Face of the day

Christian nurse Victoria Wasteney, 37

Christian nurse Victoria Wasteney, 37

Today’s face of the day lost her job. Can you guess why?

A) For hurting a patient
B) For turning up late to work
C) For having an affair with a Doctor
D) For praying for a co-worker
E) For swearing at a patient.

Victoria Wasteney, 37 is a Christian. She has been suspended by the NHS because she prayed for an ill Muslim co-worker. She has been disciplined for alleged harrassment and bullying of Enya Nawaz 25, a Muslim.

So let me get this right. It is ok for Muslims to try to convert non-Muslims but it is not ok for a Christian to pray for a Muslim and talk to her about the values of another faith? If Muslims feel threatened by open and honest debate about religion then I suggest that their faith is not a very strong one.


Christian nurse, 37, says she was sacked for ‘harassment and bullying’ after PRAYING for a Muslim colleague

  • Christian nurse Victoria Wasteney, 37, prayed with her ill Muslim co-worker
  • She offered Enya Nawaz, 25, a shoulder to cry on when she was unwell
  • She also gave Miss Nawaz book about a Muslim who becomes a Christian
  • But Miss Nawaz complained her colleague had tried to convert her
  • Miss Wasteney was suspended for nine months and warned about her faith
  • Now she is taking the hospital to a tribunal over religious discrimination
  • Tomorrow Miss Wasteney will launch an employment tribunal against the NHS trust she works for, claiming her employers discriminated against her because of her religion.

Miss Wasteney told the Daily Mail: ‘I’m not anti-Muslim and I’m always very mindful to be sensitive to other people’s beliefs.

‘We discussed our beliefs but I certainly didn’t tell her that my way was the only way. I don’t even believe it’s possible to force someone to convert.

‘But the way it was all handled left me looking like a religious nutcase and I would like an acknowledgement that there is a negative attitude towards Christianity in some areas of the public sector.’

Miss Wasteney, who describes herself as a born-again Christian, was working at the John Howard Centre, a secure psychiatric hospital in Homerton, East London.

She said she was always careful about discussing her religion at work because her managers had warned her it could ‘get you in trouble’.

Excuse me? Open and honest debate in a democratic country could get her in trouble? We can’t even talk about religion at work now? I bet you no one complains when a Muslim talks about religion at work, they would be too scared to say anything. Only last year a co-worker of a Muslim in America got her head cut off when he was unable to convert her. Remember that?

After Miss Nawaz joined the hospital as a newly qualified occupational therapist in 2012, the two women discussed Islam and Christianity, as well as work done by Miss Wasteney’s church to campaign against human trafficking.

Miss Wasteney said her colleague had ‘definitely initiated’ the conversations, before she invited Miss Nawaz to attend church events linked to the anti-trafficking work.

She said Miss Nawaz had then come to her in tears because she was upset about health problems. Miss Wasteney said: ‘I put my hand on her knee to comfort her and asked if that was okay, and said ‘Would you like me to pray for you?’

‘She said yes, so I asked for God to bring peace and healing. She left the office afterwards and said she was okay.’ Miss Wasteney also gave Miss Nawaz a book, I Dared to Call Him Father, about a Muslim woman who converts to Christianity, but denied it was an attempt to make Miss Nawaz convert.



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  • sandalwood789

    This is yet another reason why Islam is so dangerous – Muslims can’t be trusted.

    “But Miss Nawaz complained her colleague had tried to convert her.”

    So this woman tries to help the Muslim woman and gets backstabbed for doing so.
    Muslims owe their only allegiance to Allah – not to a country or a person.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      ….in my ignorant opinion it seems Allah these days is secondary to self gratifying pedo Mohammed

      • [MOD] can we cut out the over the top stuff please?

    • Cowgirl

      The behaviour reminded me immediately of a certain serpent in a certain garden. Two-faced and manipulative doesn’t really cover it, and their religious sensibilites seem to be really insecure and brittle. Allah is so great and powerful, that he needs constant reassurance and bloodshed from his believers to prove it.

