Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Kevin Hague, the new co-leader of the Green Party.
I did a little research and judging by this image he is going to be as focused on Cameron as his predecessor, Russell, ‘ Who are you texting? ‘ Norman.

Feral and proud.

THE ONGOING MO’: Green Party MP Kevin Hague enlisted in Movember to help change the face of men’s health. Hague has said he’s keeping the mo for another month as he also grows a Decembeard to raise awareness of bowel cancer. – Stuff

Kevin Hague

Kevin Hague Green MP and new co-leader of the Green Party -stuff

Kevin Grant Hague (born 18 March 1960) is a current New Zealand MP representing the Green Party who was first elected to parliament in 2008.

As of 2009 he is the Green Party spokesperson on Health and Wellbeing, Commerce, Small Business, Tourism, Biosecurity & Customs, Cycling & Active Transport, Sport & Recreation, Rainbow Issues, and Rural Affairs; and associate spokesperson on Community Economic Development, Gambling, and Community & Voluntary Sector.[1]

Prior to his election he was the Chief Executive of the West Coast District Health Board. He is also an author, long time gay rights activist and a former executive director of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.


Kevin Hague Green MP and new co-leader of the Green Party

Kevin Hague, author, long time gay rights activist and a former executive director of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. -Stuff

I am hopeful that Kevin Hague will have more understanding of the threat Islam and Sharia law pose to our society. Being Gay is a death sentence according to the Political Ideology that is Islam. Islam has no tolerance for his sexual identity or the rights of women or children. He retweeted this image so I am hopeful that he will have more moral courage than the rest of our politicians and will address the elephant in the room. Unfortunately I know in my heart that it will never happen. The Green Party claims to be liberal and to care about women’s rights and Gay rights but they would rather say nothing than risk offending the Religion of Peace! Go on, prove me wrong Kevin please.
Screen shot 2015-01-30 at 2.30.19 PM


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  • steve and monique

    Musical chairs in the Green party now. Was Russel pushed, because there has been a worry his contact with KDC might come back to bite them on their collective butts. Just an idea, and could be well off the mark.

    • Chiefsfan73

      I would guess the “need to spend more time with family” story is wider of the mark.

      • steve and monique

        Nice excuse me thinks.

        • dumbshit

          admirable “political correctness”.

          • muzza2

            wheres the daily proverb…..??

  • conwaycaptain

    All they have to do now is push the Green Frog off her Lilly Pad and then they might get some traction with middle of the road Greenies

    • steve and monique

      Kermit???. Was thinking Miss piggy.

      • Abjv

        I was thinking more like Heidi from Meet the Feebles.

  • The Accountant

    Given our Austin Communist friend Russell will be serving just enough time to entitle him to stay at the trough of the Politicians Pension and subsidized air fares for life, I would love if Cam could blow this one wide open. Why is Russell really leaving Parliament? He’s not the sort to slink off so quietly without a good reason.

    • williamabong

      Sadly one of the biggest rorts going, and unlikely to change with the main beneficiares being the ones with power to change it being the least likely to do so.

    • mommadog

      From the post yesterday I think Cam has started to blow it wide open and it will be interesting to follow. It seems to me that the Greens have the same problem as whats been going on in labour. When you loose an election someone who has a thirst for power and control will find a way to stab the current leader in the back so they can take over. Been going on in politics since the times of the Romans and Julius Caesar. At least these days politics is a little more civilised and it is a metaphorical stab in the back, not a real one – as in Roman times.


      • pak

        I hope Cam’s prediction in that link “I expect the Greens to shed quite a lot of support now” becomes a reality.

    • Dumrse

      Blowing it right open would make interesting reading however in the interim lets just enjoy the moment. The next step for Wussel will be 5 one way tickets to Oz.

  • williamabong

    Kevin comes to the table with a very large barrow to push, when this is hooked to the next labour leaders barrow it has the potential to create a very interesting scenario one which may not be well received by mainstream NZ.
    The dopey dumpling needs to watch over her shoulder, one of Kevins first tasks will be her demise and replacement with Eugene Sage, a hard core greenie who is likely to attract back the voter who was left disillusioned by the current freek show.
    Neither Hauge nor Sage are fools and my pick would be a lot more saleable Green party with people like the silly boy with the frequent flyer card and the member from Mars being shut down, watch this space

    • peterwn

      I make no apology for repeating ‘the overarching objective of a political party is to get into power and if in power to stay in power’. While the Greens dream about this they have been doing little to achieve this, their ‘principles’ and the desire (driven by the other co-leader) to be an ultra left wing party have got in the way.

  • Rex

    Now he has to be one of the creepier politicians! Whenever I see him I shudder. Strange guy(?)

  • Guest

    So now we are in for the Hague Plague…..spare me!

  • Ilovelife

    So now we are in for the Hague Plague…fun times ahead.

  • Aucky

    I sense that the Greens have a bit of a loose cannon on their hands with Kevin Hague and he gets rattled easily at Question Time. Interesting times ahead.

    Correction to Hague’s CV printed above. Kevin Hague has never been elected to Parliament. He is a list MP.

