Gareth comes good, and not by wanting to nail more cats

About the only thing I agree with Gareth Morgan on is his desire to have the cat population of NZ killed.

Now there is another thing I can agree with him on.

The need for the Greens to change.

Since the election, several high profile commentators – including the businessman, Gareth Morgan – have suggested the Greens ditch some of their left-leaning policies.

Radio New Zealand invited Mr Morgan to take part in a discussion panel along with the Greens’ co-leader Metiria Turei and her predecessor Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Mr Morgan argued that the Green Party’s stance means they could only ever go into Government with Labour.

“I want to see the environment represented inside the tent. I don’t want the environment to have about a 50 percent chance of being in power.”

He said many middle-of-the-road voters cared about the environment but won’t vote for the Green Party because of its more left-wing policies.

Mr Morgan said the Greens should ditch their left-wing policies and focus solely on the environment, so they can hold whoever is in power to account.

As usual though the Greens blithely watch as good ideas go sailing over their heads.

Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says that approach would cost them a significant amount of support.

“You cannot just isolate one aspect as a silo and expect that that will have an influence across the whole of the programme.”

She said the party’s economic, social, and environmental policies are all interconnected.

“We simply will not and cannot … give up on our value set that recognises ecological wisdom, social justice, and the economy as an opportunity and a tool for improving on both.”

See, stupid is as stupid does. They may well lose the hard left support, but on the upside they may well gain plenty more support from conservative green thinking voters. I’d suggest their support would increase actually.

With my hobbies of hunting, fishing and the outdoors you’d think I would be a green voter, but I’m not…because of their loony economic policies.

But Mr Morgan said that the Prime Minister appears to view poverty as a bigger threat to his Government than climate change.

“Here’s my scenario … the Nats [sic] actually make a reasonable fist of addressing the poverty issue … and get back into power … and the environment goes to hell in a hand basket.”

Mrs Turei said Mr Morgan needs to take that up with the National Party rather than with the Greens. She said the Greens to build their vote to make them indispensible to either Labour or National when forming a Government.

By ignoring people like Gareth Morgan all the Greens do is mouth platitudes. Their insane policies outside of the environment mean they will NEVER be in a coalition with National.


– Radio NZ


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  • Murray Smith

    No matter which path the Green snot party travels, there will always be idiot Snot followers, that think they are correct. Underarm hair preachers, let’s save the razor blades.

  • Rick H

    And more to the point – not one of their members have ever been voted in anywhere.

  • T. Akston

    All of which misses the salient point when it comes to the Greens.

    Like a mullet, which is business at the front and party out back, the Greens are environmental facade out front, but the driving force out back for the insiders is far left socialism.

    They simply aren’t capable of even considering centre right policies. Gareth should know that. Or perhaps he is just rubbing their tummy to make them purr.

  • Sailor Sam

    Seeing as the Greens are just watermelons – green on the outside, but red in the middle, they will always be a communist party, no matter how you dress it up.
    Russel Norman is still a Stalinist, always will be.
    It is when both he and his sidekick leave parliament that a modern version of the Greens can evolve, which then may be able to become centrist.
    Then I would consider voting for them. Until then, no way.

    • The Whinging Pom

      Exactly – Gareth’s comments make sense only if the Green Party exists to further environmental aims.

      In NZ at the present time the ‘Green Party’ is merely a ‘dont-scare-the-horses’ name for the Communist Party of New Zealand, so the idea of ditching its Marxism in favour of policies that would allow it to become the green voice of a centre right government is something that just isn’t going to happen any time soon.

    • Doc45

      Norman and Turei are first pinko’s and only wave the environmental banner as a means to an end. Show me one statement where Norman has disavowed his communist past.

  • timemagazine

    The Greens will never change. All their policies are in their DNA. It is like asking us to vote Labour. This will never happen.

  • colin herbertson

    he’s missing the point that the greens aren’t really an environmentalist party and haven’t been since communists started taking over20 years ago.They only use environment policy as a tool to acheive their real aims. Left wing politics is what really they’re about and they won’t change.

