Fat German Bastard Godwins himself

Sometimes people should just STFU.

Just a days after whining about what a pariah he is this country Kim Dotcom proves precisely why he is a pariah…he has compared his predicament to the holocaust.


He continues:


He knows nothing clearly of what Kristallnacht entailed, or of the pogroms, the concentration camps, the death camps, the eradication of more than 6 million Jews from Europe from the most evil Western government in the 20th century.

A government he lauds and applauds by wearing Nazi uniforms, keeping Nazi flagsin his basement, owning a rare signed copy of Mein Kampf and his Nazi marching songs and Nazi salutes he performs at dinner in front of guests.

This man is nothing short of a fat whiney prick to even suggest that what he is going through is like the holocaust is outrageous.

I can’t wait to see the back of him, I will even hold a party to wave the prick goodbye at the airport.

Here is a reminder of what Kim Dotcom actually learned at school:

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

We don’t need whiney Nazi loving German frat boys living in this country.

Just leave already.

Enjoy what’s left of your freedom.


– Twitter




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  • la la land

    It was heartening to see even some of his most ardent supporters calling him out for this anti-semetic tweet. It is very illustrative of his perception of the world and his place in it – in his view he’s the centre of the universe and everyone else is there as his supporters/minions. He doesn’t even have the basic perception or emotional intelligence to understand that the holocaust might have been somewhat worse than his current (self inflicted) situation.

    • Tom

      Its always the way though isn’t it. The more desperate people get, the more they show their true colours.

      • Kevin

        Not the first time he’s thrown hissy fits. When he did a runner to Thailand he pretended online to kill himself. For that and other reasons it wouldn’t surprise me if “tries” to kill himself when he gets ordered to the US. Just to clarify though I don’t think it’d be a real attempt (unless he has absolutely nothing left to lose) – just a desperate way to get attention.

    • Kevin

      That’s because he’s a sociopath

      • zotaccore

        And a narcissist, but of course, he doesn’t know that either.

  • Pete

    Every car Kim??? are you sure about that???

    • Tom

      He can always borrow Mona’s.

    • I think he forgot to mention the drop head Rolls in storage in Germany. the same car he left off his list of assets, that Mona desperately tried to sell.

      • Pete

        As you do I guess !

  • conwaycaptain

    And take your Devil’s Brood with you.

    • STAG

      No they will be a peace offering to the Left when KDC is deported to show National is kind hearted. It will be a stupid idea but that won’t stop it happening. We will mess up our chance to rid thus country of this family.

  • Murray Smith

    The plane that deports him will have to be capable of a “mega upload.”

  • Rodger T

    Well, my heart is bleeding.
    10/10 cheap ….kiwi farmers want your fat german ….gone .

  • spanishbride

    In Germany the Head of the government made a plan to destroy all Jews. In New Zealand, Kim the German made a plan to destroy the head of our government. One was extremely successful at carrying out his evil plan. The other failed in a spectacular fashion and is now crying into his full milk latte.

    • Grizz30

      I disagree. They both failed and destroyed themselves and their surroundings in the process. Mona got out before she too had to drink the cool aide.

  • Teletubby

    I read in one of his press releases, oops I mean one of the stories by the trained and skilled journalists at the Herald, that he is claiming a U.S. SWAT team raided his mothers house in Germany and confiscated a car he had bought her. I’m no expert on German law but I’m picking they wouldn’t allow armed American police to operate on German soil. The guy is just desperately making stuff out and tweeting whatever pops into his head to try and be relevant again and to win back some of the “popularity” his deluded mind believes he had.

  • Sally

    Seizing everything without a trial
    It is him who doesn’t want a trial.
    “Hey, Kim, go to the US and spend what you have left on a trial. Stopping stuffing around in this country, we don’t want you.”

  • rantykiwi

    The kraut needs to learn the difference between “confiscated” and “frozen” – right now his assets are merely frozen and he’ll get them back if he fronts up to court and can prove that he is innocent.

    Fronting up to court is pretty easy if you know you’re innocent – the fact he refuses to and keeps making a lot of noise about “unfair” tends to point to a slightly different reality.

  • john Doe

    His ego is bigger than Ben Hur. His legal bills must be getting close to that films budget.

  • Reaper

    From David Fisher’s article:

    “When is the extradition hearing?June, after yet another delay. Then there will likely be appeals (from either side) to the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and then the Minister of Justice signs off on the extradition order. The minister’s decision could be judicially reviewed – again with appeals to follow.”

    How long could we be stuck with this guy for?

    • Aucky

      Maybe the 2017 election?

