Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Alicia Gali, a beautiful Australian woman who accepted a Managerial position in Dubai.

What happened to her was terrible. Sharia law in Muslim countries is applied to Christians and all other infidels. Believe it or not Alicia was imprisoned for the crime of being violently gang raped in the hotel where she worked by fellow employees who had spiked her drink making her unconscious. What makes this story even worse is that her employers trapped her in the country by holding on to her passport and the Australian Embassy did not help her leave either. Unable to leave the country, she was forced by the extreme pain from her broken ribs to go to the local hospital. From there her fate was sealed as they lied to her and in Arabic wrote a ‘ confession of her crimes ‘ that they made her sign.

The ONLY middle eastern country I will ever consider visiting is Israel. Democratic countries are the only places where I know that I have rights as a woman. Sharia law terrifies me. I am half Lebanese but I would not feel safe in Lebanon and only someone with a suicide wish would want to visit Syria these days. People think Dubai is a tolerant Islamic country but it is only a veneer. Scratch the surface and you get one month in jail for greeting a man with a kiss on the cheek. Did you know that under Sharia law in Dubai I would need 4 adult Islamic men as witnesses to my rape before I would be believed? Not only that but all 4 would have to agree that it wasn’t consensual. Think about that for one minute. Any 4 men who passively watched a rape and did nothing to stop it are hardly likely to say that it was rape are they?

Before you book your next holiday or accept that tempting job offer consider where in the world Sharia law is actually in use.


Muslims’ aspired Sharia-ruled state is Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Muhammad. It has no legal code other than the Sharia, which is enforced without mercy (see Sharia law in Saudi Arabia). But the Sharia law is also used in full or in part, nationally or regionally in:

•  Afghanistan (89%)**
•  Algeria
•  Austria*
•  Bahrain
•  Bangladesh (82%)**
•  Brunei
•  Canada*
•  Comoros
•  Djibouti (82%)**
•  Egypt (74%)**
•  Eritrea
•  Ethiopia
•  France*
•  Gambia
•  Germany*
•  Ghana
•  India
•  Indonesia (72%)**
•  Iran
•  Iraq (91%)**
•  Jordan (71%)**
•  Kenya
•  Kuwait
•  Libya
•  Lebanon
•  Malaysia (86%)**
•  Maldives
•  Mauritania
•  Morocco (83%)**
•  The Netherlands*
•  Nigeria
•  Oman
•  Pakistan (84%)**
•  Palestinian territories (Gaza strip & the West Bank – 89%)**
•  Qatar
•  Saudi Arabia
•  Somalia
•  Spain*
•  Sudan
•  Sri Lanka
•  Syria
•  Tanzania
•  Thailand (77%)**
•  Uganda
•  United Arab Emirates (UAE)
•  United Kingdom*
•  United States of America*
•  Yemen



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  • Cadwallader

    If our local femi-nazis can’t respond to this filth by at least expressing their outrage then they truly are weak, sad and self-absorbed.

    • David Moore

      They will just ignore this, it’s a real problem. Most feminists these days are far too busy with middle class navel gazing to take on something that might actually improve women’s lives. You know, like creating a massive online bullying campaign over a scientist shirt.


      • Cadwallader

        Either that or they’re too fat and complacent to bother.

        • Martin

          Feminism makes a lot more sense when you understand that it is essentially a union for unattractive western women.

          • Cadwallader

            You overlooked the vital description being “self-absorbed.”

          • kaykaybee

            My impression is there are many men in NZ who would be more comfortable with Sharia law – at least as it applies to the troublesome and outspoken womenfolk.

          • David Moore

            Be outspoken

            Be troublesome

            Just don’t expect anyone to take you seriously when the issue you are outspoken and troublesome about is some guys shirt when you remain silent on real issues that might involve a bit of risk.

          • kaykaybee

            Perhaps David, but I was seeing this in the context of Alicia on “Face of the day” and to see feminists described as “a union for unattractive western women” and “self absorbed” reminds me how far women’s credibility and admiration in the West depends on her attractiveness and amenability to men.

          • David Moore

            I know quite a few feminists who are all of the above, but also very attractive, so I can’t agree with that at all! I also know feminists who are none of the above, but most of them wouldn’t call themselves ‘feminists’ at all.

          • Cadwallader

            Well I am not one of them. The problem today is that core feminism which strove to attain gender equality has been enveloped by politicised man-hating. I wager there isn’t a true feminist in this country who is not repulsed by the conduct of Jihadis and equally chagrined by the man-haters who quibble about trivia such as shirts.

