Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson Fights the Labour Party

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The Chairman of the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson, has started a donnybrook with the Labour Party.

The Chairman has sledged Labour’s Water spokesperson Meka Whaitiri hard for asking sensible decisions about the dodgy socialist dam.

All Whaitiri has done is called for a stocktake to see whether the project is still viable, and Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson, instead of working with Labour, has given Whaitiri a big serve.

However, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson said the council was still waiting to see if the planned consents will go forward.

The board of inquiry is likely to reconvene next month.

He added Ms Whaitiri’s claims for an “urgent stocktake” sounded like “political posturing” and said she appeared “six months behind” in the project’s timeline.

Political Posturing? Or asking the same question that one of Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson’s councillors has been also asking?

Whaitiri is from the sensible or right-wing faction of the Labour Party, not the loony union left, and make some good points that Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson should bear in mind.

Ms Whaitiri said Hawke’s Bay ratepayers needed to be aware that they will “carry the can for the continuing planning morass” on a project that may not have enough backers to go ahead.

“This is a major decision that cannot be dismissed as simply insignificant as the backers of this dam are trying to lead ratepayers to believe,” she said.

“Environmental standards were clearly not given due consideration and those responsible should be held accountable.”

Legal delays involving the dam’s resource consent and a related environmental plan change have hindered potential backers.

Ms Whaitiri added the only action left for the backers of the Ruataniwha project was to undertake an immediate review of the consenting process to ensure all RMA standards have been met.

Even though Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson has been immune to listening to advice, we will give him some for nothing.

Do not piss off the Labour Party as one day they will be in government and the word from inside Labour is that there is going to be a major witch hunt to find out who totally f***ed up the dam. Your halfwit of a CE has alienated others in Labour with his arrogant and unpleasant attitude towards them, so they are looking for a bit of utu.


– HB Today


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  • Reaper

    Thank you Ms Whaitiri. I do not believe it is ‘political posturing’; she is doing her job properly, exactly what I expect an opposition spokesperson to be doing, since the government aren’t doing this themselves.

  • paul468

    There – fixed his eyebrows for you