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David Rankin

David Rankin

David Rankin is an interesting person to do a google search on.

He has talked about the possibility of Maori not being indigenous in 2012

The status of Maori as the country’s indigenous population could be in danger if research, which suggests previous civilisations lived in New Zealand before Maori arrived, is proved true.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said books by authors such as investigative journalist Ian Wishart and historian Noel Hilliam presented “clear evidence” that some of New Zealand’s earliest residents might have arrived before the Polynesians.

He pointed to numerous Maori oral histories which referred to people being here when the first Maori arrived, including fair-skinned people.

“If we believe our histories, then we as Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand.”

The archaeological evidence in some research was a potential challenge to the status of Maori as indigenous, which was why he believed no other Maori was prepared to speak publicly on the issue, Mr Rankin said.

Details of much of the country’s past was being concealed by academic historians, he said.

“I would say it’s a conspiracy. They are worried that their own research will be exposed so they have worked hard to ridicule and suppress any Maori history which disagrees with their views.

“However, the tide is turning and more people are now seeing that there is a whole history of our country that has been concealed and which will have major implications for Treaty settlements for example.”


In 2014 he spoke out about abolishing the Maori Seats and also about the problem of Maori child abuse.

Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin has announced that he will be organising a nationwide petition to seek support from Maori voters to end the Maori seats.

?These seats are patronising?, he says. ?They imply we need a special status, and that we somehow have failed to integrate into modern society.?

Mr Rankin also cites history, pointing out that the seats were only ever meant to be temporary, and that the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform recommended that the seats be abolished if MMP was introduced.

?Maori are already moving in the direction of abolition,? says Mr Rankin. ?Less than half of Maori are now on the Maori roll, and the number is falling. And to make matters worse, the turn-out in the Maori electorates is the lowest of all the electorates in the country. ?

Mr Rankin describes the continued existence of the Maori electorates as ?an embarrassment?, and plans to start circulating the petition within the next three months.



A Ngapuhi leader has sparked controversy by saying that Waitangi Day celebrations should be called off this year and the money saved be invested in curbing Maori child abuse.

?Waitangi Day celebrations around the country will cost the taxpayer over $300,000 this year,? says Ngapuhi?s David Rankin, ?and while we celebrate, more of our kids are getting drunk, abused, and killed than ever before in living memory.?

Mr Rankin says that Maori need to shift their priorities in order to protect the next generation. ?At present, we are destroying our culture and our future by bringing up a feral class within our society. What is lacking is leadership.?

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira comes in for special attention from Mr Rankin: ?Hone travels the world, complains about Pakeha to anyone who will listen, but when it comes to the biggest enemy of Maori: Maori parents, he is silent. I say to Hone, if you?re not part of the solution, you?re part of the problem.?

Mr Rankin will boycott all official functions this year, despite his ancestor, Hone Heke, being the first chief in the country to sign the Treaty of Waitangi.


He has made headlines on a number of other issues over the years. His latest headline is because of his desire to Ban the Burqa at this years Waitangi day celebrations.

From what I learned about him from google I am impressed by Mr Rankin. He seems to be the kind off guy who is prepared to point out the elephant in the room when others will not.