Fry on God


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  • sandalwood789

    Very good!
    A well-thought-out answer from Fry there.
    I also love his video in which he talks about people “being offended”. I can’t quote his reply (unfortunately) as it contains a swear-word but that video too is also very good.

    If *Muslims* thought in the logical, clear and incisive way that Fry does then there would be a lot less suffering in this world.

  • wooted

    I believe there is a God (or gods) of some sort, but have to admit I don’t understand him, her, it or them.

    It does make me tolerant because if someone draws a picture I can say “mmm, you may be right.”

  • Nigel_F

    Sounds a lot like my Mum when she has had a few, how can an almighty loving God allow these things, and she still believes. As does Fry from his last few comments. He just doesn’t want to, but as the alternative defies the laws of chemistry/physics/biology as we know them he is conflicted.

    • Grendel_from_the_dead

      he does not beleive, he is a staunch atheist, read anything he has written on this. removing ‘god’ from the equation does not defy any of the laws of science, science is doing fine without the concept of a god.

  • Alright

    Fry begs a question: if “God” was killed by a Muslim suicide bomber would he/she/it go to heaven or hell?

  • yoyoyo

    Guess he hasn’t read the bible it would answer his question

  • Sceptic59

    A great thinker and orator

    An extremely well read man

    Also a huge champion of gay rights, humanitarianism and spokesman for understanding depression

    I see he wed his boyfriend recently, go Stephen, I hope he has a long and happy marriage

  • Matt Pearce

    That is some of the stupidest reasoning Ive ever heard, why does a child get bone cancer, why do bad things happen. Read the Bible and it will tell you.