Faces of the day

Whether or not you believe in God or are religious or not you have to admire today’s faces of the day.

They live in America yet as you will see their freedom of speech is under threat.

They are peaceful yet they are threatened with violence.

The best line in the first video is at the end.

‘A message to Muslims of the world, don’t threaten us and tell us not to do something because then we have to do it.’

Their names are David and Nabeel.

The second part is the most educational. They explain how Muhammad preached a message of tolerance and peace when he was being persecuted and he and his followers were in the minority. However once he had an army around him his message changed markedly. This is why moderate Muslims are moderate they suggest. As their numbers grow their message of tolerance for other religions and non violence will change. This is a pattern that has been repeated many times in history. It happened in my grandparent’s homeland of Lebanon as they mention in this video. They also touch on the topic of cartoonists which is so relevant given the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

There are more videos that I haven’t posted. Their visit ended with both of them being put in jail. On their website they wrote about their time in jail, a small extract is below. Remember this is America, the land of the free.

On a horrifying note, one of the police officers in the jail told us that there are honor killings in Dearborn but that they get covered up by the police department. He said that he had walked into houses where girls had been beheaded or had had their throats slit. (But check the local newspapers. You won’t find any mention of these crimes.) The officer told us that some of the officers in the department support what we’re doing.

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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.