How fast can hippos swim? Pray you never find out


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  • Cadwallader

    Where in the lake was Farrar?

  • FredFrog

    A lot of the time they’re not actually swimming – they’re running along the bed of the lake/river. And they can really move. They can’t jump or lift their legs very high. The chalets at a wildlife reserve I once stayed at were surrounded by electric fences just above knee height, which was enough to keep them out.

    Most dangerous animal in Africa (Excluding humans)

  • Grantavius

    The underwater sound of an outboard motor is like a very powerful crocodile’s territorial grunting. It is why large male crocs and hippos attack dinghies with outboard motors.

  • Doc45

    I was fishing on Lake Kariba quite a few years ago when a pod started moving toward us. The boat driver, a local, took off before we had even wound our lines in. We found out later that the week before a hippo had appeared suddenly along side a small wooden dingy and chomped through the side of the boat plus the driver’s leg.