    • Dave

      Lets not forget the Gurnard is in the employ of DotCrim, he is so compromised. At least his book was a success, well, comparatively. The other beauty, is his funds are tight, he must live off a few mill a year, poor we thing.

  • Dr Gonzo

    Wow – I thought that the Statue of Liberty was built waaaaay before the Pyramids in Egypt…boy do I feel stoopid.

  • Sally

    And if Germany is so great why don’t you go back there?
    Whoops you not loved there either!

  • Cowgirl

    I’m rather enjoying watching the meltdown now. It’s like a slow motion car crash. Desperation is a very stinky cologne.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      It is way too slow for my liking. I want rid of him now. The longer it drags on, it gives me this awful niggling feeling that it isn’t going to happen?

      • Cowgirl

        It’s slow but this latest outburst gives me hope that the end is nigh. Extradition hearing set for February. All avenues will start to exhaust from then and the fact he is tweeting about surrendering to US authorities, makes me think he realises that may be his only option for a bit of clemency now.

        • Dale

          Unfortunately when his lawyers dumped him he managed to get the hearing delayed to Jume. As if it will make a difference once he’s there.

  • Macca

    When we finally manage to rid ourselves of this disease, they’ll need two large planes to deport him. One for his fat ass and one for his ego!

  • G-Man

    Dear oh dear the pressure seems to be getting to the mega ego, his problem is he has burnt all his bridges and no-one give a rats about this clown anymore, sorry i meant no-one of significance his blowhard buddy Bradbury will still be in his chearleading skirt over at his blog no-one also gives a rats about

    • The2Game

      KDC has the same ‘I must be in the News!’ outlook as that charming chap us taxpayers forked out for a Brazilian trip for.

      Next there’ll be a petition for KDC to be bought a hairpiece…

  • Damon Mudgway

    The last gasps of a free man. Like trying to bribe the grim reaper with money, the outcome is never going to change.

    • zotaccore

      And what’s ironic, someone will come up with a film script on this clown and guess who will front up the money to pay for it, the very industry he despises.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Poor Kim Dotcom, so hard done by. It’s a good thing Hone taught him humility, or else he’d be complaining by now!

  • nath

    I must add, ‘mega’ was so last decade anyway………we have Giga now..

  • Jas

    Speaking of Godwin there could be a opportunity for a Spanish Speaker to earn some money

  • cows4me

    Shalom Kimmy have a Chag sameach while in the US.

  • taurangaruru

    That video is comedy gold, someone should sign those two up to do a series – they could be the next big thing….or not.

  • Michael_l_c

    Extreme narcissist &, or, sociopath/psychopath. All about him, poor him, everybody hates him. How he stuffed things up, from the sympathy vote, a bit of a bad boy winding up the hollywood studios & american govt, paying for fireworks, a bit of sympathy but just couldn’t control the ego.
    Please supply measurements for the orange onesie, as we will have to order extra material.

  • Wendy

    On the upside, hopefully this whole ridiculous fiasco has given Immigration and politicians a cautionary lesson on the dangers of letting criminal scumbags buy their way into our country.

  • Michael_l_c

    kdc wasn’t having a good day there with mona. The Eiffel Tower cost about 6.5bn FRENCH FRANCs, which is less than NZ$1.8bn which is less than USA$1.4bn.

    Sorry conversions may be a bit rumpty as had to use an odd conversion site.

  • Nz front

    Sure he does have the traits of psychopath. I hope he goes to prison and share his cell with a cannibal.

  • Hard1

    The biggest loser in this debacle is the taxpayer. Money that should be building this country is pouring down the legal drain.
    The best option would be to deport him for lying on his residence application, then worry about the legal niceties when he’s gone.

  • Aucky

    Fisher is running this story in the Herald now and the NZ Jewish community has come out swinging. The week just keeps getting worse………………

    • andrew carrot

      Better…you mean better

  • JAFA Gazza

    Every car???? I saw you KDC as a passenger driving south taking the Te Irirangi turn off in a Mercedes G Wagon with KDC registration plates….thats at least $130K worth of metal right there. Pfft.

  • HSV325

    Wonder if the Bradley’s are still getting paid rent on the bunker at Coatsville? I’m pretty sure the Dotcons own the house Mona is living in. Complete load of brown that all his vehicles got confiscated. He still has the AMG G Merc to haul his ample ass around in

  • Curly1952

    The video says it all. A load of garbage – Eiffel Tower & Statue of Liberty were both erected in the late 1800’s (I think).Still in his dream world and trying to treat us all as fools. He probably thinks Germany invented Monopoly, if so he should “go directly to jail- do not pass go!!” ( Maybe go directly to the airport first)

  • Johannes Herbst

    He could not do that in Germany, this I know as a German.