  • dgrogan

    We know the Greens are bereft of any useful ideas on how to improve our economy [on the contrary, we’ve heard plenty form those muppets, Norman & Turei on how to drive it through the floor] so that leaves social justice & the environment.
    Their Social justice stance is based on flawed science (as in ‘child poverty’ in NZ) and their environmental policy is based on flawed science too (as in climate change cause).
    So, back into the political wilderness they go.

  • Michael_l_c

    Generally GM spouts rubbish but he was correct on this one.

    I am a swing voter & decide who I vote for in the weeks leading up to each election. Recent years I have voted for the right as a matter of opposing labour and it’s insane welfare policies. The greens under the marxists have now cut me out from voting for a conservation based party. I fish, rarely hunt, enjoy the bush, the native animals, beaches, rivers egtc. Because of the greens attitude they dismiss voters like me. They have turned a conservation based party to an extreme version of labour. Congratulations to them for staying irrelevant.

    • Damon Mudgway

      A ‘swing voter’? Isn’t that someone who throws his keys in the bowl on the day of the election?

      • dgrogan

        I think you’re about half right there, Damon.

  • armotur

    To date I haven’t found anything that Gareth Morgan says makes any sense to me. My view hasn’t changed with this opinion on what the Gweens should do.

    Frankly, I am simply not interested in what Gareth ever says!

  • Sgt Nussel Rorman

    As posters have correctly outlined, the Greens aren’t an environmental Party. They can no more give up socialism than ACT can give up the free market.

    The next step is for Morgan to found/fund a real environmental party, split their vote and sink them into permanent irrelevance.

    • ex-JAFA

      You’re almost right, Sarge, except that the Gweens aren’t interested in (what they consider to be) hard right concepts like socialism. They’re communist through-and-through.

  • Wheninrome

    Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons espoused reasonable “green policies” relating to the environment. The Green party of old was the butt of many a joke in early days, hence their trying to become relevant by promoting economic ideals.
    However the voting population has changed and I believe they would have a place in NZ politics if they got back to their original founding ideals. Most of us care about the environment, we like the thought of being able to swim in clean water in rivers as in the past (when I was a child we could), we don’t want to see animals suffer, we see that as cruelty, and so on.
    However the mainstream parties both espouse “Green environmental” policies today. Change is never fast i.e. in the voice of Rachel Hunter “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”.

  • Cadwallader

    The Values Party of the 1970s was a party which did espouse enviro policies and in effect caused other parties to at least pay lip service to the ecological well being of NZ. I doubt there was a single commie in their midst.

    • Wheninrome

      I was a neighbour of two of their members, both educated, one taught economics the other was a teacher. The economy teacher left the party the other was fringe “red” from where I was standing, but then I was extremely blue.
      Although not averse to Bob Jone’s party at the time as being a voice of change.

    • KGB

      My very 1st vote was for the Values Party. Oh how things have changed. (Still have their set of great cookbooks)
      This is the 1st time I have agreed with Morgan, I like my cat:)

  • redeye

    “She said the Greens [need] to build their vote to make them indispensible to either Labour or National when forming a Government.”

    And hows that plan going for you Metiria?

    10% .

    • Cadwallader

      NB Not (never) indispensable to the electorate. The Greens are so self-involved in their love of compulsion they may as well not bother to be a political party at all. Perhaps the lure of other people’s $$$$$ is just too great for these meddlers?

  • BR

    I would never vote for the Greens under any circumstances. They can’t ever be trusted. The green movement has never been anything but a communist front. That will never change during my lifetime, if ever.


  • andrewo

    Show me a collapsed socialist state (and they all do, eventually) and I’ll show you an environmental disaster left behind in the ruins.

    It’s axiomatic that things held in private ownership are better cared for than those owned by the group/tribe/state. The evidence for this is everywhere.

    • Wheninrome

      Think of the Zoos in those countries and the poor animals left. That also goes for some of our Extremist countries.

  • johnnyB

    Why do they continually perpetrate the Myth that Right wing Governments are bad for the Environment and the left not? When I think of great environment pollution or incidents I tend to think of Russia, Brazil, the Subcontinent, China, Africa and Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship and Military rule – I pick the freedom of the Right to balance the needs of the environment (despite the propaganda) in the long term thanks.

  • Rex

    Had Rod Donald lived the Greens could have been a force In NZ politics. With the raving nutters there now especially in the leadership they will not change. The only way for,the Greens to go forward is to ditch the leaders and half the MP’s but that won’t happen!

