugate :-), More power to her and to all male and female children having to grapple with this.

    I thought God, Allah was to judge us not man….just sayin

    • Salacious Crumb

      Islam means ‘submission’ – supposedly to Allah but you really have to wonder. All I see are sexually oppressed, peurile slaves to a mysoginistic, oppressive and spiteful doctrine.

  • LesleyNZ

    When I watched those videos I saw a most beautiful bright intelligent girl who has a wonderful Uncle and then I saw a big bully of a Muslim cleric. He looked so ugly. Such a contrast. Those under his command must be so scared of him. His reasoning is ugly and evil and vile. What a brave little girl alright – she is going to go places. I think we will see more of her. Just think – right now there are thousands of beautiful little girls married to brutes – trapped. If only we could rescue them all.

  • Bryan

    a friend of mine posted this really worth reading appealing to islam to have a good think about themselves and how they are being lead down a path of control and laws.really good well thought out argument.

  • LesleyNZ

    The “Face of Today” has very much upset and disturbed me. I had seen the first video a few years ago but not the second. That bully of a Muslim cleric is the typical example of to whom Muslims must obey. These innocent girls need rescuing from their marriage prison. As I thought about rescue a song we sing a church came into my mind – it is about Jesus rescuing the souls of men (as in mankind). Then I thought – would that bully cleric who spouted out the evil, hateful and vile words ever sing a song like this about who he worships? Would he ever sing about love, mercy, friendship, counsel, comfort, protection, forgiveness, kindness, healing, grace, friendship, hope and rescue? Imagine if he did sing this song. What a contrast. Have a listen and imagine him singing this song. His face and manner would have to change.

    “Wonderful Merciful Savior”

    Wonderful, merciful Savior
    Precious Redeemer and friend
    Who would have thought that a lamb could
    Rescue the souls of men
    Oh, You rescue the souls of men

    Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
    Spirit we long to embrace
    You offer hope when our hearts have
    Hopelessly lost the way
    Oh, we hopelessly lost the way

    You are the one that we praise
    You are the one we adore
    You give the healing and grace
    Our hearts always hunger for
    Oh, our hearts always hunger for

    Almighty, infinite Father
    Faithfully loving Your own
    Here in our weakness You find us
    Falling before Your throne
    Oh, we’re falling before Your throne

  • Dave

    Another video by Australia’s 4 Corners,watch from approx 10.30 on for details about a NZ group trying to stop forced marriages. Not much but a start!


    • spanishbride

      Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching it and learning about the wonderful NZ organisation Shakti that helps women and girls like these.

      • Dave

        This is the amazing thing about this vial dispecible site, there is so much knowledge and sharing, if only the haters bothered to look a little deeper than their own shallowness and spite!

        Anyway, If each one of us could make one tiny bit of difference, then the world would be a better place SB. Perhaps there is room for a interview and series on the Shakti organisation?

  • Eiselmann

    If I had a ten year old daughter and some 26 year old guy wanted to marry her , well, suffice it to say the police wouldn’t be involved . Our society is far from perfect and we have far too many people who use and abuse children , yet any leader -religious or otherwise who tried to justify consummating a marriage to a fourteen year old let alone a nine year old would be hounded and rightly so ….for this cleric to defend it because islam permits adult males having sex with young girls means it truly is a sick depraved religion ….do we really want to live in a world they control.

  • NotGandalf

    That is mind-blowing. Just to check on the accuracy of the Cleric’s claims I consulted Google (whom I trust 99% of the time) and came up with the following legal age for marriage by country:
    Japan – 16
    USA 18-19
    Mexico – 18
    Spain -16 (was previously 13-14 until 2013)
    Germany 16-18 depending on parental consent
    Italy – as above
    What a lying, pedophilic, ignorant, arrogant, cave dwelling dirtbag – I was especially disgusted by his claims that if the girl is not ready for sex, she will cry out and then they will know, I don’t think I have the right words to adequately voice my disdain for this guy and his beliefs without earning a permanent ban.

    • Huia

      I felt physically sick when that jerk was ranting, but, was inspired by the video posted below by Dave about the Women who have successfully started refuges in NZ and now Australia for women and children caught in these horrible situations. Cannot imagine parents who threaten to hurt their little ones because the children don’t want to get married at 9 years old.
      The archaic thinking that involves selling your daughter to some dirty, filthy pig when that same daughter, with the right encouragement and education could bring far greater riches, comforts and joy into her parents lives further down the track and would be far more rewarding in the long run.
      It is all about control and slavery, in their hearts they know so many women have great potential and strength and I feel that this is what scares those middle eastern men. So they rule their little domains by fear and control, just as they are ruled by fear and kept under control by the Sheiks and Imans.

    • LesleyNZ

      Good on you for finding out the truth. Sickening – Muslims should ban Clerics like these who have such filthy sexually depraved minds.

      • Dave

        The Cleric deserves a swift kick somewhere i cannot describe, however. It is true in some countries a young woman or girl might DECIDE to marry young, or for a boyfriend and girlfriend to start a sexual relationship of some form. The huge difference, is in the western world, those relationships I describe are consensual, and a decision was made by the two people, sure there may have been abit of persuasion, but it was their decision. Unlike the barbaric ilsam rants and enforced marriage where a child is promised, and then used and abused from a very very young age, and without any consent.

        For a different tact, some friends I met at uni, were in a “Arranged Marriage” However, this couple had met and been selected for each other at a very young age, they had grown ot love each other, and chose to go ahead with both of their parents wishes. They are beyond any doubt deeply in love, and a wonderful couple. They are both from very wealthy families and grew up with servants and drivers. Both have been highly educated and have doctorates in their respective fields, and want for nothing, yet they are thrifty, and give a lot back to the community. Meeting this couple, has changed my views on SOME arranged marridges, it can work, when the intention is good.

  • luke

    That young girl is astonishing! Intelligence and maturity that exposes those that attempt to exploit her. The cleric simply spouts his drivel but instead of an audience of semi literate, inadequate men at his mosque, he faces people who demand answers. What hope is there for young girls such as this in the middle east when the clerics not only say it is right – but is instructed by the Allah?