  • caochladh

    The Muslim girl probably discussed this with her parents and for her trouble was dragged down to the mosque for re-branding.

    • Cadwallader

      It may be the Islamo woman’s father who put the boot in to the blonde colleague of her daughter. I understand these weirdo men have a particular mistrust for blonde Euro women due to being mesmerized by them. I think it is due to the colour of their hair ( all of their hair!)

      • caochladh

        I guess that’s why they fly in plane loads of young, blonde, blue eyed Russian girls for their “conferences” in Dubai.

        • Cadwallader

          Indeed. One foot or thigh out of line and those women really cop it. I am told that pubic hair is a major deciding factor in the ME as to whether women are infidels, and revolves around its colour. I understand women who were non-Aryan in countries likely to be invaded by the Nazis, deliberately bleached in anticipation of a possible sexual assault. (In passing, I assert that there is a wider range of topics dealt with here than in the Encyclopaedia Britannica!)

          • caochladh

            Yes, one of my colleagues (Non Muslim) dated a Muslim girl during his university days and was quite surprised what he found down there!

          • Cadwallader

            On this rationale white goats would command a substantially better price than black goats at a market in the desert.

          • Wendy

            My education is complete.

  • J Ryan

    It never ceases to amaze me the pathetic PC crap that oozes from government departments. This is a weakness that is pried on. Enya Nawaz and her cohorts would know exactly what they are doing. Shame on the stupid department to be sucked into this kind of simplistic crap. Shame on them for turning against there own folk. Enya Nawaz should have been told to piss off and nothing less than a two faced little b.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    This highlights the loss of societies sensibilities when dealing with Muslim issues

    I believe Miss Wasteney and wish her success

    I wonder if the Muslim colleague learnt her manipulative techniques from the shrewd and cunning immam…!!!

  • Betty Swallocks

    Before we all rush off in a fit of indignation, I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye. For a start, Victoria Wasteney is not a Nurse. She is, or was, Head of the Occupational Therapy Service at the Forensic Psych Unit at Homerton and Miss Nawaz was a junior O/T. It wasn’t therefore a relationship on a peer basis, more a line management relationship. For another thing, she was actually reinstated by the East London NHS Trust that employed her, following her suspension, but has since apparently moved to another role. Maybe, just maybe, there is an element of a misrepresentation of the facts in the Daily Mail article (think “Roger Sutton and his departure from CERA” and you may not be too far wrong.)
    There’s a more objective look at the circumstances of this case which mentions that people with an agenda might be pushing this particular issue http://tinyurl.com/n5u6tsd

    • mommadog

      Agreed. Definitely more to this story. But even if she was a nurse as per my post above there are lines you don’t cross.

    • Cadwallader

      So what? This woman is out of a job for reasons which do not infringe the employer/employee relationship. The facts do not depict misconduct or dishonesty.

      • Betty Swallocks

        You’re right CW, the facts as presented in the Daily Mail article don’t indicate any sort of misconduct or dishonesty but I’m just a tad sceptical having read in that article that she had previously been advised by her managers that discussing her religion ‘could get her into trouble’. Why would they do that I wonder?
        Just to put the employment matter into a bit of context here; as a middle-level manager in the NHS, Wasteney will not have been sitting at home unpaid for 9 months under suspension. It’s probably more appropriate to call it ‘gardening leave’ and she will have been on full pay throughout that time I think. The outcome of the disciplinary hearing was not that she be dismissed from her post, but that she be warned and the warning remain on her record for 12 months. She appears to have left of her own accord to take up a position elsewhere. Apart from anything else, how would it feel if you went to your boss about a significant health problem and he offered to pray with you and then, when you had to go to hospital for treatment, shoved a copy of Cat Stevens’ autobiography your way for reading matter?

  • Brian Badonde

    I’ll bet she will be swamped with other job offers.

  • peterwn

    This question is like one from the UMAT test that all budding doctors and dentists have to sit for selection to medical/ dental school in Australia and NZ.

