Fatties face ridicule and abuse

fat lady with ladle

Apparently obese people don’t get a lot of respect from the rest of the population

Overweight people face so much ridicule and abuse it makes it harder for them to slim down, a study claims.  

Four in ten complain they suffered some sort of personal insult or abuse at least once a week, according to a survey of more than 2,500 who struggled to lose weight.

Problems ranged from rude shop assistants in fashion chains laughing at the idea of people asking for larger sizes to supermarket staff commenting on what people have in their trolley.

Overweight people find they are mocked or filmed in the street, while girls enjoying a night out have been targeted by groups of young men.

More importantly, their opportunities to get a job or promotion – and so improve their lives – have been blocked by discrimination.

You know.  You can’t change your sex, or your race.   But you can change if you weigh too much.   It’s a “discrimination” that is totally in your own hands.  (Ok, with a very few notable exceptions  – lets take that as read)  

Professor James Stubbs, the chair of Behaviour Change and Weight Management at the University of Derby, said: ‘As a society we need to think more about how we treat people who struggle with weight and we need to be more aware of how discrimination can impact on people’s feelings and lifestyle behaviours.

‘Criticism of overweight people is widespread and not only is this rude and unpleasant, it’s also really unhelpful when it comes to motivating people to lose weight.

‘In fact the evidence suggests that it undermines people’s attempts at controlling their weight and, for many, even causes increased weight gain.’

By making fun of them, we make them fatter?  REALLY?

Oh give me strength….

He added: ‘When we’re constantly criticised and judged by others for our weight, it chips away at our self-confidence, leaving us feeling guilty and ashamed.

‘The danger with that is that all of our cultural signals; our upbringing, the media and our social, physical and cultural environments, are persuading us to use food to make us feel better.

‘That only worsens our weight problem, creating a cycle of shame and weight gain that can be difficult to break.’

A cycle of shame and weight gain.

It is all YOUR fault these people are fat.

Give me strength

– Daily Mail


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  • RightofSingapore

    Bob Jones has always said we need to make fun of fatties as it should give them the motivation to lose weight. This article sounds like a few sooks who resort to lame excuses to avoid putting in the hard work needed to lose the weight and not be a fatty boomsticks.

    • No doubt you are someone who has not got a problem and so condemns those who might. No doubt you are homophobic and racist as well.

      • Wheninrome

        How on earth do you make that connection.

  • Timboh

    Far be it from me to make fun of fat people. They do a good enough job by themselves

    edit spelling

  • El Diablo

    So now the only people we’re allowed to make fun of are slim white males.

    • I.M Bach

      You forgot ‘heterosexual’.

      • TSD

        And working.

        • I.M Bach

          ….slim, white, heterosexual, working Muslim males…….

    • Do not be stupid

  • Rocket

    Professor James Stubbs, the chair of Behaviour Change and Weight Management at the University of Derby,……”.we’re constantly criticised and judged by others for OUR weight”
    So he’s a little above the normal BMI himself, is he?

  • Cadwallader

    There’s nothing new here; both Fats Domino and Fatty Arbuckle seemed to have revelled in their obesity. The latter was known for riotous parties in Hollywood and a penchant for debauchery.

  • Captain Darling

    “Overweight people face so much ridicule and abuse it makes it harder for them to slim down, a study claims” I would have thought it would spur them on to action, to stop the ridicule and abuse, but hey, I’m not fat so what would I know.

    • EvoDriver

      It worked for me…

      • It worked for me too. I saw a photo of me taken at a work Christmas lunch a couple of years ago and immediately decided things had to change. -24kg now and still going.

        • Whafe

          Awesome work, that is no small feet, congratulations,


      You’d think one look in the mirror would do the trick……

    • Precisely, you know nothing

  • Martin

    Outside every fat woman there’s a thin man screaming to get in.

  • Captain Darling

    I’ve known a few fat people over the years, and without exception they have an unhealthy obsession with food, and a strong aversion to exercise. Just saying.

    • Not true

    • Hedgehog

      Yep true. If I liked quinoa or raw carrot I’d be slim. If I got some sort of gratification from exercise I’d be thin. I don’t, so I’m not. Just saying.

      • Captain Darling

        It’s all about personal choice Hedgehog, and being happy with that choice.

  • Rodger T

    Dr Chopper has the cure.

  • Rick H

    A “cycle of shame and weight gain” eh?

    Perhaps if they got on a cycle they may find the cure.

    • Rubbish

      • EvoDriver

        Adam, you’ve disagreed with a lot of the comments on this post but you haven’t put your own opinion forward. Personally, I’d like to hear it.

  • Hedgehog

    I’m a fat b****sard. I know it , and I know that I’m the only one that can change it. Not a stupid fat tax, I’m not hard up, so if I want something the “goodie goodies” want to tax, I’ll still buy it and eat it. I’m getting there losing a bit here and there, down 3Kgs at the mo, so all is good with the world. But it’s my problem, I do enjoy food and wine, I don’t have a great motivational need to run a marathon, or walk a mile for that mater. But it’s my problem – I own it. I have good job that pays well, why? I am good at it. Sure I won’t be on the cat walk anytime soon, but I really don’t mind. I am happy with my lot and I will slim down, but under my terms, not some busybody who wants to stick their noise into my business. I say but out, to the sugar banners – who treat people like they have no brain.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The excuses in the article I term secondary excuses. People look at them, stare at them, people laugh at them, people ridicule them, people tease them. The secondary excuse is that it is ‘someone else’s’ fault that they are Clydesdales. The input hole is bigger than the output hole

  • dgrogan

    This is about not taking personal responsibility and having no self-discipline, IMO.
    Much the same as people saying they can’t give up smoking because they are addicted.
    Pandering to this weakness of character only makes it worse, not better.

  • Tom

    I just started an alcohol only diet. Last week I lost 3 days.

  • essiep

    I am obese. I may have a pre-disposition? In any event I accept that I eat (and drink) too much. You can call it a character weakness and that is probably correct. I go through phases where I eat well & excercise a lot and then I seem to go into a phase where I don’t care. Even in that phase I still go to the gym & walk to a degree.
    I get irritated when people talk about health costs. I accept they may be still to come but I am 54 and I’m not on any medication at all. I consider myself in good health and rarely visit the doctor. I have never been hospitalised. I would suggest that the majority of people have been a far greater drain on the health system than I have.
    In relation to feeling teased or mocked. I have rarely suffered from that. I think it is the attitude that you project about yourself that is reflected in most cases.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Its faster to put weight on than lose it.
    Not being accountable for weight situation or lazy…both disgust me, but it does not validate ignorant and cruel others to make fun ridicule or pick on people, I think that is mean

  • Nz front

    Research says that elderly people who are skinny in their late 70’s and in their 80’s die faster. We just have to be healthy in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Then we can be chubby, happier and have no worries.

  • Will Travers

    Sounds like just another way of avoiding personal responsibility and blaming the issue on someone else. When if they took some ownership of their problems they might actually do something about it. Maybe someone needs to do some research into how constantly finding something else to blame just perpetuates the problems. Then we’d be able to say that research like his study is very unhelpful.