  • Bob D

    Gareth Morgan has nothing useful to say, from cats to politics.

    But remember, he is only suggesting this to the Greens so that they can further the climate change nonsense. He isn’t saying they should become true conservationists or true environmentalists – just pushers of the socialist dream through the UN IPCC route.

    Therefore even if they follow his advice they will never pick up more conservative voters.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I think the Greens just need to get on with it and change their name to the ‘Pinks’.

    • The Accountant

      Nah, watermelons. Thin green veneer with a solid, if watery, red center.

  • The Accountant

    I’d vote for a green party that was ONLY interested in the environment, didn’t push/dabble in social policy, and made concessions where it got the same in return to improve the environment.

  • Asian_driver

    They should drop their social engineering , and promote dope smoking , at least then they would be be representing their voters better. Bring back Tandor Nachos

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Yep bring back Nachos Tandori!!!

  • Tony

    They might lose half their vote but could still be in Government every election as with the Maori party. BUT the communist leaders would not like that!

    • ex-JAFA

      Apparently a dozen Members permanently in Opposition is better than a couple of Members in Government. They get a much larger slice of the Parliamentary budget, and don’t actually have to do anything.

      • IKIDUNOT

        What a life….no responsibility to ‘carry’ and all the $un…

  • Second time around

    If you dropped the two leaders and the whole socialist faction you are left with Gareth Hughes, an educated green who wants the government to force power companies to subsidise yuppies with solar power panels on their houses in order to bring power prices down for the poor (or something, I suspect he is as confused as I am), and Steffan Browning, an advocate of fringe medicine. I just don’t see the strength there should be on environmental issues among the current Green parliamentarians.


      It’s been a while since I have been called a yuppie, but hey, thanks I take it as a compliment while my solar system is doing its valuable job for me. Just did the math for 2014 – $0 spent on power!! ( and yes, before you get ‘smart’, that includes my ‘unearned’ interest on capital…..)

      • Second time around

        If you are producing solar power primarily for your own use, maybe sending some to the National Grid, but without demanding any compulsory purchase at artificially inflated prices of your excess production, you have my full respect, but you will not be in Gareth’s target audience.

  • Cowgirl

    Nothing will change in the Greens until the leaders change and we’ve already seen how the Doctor deals with dissent. They won’t release their iron grip on the leadership until the party is damaged beyond repair.

  • twr

    She’s entirely correct when she says “the party‚Äôs economic, social, and environmental policies are all interconnected.” Most Green issues are economic or political rather than environmental, and almost all are invented hysteria used as an excuse to oppress and pillage the productive sector.

  • Gaynor

    For the whole time the green party has been in parliament what has it achieved for NZ?

  • Aucky

    Turkeys don’t vote for an early Christmas. Patently there would be no room at the top (or anywhere) of the party for the two current leaders were the party to abandon its totally flawed social and economic policies.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    If they had good policies for the environment (dont see much on 1080 carpet bombing from them for instance), then maybe Id vote for them but why would I if they intend to destroy the economy of this country as well.

    An amateur party filled with far left loonies. Bring back Greens party vers.1.0. They at least new they were better off being at the table shaping policy rather than sitting outside moaning about it. The Maori party (as much as I dispise their race based idealism) have the right idea and have probably had more impact on policies affecting “their People” than they would from outside. Hell, even Tame Iti said the same.

    Opposition is where you go if you have no clues or ideas as to advance the country and are abandoned by the voting public.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    At least the outdoor Recreation party was soley focussed on the outdoors users and the environment, but unfortunately it was swallowed up by Dunne’s mob.

  • GMAK

    The issue here is clear. The greens are first and foremost a communist party that will only be happy when everyone is poor (heh at least there will be no inequality) 2ndly a bunch of show ponies and hypocrites to do with enviroment and 3rdly a party that would like to see improvement in the envioroment. gareth is asking them to let go of there first two loves and it is to much to ask of them.

  • waldopepper

    lol. the greens want to change the world, and always backwards, although i cant help but notice its always someone else who has to change. the mark of the true socialist. do what i say, not what i do. never trust a wolf in sheeps clothing.