  • mommadog

    I believe it was inappropriate regardless of what religion and she went to far giving out the book but perhaps not a firing offence for a one time thing. I suspect there is more to this and a history of it if she had been previously spoken to by management and warned. Even in NZ health care workers know there are boundaries that you don’t cross. I know of a nurse in NZ who lost her job because she had become a Jehovah’s Witness and then started praying with patients and tried to sell it (? convert). She was warned but then came dismissal when the behaviour didn’t change and patients/families complained.

    • metalnwood

      I think there is something else too.. I woudlnt mind someone praying for me if they asked, it would only be polite I guess but giving me the book is unnecessary and who knows if her family saw it and the backlash started there.

      Besides, I read ‘born again christian’ and that her work had already talked to her so my guess is she is on the extreme as some born agains are..

  • MAWG

    I believe that if she was praying with a fellow christian co worker, this may not have been an issue.

    That being said, I have always had a bit of an issue when it comes to religion in the workplace, unless, of course, your job is a faith based one, such as working in a christian bookstore.

    Most jobs do allow for a separation of faith and work. I would assume that being a Health Worker is one of those jobs. But I feel that the conduct of this lady has crossed a boundary. The fact that the other party is a Muslim woman has possibly given this story more legs than it otherwise would have, especially given the current climate.

    At the risk of raising the ire of the Mods, I have always felt that religion is like a large penis. Its fine to have one, and fine to be proud of it, but don’t wave it around in public.

    • Cadwallader

      I do not disagree, but compare the situation in NZ where our health workers are required to accept and adopt a faith everyday. The faith I refer to is the imagined belief that maori health needs differ from those of the rest of humanity. This isn’t simply a person-to-person doctrine as has been institutionalised in the system at the cost of sensitivity and $$$$. Where is the work/faith separation there?

      • Mags

        When I nursed we were asked to accept that others had different faiths and beliefs that may affect how we nursed that person or family, not accept those beliefs ourselves. Can you give an example to clarify?

        • Cadwallader

          If I knew how I would post a photograph of the “Maori Health Service” offices in my city. Its stated purpose is to cater for the specific health issues of “maori.” It requires faith, perhaps blind faith to subscribe to this alleged difference.

          • Mags

            I heard of a programme which used the health budget to teach kids the art of the taiha. So it got the kids moving, made them feel pride in their history, made them feel good about themselves. So I thought that was a great initiative.
            Isn’t it a similar concept as Acts’s idea about education and being able to use your education dollar and use it how best fits you. (Brain fade can’t remember what that was called).

          • Rocket

            A taiaha (Māori pronunciation: [ˈtaiaha]) is a traditional weapon of the Māori of New Zealand.
            Which version of “their history” do you mean? The radicals and their sympathisers (e.g. Gareth Morgan) are reworking history so fast that my head spins. Encouraging primitive bellicosity as a counter to obesity seems a poor trade-off to me.

          • Mags

            Yes apologies for my bad spelling and terminology. Hopefully it was “our” history.
            Health is not just the absence of obesity and from a purely exercise point of view I see it as no different to putting on a pair of rugby boots.
            I see the programme as having many other benefits but you see risk. I think the greater fear is that nothing is offered.

          • Wendy

            Modern western medicine is based on biomechanical theory whereas the Maori health model (He Whare Tapa Wha) incorporates the physical, family, mental and spiritual components. We are not asked to blindly subscribe to anything, just to be mindful that there is more than one way of looking at health and what affects it, and that the biomechanical theory is just one theory of many.

            Read Mason Durie for more about he whare tapa wha. It is actually pretty interesting.

          • Cadwallader

            So what is wrong with a Christian prayer in a hospital shared by two adults? The reality is that the maori model incorporates an element of faith which may well be anti-science. My most gut wrenching objection to Islam is its need to repair to stone-age beliefs. Can I suggest that faith based medicine is also stone-age in comparison to modern science?

          • Wendy

            Im not saying anything is wrong with it.

            I am clarifying that health professionals are not asked or required to blindly accept anyone else’s beliefs.

