Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Alicia Gali, a beautiful Australian woman who accepted a Managerial position in Dubai.

What happened to her was terrible. Sharia law in Muslim countries is applied to Christians and all other infidels. Believe it or not Alicia was imprisoned for the crime of being violently gang raped in the hotel where she worked by fellow employees who had spiked her drink making her unconscious. What makes this story even worse is that her employers trapped her in the country by holding on to her passport and the Australian Embassy did not help her leave either. Unable to leave the country, she was forced by the extreme pain from her broken ribs to go to the local hospital. From there her fate was sealed as they lied to her and in Arabic wrote a ‘ confession of her crimes ‘ that they made her sign.


The ONLY middle eastern country I will ever consider visiting is Israel. Democratic countries are the only places where I know that I have rights as a woman. Sharia law terrifies me. I am half Lebanese but I would not feel safe in Lebanon and only someone with a suicide wish would want to visit Syria these days. People think Dubai is a tolerant Islamic country but it is only a veneer. Scratch the surface and you get one month in jail for greeting a man with a kiss on the cheek. Did you know that under Sharia law in Dubai I would need 4 adult Islamic men as witnesses to my rape before I would be believed? Not only that but all 4 would have to agree that it wasn’t consensual. Think about that for one minute. Any 4 men who passively watched a rape and did nothing to stop it are hardly likely to say that it was rape are they?

Before you book your next holiday or accept that tempting job offer consider where in the world Sharia law is actually in use.


Muslims’ aspired Sharia-ruled state is Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Muhammad. It has no legal code other than the Sharia, which is enforced without mercy (see Sharia law in Saudi Arabia). But the Sharia law is also used in full or in part, nationally or regionally in:

?? Afghanistan (89%)**
?? Algeria
?? Austria*
?? Bahrain
?? Bangladesh (82%)**
?? Brunei
?? Canada*
?? Comoros
?? Djibouti (82%)**
?? Egypt (74%)**
?? Eritrea
?? Ethiopia
?? France*
?? Gambia
?? Germany*
?? Ghana
?? India
?? Indonesia (72%)**
?? Iran
?? Iraq (91%)**
?? Jordan (71%)**
?? Kenya
?? Kuwait
?? Libya
?? Lebanon
?? Malaysia (86%)**
?? Maldives
?? Mauritania
?? Morocco (83%)**
?? The Netherlands*
?? Nigeria
?? Oman
?? Pakistan (84%)**
?? Palestinian territories (Gaza strip & the West Bank – 89%)**
?? Qatar
?? Saudi Arabia
?? Somalia
?? Spain*
?? Sudan
?? Sri Lanka
?? Syria
?? Tanzania
?? Thailand (77%)**
?? Uganda
?? United Arab Emirates (UAE)
?? United Kingdom*
?? United States of America*
?? Yemen