    • Martin

      You didn’t think it was really about “equality” did you?

      • Cadwallader

        Sadly I did back in the 1980s.

    • lyall

      They are too busy writing essays on how Robin Thicke songs promote rape culture to bother with trivial cultural matters like actual gang rape, NB they are allowed to critisize Robin Thicke because he is white and therefore fair game!
      The double standards in this world are unfathomable – Russel Crowe gets attacked by feminists for suggesting older female actors play older roles – yet when did the feminists last take on an american rapper for their open opinions on the fairer sex!

  • steve and monique

    Disgusting.. Close the borders, and do not allow this rot to spread anymore then it has.

  • Nige.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it were stipulated in some of these Dubai job positions that the applicant on receiving the job must convert to this beastly cult-religion.

    It seems that there are secrets (well duh, nige.)all over the world regarding Muslims.

  • symgardiner

    This case also says a lot about the Australian government’s gutlessness in dealing with such countries. This is what embassies are meant to sort out and prevent.

    • kehua

      I would not regard Abbott as being gutless, the previous PM and her Government maybe?

  • oldmanNZ

    I see many people boasting the moneys is good working in Dubai……

    there is a reason for that. This just one of the many untold truths in Dubai.

  • no bullswool

    I will make sure my 21 year old daughter watches this, like many young people she is travel mad.So terrifying for parents to think this can happen to our daughters.What a truly barbaric belief system.

  • Luis Cannon

    It is noteworthy that apart from Thailand the East hasn’t yet been infected to any great degree by this Islamic disease. Closing the borders to any more Muslim immigration and refugees is the only answer. All refugees from Islamic countries should be directed to another Islamic country or returned to their own country. Backdoor family reunions should also be halted. Do we really want to welcome these animals. I don’t think New Zealand can go it alone and would need support from like minded countries. Sustained and ongoing education of the public is needed to get the jerks in Wellington to act.

    • Aucky

      Hang on Luis, there are three sovereign Muslim nations in Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei. All are major trading partners and investors in our economy. A degree of pragmatism is required not knee jerk legislation.

      • Cadwallader

        I understand that Indonesia is the most populous Islamic state on earth. The few countries which have bounced Islamos out include Japan and Mongolia.

        • Aucky

          By & large both Indonesia & Malaysia are moderate Muslim nations. Yes, there are conservative regions such as Aceh in Indonesia and the north eastern states of Malaysia that try to exert religious pressure on the Federal Governments but by Asian standards both countries enjoy healthy democracies. Both countries are quite tolerant of other religions with both Christmas Day & Good Friday being recognised as official Public Holidays (do we recognise Muslim holidays?). Brunei is more conservative but that is due more to the direct rule by the Sultan and a lack of overall democracy.

          Like everyone else here I abhor what is going on in the majority of the Muslim world but lets not throw out the baby with the bath water by reacting unthinkingly towards those nations with whom we enjoy a good relationship.

      • Luis Cannon

        Trade before morality? Animals before Humans. Pragmatism is bowing down before Allah with a gun at your head. I prefer to live in a democratic society.

        • Aucky

          Are you naive enough to think that trade doesn’t already come before morality?

  • kaykaybee

    SB – thanks for this timely reminder of the horror of an abhorrent fundamentalist religion and how it’s utter madness discriminates against women. Horrific

  • Genevieve

    An Austrian women who was raped in Dubai was told by police that she could only avoid jail if she married her rapist. I wonder how often this actually happens under Sharia law, with some poor woman forced to then marry the animal.


  • intelligentes candida diva

    It is utterly disgusting what this woman had to endure, however it is not surprising as it is a country where the sharia system is implemented. Consequentially I hold her national embassy also accountable because it is their role to “preserve her rights”

    “The embassy is responsible for representing the home country abroad and handling major diplomatic issues, such as preserving the rights of citizens abroad”

    Therefore why did The Embassy not help her leave?

    Are the Western systems now inactive, gutless and cowardice or like possums in the sharia headlights?

  • JKV

    Thanks SB for reminding us about the fabulous Sharia! Seriously, when is the West going to wake up?!! What a vile thing is Islam and its votaries (to quote Winston Churchill). Sadly, watching that video, this young woman seems to be incredibly naive. The question is, after all we have seen, why is anyone surprised by this? It really seriously baffles me that people can’t see this cult for what it is??