So gambling is OK with Labour when it isn’t SkyCity

Labour continues to show their rank hypocrisy when it comes to gambling.

They constantly bang on about SkyCity as if they are evil incarnate, but happily run raffles, attend racing events and show a general preference to all other forms of gambling other than pokies inside a casino in the nation’s largest city.

Here is Grant Robertson and Andrew Little making complete dorks of themselves at the Wellington Cup.

Congrats to Grant Robertson for managing to make Andrew Little look like a sinister back stabbing weirdo when everyone knows that it is Robbo who is the back stabber.


So apart from Little looking evil and stupid and Grant laughing quietly at his leader, I see Labour are happy to promote gambling so long as it isn’t SkyCity.

Why is it that they can feel brazen enough to post pictures of themselves enjoying the races and gambling and skiting about winning on the horses but stand opposed to all things that SkyCity does?

Gambling is gambling in my book, there is no difference, some people like the races, others like the pokies, but what really rips my undies is the double standards that politcians like Andrew Little and Grant Robertsone exhibit.

Here is Grant Robertson banging on against SkyCity and gambling harm:

Today there is meant to be a personal vote or a conscience vote. There is no personal vote or conscience vote coming from the National side, and I can tell you why we know that. We know that there are members on that side of the House who understand the impact of gambling harm, who understand how it destroys families, who understand the damage that it does right across communities. In the past they have stood up against problem gambling, but today they do not. They are not exercising their consciences.

John Key has systematically and deliberately undermined basic New Zealand values through this dodgy deal. It is shameful legislation, and the National members who are today being prevented from exercising their consciences know this. This bill is morally wrong. This bill is morally bankrupt. The Labour Party is disgusted by this bill. Labour will not be bullied out of making changes to gambling law because of what this Government says. If Labour sees gambling harm when it is in Government, it will legislate to deal with gambling harm. John Key cannot get away with this dodgy, tawdry deal. It is morally bankrupt and the Labour Party is utterly opposed to it.

So without a hint of irony there he is promoting via a hashtag another form of gambling, one that has been around far longer than pokie machines or SkyCity and one which has generations of gambling addicted victims in tis wake.

I wonder if Grant Robertson and Andrew Little will be looking to close down racing when they next get into power sometime next decade or will they just continue to be sanctimonious hypocrites?

Remember too that they were in government when Winston Peters moved to subsidise the racing industry and give out government money to increase stakes for horse racing…sanctimonious, hypocrites.

Labour aren’t utterly opposed to gambling, they in fact revel in it. They are however opposed to be truthful as to their motivations.


– Twitter


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  • Murray Smith

    I’ll offer 15/1 Labour wont win the next election.

  • If Grant Robertson is in the saddle then I predict Little will be scratched.

    • Asian_driver

      I thought Grant was the saddle

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      Maybe Alf is coming up the back straight.

  • Meta

    Hypocrisy all right. And in some ways horse-racing is worse than pokies – having had family members with shares in racehorses, I’ve witnessed first-hand some of the corruption and animal cruelty within the racing industry. Add this to the losses suffered by generations of gambling addicts.

  • Johnopkb

    Little does look evil and stupid I guess, but to me he mostly resembles the slightly slow member of the petty criminal gang who is always left in the lurch when the smart ones boost from the cops. Honestly, could you imagine someone like Angela Merkel or Prince Harry, or Voreque Bainimarama consenting to share a photo frame with this waste?

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    Remember too that they were in government when Winston Peters moved to subsidize the racing industry and give out government money to increase
    stakes for horse racing…sanctimonious, hypocrites.

    No government money they just changed the rules against DIA advice and basically stole it of the local communities through the pokie trusts and moved the money around the country for the benefit of the poor people like Sir Tristram.

    Remember stake money is not paid out on only the first three,this money is shared around the individuals to do it all again and again.That’s why Winnie the Poo is welcome at any race track in the country.