          • Mags

            Well written Wendy.

    • kaykaybee

      ROFL. Absolutely there should be no room in the workplace for the peddling of religious dogma to your coworkers whatsoever. Invite a potential convert to your house and do your brainwash there if you must.

  • Eiselmann

    You know objectively I can understand why the muslim woman would have been upset by the book but even if the intent was to convert is it a sacking offense?
    I used to work with a muslim who was openly mocking Christianity and Atheists and was actively trying to convert people to Islam (sadly one person brought the sales pitch) …now that was New Zealand 2012 …you can be absolutely sure that muslims in England are actively trying to convert workmates …wonder how many of them get fired?.

  • Kendall

    It’s the same dam God. The same Moses. The same genesis. Jesus is even a part of Islam just not as the son of God. The five pillars of Islam come from the commandments.
    reguardless of your latter beliefs in the writings of God it is the same God.

    Religion the problem with the world since, well, forever.

  • edee

    Nawaz has a voice and it seems not afraid to use it by complaining about her colleagues actions.

    If Nawaz was not comfortable about the praying or the book, all she had to do was decline the offer of both.

    • Intrigued

      I suspect there is more to the events following the receipt of the book. We don’t know if her complaint was made entirely of her own volition or not or if there were other members of her faith close to her – husband, father, brother, friend, sister, mother who took an anti view to the book Nawaz had in her possession. It would be considered blasphemous to other Muslims and I am speculating of course, but one can easily imagine considerable pressure on Nawaz to complain.

      • dgrogan

        Yep. You got it.

    • dgrogan

      What haven’t we been told about this case? Nawaz probably told someone at home about the episode and got the full un-believers Muslim outrage. That was probably the motivation to about face with Wasteney.

  • steve and monique

    I remember Sales Repping in supermarkets and in one store they had two Muslim men (nice guys) and they had to stop and pray around five times a day and had pieces of cardboard to do what they do. Imagine if someone complained about that? Maybe someone should have said that these two workers were taking paid time away from their work for their “faith” and not actually working. Theft of a servant I think they call it. If you set a precedent you better be prepared to make sure it goes across the board or do we not dare because they are “Muslim” and we are intolerant? This is the West not the sandpit in the middle east.

  • oldmanNZ

    Im not a christian, but if I was sick, I would be most comforted if she prayed for me.

    • Cadwallader

      Lovely point well made. Rightly or wrongly nobody would pray for me, as on my own admission I am beyond redemption!

  • cows4me

    It would seem many of these politically correct nut jobs will be quite happy to bow to the Islamics, no doubt they will welcome their full arrival. Freedom is already lost for many, they are quite clearly to dumb to realise it.

  • ex-JAFA

    I would be mortified if a medical professional starting spouting some mumbo-jumbo at me. They’re supposed to be people of science who understand physiology, not superstitious weirdos who think they can magic up a cure. I once had to make a complaint to a DHB about an eye specialist because he ended our consultation with a prayer.

    • Nirvana10

      You don’t seem to have read the post very carefully. This woman was sacked for what she is alleged to have said to a co-worker, not a patient. She makes it quite clear that, in her view, she sought the woman’s agreement first.

      • ex-JAFA

        It’s irrelevant who the target of the nonsense was, the point is that scientists should have more sense than to entertain such tripe. My experience was in a doctor-patient relationship, but that’s no different in principle to the FotD story’s context.

        • Intrigued

          But your beliefs about what you think should or should not be said or what science should or should not be about are simply that: your beliefs. That’s what freedom of speech is all about. You are likewise free to object and say what you think. There are always consequences and some have the presence of mind to gauge what those likely consequences will be and modify their behaviour accordingly but we must all fight to retain the right to say what we think.

    • Effluent

      Sorry this seems like a very small minded and close-minded response. Agree or not, the nurse’s intentions were clearly kind. I am an agnostic, and although I find excessive religiosity of any kind embarrassing, it’s easy enough to deflect it if you wish to.

  • Sally

    Deleted wrong post