  • Radvad

    Question for Russel:
    Why is your family more important to now than they were last September?

    • conwaycaptain

      Little Stella arrived

      • wanarunna

        Are you saying that in September he didn’t know she was on her way?

    • Wasapilot

      Does the soon to be ex co leader of the melons stand buy all his statements

    • terrynaki

      All those free perks after 3 terms me thinks,sell out.

    • 11am may provide the answer you seek

  • pak

    Is it done deal that Hague is The Chosen One? I thought a couple of other names have been put forward?

  • intelligentes candida diva

    What the heck are”RAINBOW ISSUES” sounds like a day care or a hippy event…peace brother?

    My advice.
    1. Of high priority, your task ensure our crazy but cherished NZ democracy remains and is none the worse from pressure by the sharia system enforcers….hope you are up to it Mr Hague!!

    2 Put your focus on policy development not media bantering.

    3 You dont have big boots to fill rather a blank canvas use it wisely

    4 On personal appearance > the mo ….no no no not a good look, just donate or wear a shirt unless you want to look lime a try hard, you are now in a senior role act accordingly

  • Catriona

    Nothing, precisely.

    • Rod

      The can only get away with this approach because the media allow them to. When events as mentioned above occur, the media should be repeatedly asking them for their comments.

  • Catriona

    So the next question is this – “Did Kevin Hague also go to Coatesville schmoozing you know who?”

  • One of Kevin’s problems is that he’s been a gay that’s an MP instead of an MP that is gay. Either he’s going to have to change what he’s been doing and not be true to himself, or he’s going to get the backlash that comes from leading with his chin.

    • conwaycaptain

      All the homosexual MPs in Parliament are Gays who are MPs and they flaunt it like a badge of hounour “Yippee look at me I am GAY and I am an MP!!!” apart from Chris Finlayson who Is an MP who happens to be gay.

      • I disagree. Robertson for example tries to play it down at all times. It’s only the media that constantly make it an issue. And us, of course.

        And I know of several who aren’t official “out” yet.

        • Effluent

          The problem for people like Kevin Hague is that once they decide to be a “professional gay”, they think that every thing they do and say has to serve the cause, and there seems to be very little room left in their consciousness for the recognition that anyone else might have a different view of the world from theirs, or even that it might be acceptable to hold such a view.
          In this respect, they are the same as the islamists, and it is inevitable that sooner or later their irreconcilable views of the two will meet.

      • la la land

        I don’t agree with you at all. They are just unashamedly gay – I can’t think of one MP this applies to. Even Louisa Wall who championed gay marriage is first and foremost an MP

  • Nirvana10

    Well I guess that it’s now ok with the pc language Nazis to call gays ‘homos’ if Kev is so obviously comfortable about using that word to describe himself. Bring it on!

  • Genevieve

    A blog from Kevin in 2013.
    He states, “There is a group of people almost exclusively from particular religious faiths who strongly and sincerely believe that marriage is fundamentally an institution that should be defined by their own particular dogma.”
    ” Their position does not seem to be one that can be influenced by logic or evidence”
    Will he stand by his own words and speak out against the most extreme of these beliefs?
    I seriously doubt it.


  • Abjv

    I remember Kev when he was AUSA president back in auckland university days. I recall his grand scheme was to replace a grassed area where students ate lunch with a paved area and bench seating to watch mini concerts. Great green credentials then. I also recall that one got voted down.

  • Craig

    If the man is so west Coast Lets see him walk down the main street of Wesport on a Friday night holding his partners hand. Me thinks he may find how feral it really is on the West Coast.

    • spanishbride

      Truer words were never spoken LOL It reminds me of a few liberal homosexual men who are Pro-Islamic Palestine and anti Jewish Israel. Don’t they know what Islam does to Gay men? I read about gay men being pulled behind motorbikes until they were dead. The religion of peace Yeah Nah.

      • Craig

        I think a more startling image of this premise was those “gay” men being thrown off the building and the picture capturing them in mid flight.

  • cows4me

    Is this Kevin’s ancestor? Many similarities.

  • Isherman

    If I were him, I’d stir the pot about the structure of the Green party, with a view to moving away from the co-leadership madness. IMO this alone would go a long way to trimming off the ‘silly’ tag which is currently coach bolted to the Greens ticket, along with the added benefit that sidelining Material Girl would bring. Would he walk the path of political pragmatism instead of ideological apologetics? If he has the stones to use this opportunity to try and drag the party away from the far loony left, it could just pay dividends. I’ll reserve prediction for now, but good politics is about spotting opportunites, lets see if KH spots them.

  • Eiselmann

    ‘Do what is right’ I hope, like you SB, that his re tweet signals that bit of moral steel the greens have been lacking. And like you my heart and head tells me the Greens won’t tolerate such a radical viewpoint as ‘Do what is right’.
    So ask yourself Kevin what is right?…Standing up to intolerance in Islam, a religion which would kill you for being you….or Avoiding offending the feelings of those who may one day decide your existence is an affront to decency and have you executed.
    Its a simple choice will you do what is right?

  • edee

    Going by the above pics that’s a face I would find extremely hard to trust.