  • Effluent

    Sorry, but the “Carry on” fan in me is thinking this photo would be a great candidate for a meme competition, all in the best possible taste of course….

    • Hard1

      The Wombles are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures that live in burrows, where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in creative ways.

      The party of Wombles has so much creative rubbish recycling on the agenda this year they could well quality for a government grant or a give-a-little campaign.

    • Nige.

      Its obvious that Grant took the photo and then couldn’t believe his luck at how foolish Andrew little looked and processed to submit it to the internet for all eternity anyway.

      Such a unified tight not party.

      • Wheninrome

        I sometimes get the feeling that they are happy drawing the salary of an opposition, no real hard work required and the pay cheque appears in the bank account monthly. The perfect labour job.

  • Eiselmann

    Gambling is bad…gambling is evil…..its all John Keys fault , we only gamble to show you how bad it is to gamble …and its all the corporations fault , they sit in their corporation building and are all corporation like and make money, which is also John Keys fault. Anyway we’re here to highlight that gamble is a mugs game and those who profit from it are bad…bad and evil.
    So do you want to a Labour party raffle ticket.?

  • johnnyB

    This will be the first of a line up of new interests that Andy and his spin Doctors will suddenly remember he has a lifelong association with in the new few months. This weekend he is off to the Races (but only to spend $2.00 a race to show how to bet responsibly) next he will be off to the NRL 9’s (I am a Big Warriors supporter and in fact have just become Patron of the Local League club). Then we will hear about when he played Cricket at School because he will be shuffled around Cricket World Cup venues. Then the Super Rugby will start and he has always been a keen follower. Grant will take him to the Gay pride festival and he will tell us how he has always shown a interest in……….

    • Wheninrome

      Right on the ticket, and don’t forget the Karaka Horse Sales starting Monday, the million dollar race this afternoon. Winnie loved those free lunches and the wining and dining with the Velas, I am sure labour will be looking for a ticket.

      • Aucky

        I wonder which Labour pollies will be sitting in Sky City’s Eden Park corporate box for the NRL Nines tournament next weekend.

        • Wheninrome

          Be fair, be fair, Rugby League used to be the domain of the labourites in times gone by i e cloth caps and all, doesn’t really go with champagne, but I am sure Sky City won’t want to embarrass them and beer in the bottle will be supplied.

          • Aucky

            I’m sure that we can rely on fellow Oilers attending the Nines to report back on any Labour pollies who are present in the Sky City corporate box. A photo too maybe.

  • Aucky

    The political hypocrisy surrounding the Sky City Convention Centre astounds me when there are two government bodies involved in the marketing of Lotto and TAB sports/horse/dogs betting. At least with Sky City you have to make the physical effort to get off the couch and visit the place – with Lotto and the TAB you can do it all online from the comfort of your own home with credit card in hand and there’s no checks and balances.

  • timemagazine

    We understand your frustration but, please don’t rip your undies.

  • greybeard

    Grant – Note to self – think before posting selfies that might come back and bite you in the bum, then think again, then ask someone who hopefully has an oodle more sense and foresight than you.

    • Caprice

      Unless it is one of the ones you brought as a cheap three pack, that has never quite done the job, and sits permanently at the bottom of the undie drawer. Rip them, burn them, and curse the factory that made them.
      meant as a reply to timemagazine.

  • caochladh

    Look, we all know its do as I say, not as I do with these Muppet’s, so lest we forget remember this….

  • greybeard

    He does look kind of possessed, if you made those eyes red it would be enough to scare small children!
    On a more serious note I guess its a sign of things to come. Will this pair have as many foot in mouth moments as previous incumbents?

  • taurangaruru

    Labour close down racing? No way they can contemplate that while they need Peters’ votes.

  • Captain Darling

    Bert and Ernie, what a pathetic looking pair of numpties.

  • Jaffa

    Stay behind Grant, you should be safe there,……on the other hand……….?

  • kloyd0306

    The old “Do as I say, not as I do” trick………